I’ve been downsizing for a while, throwing out a few things here and there, donating them, boxing up some things…I’m planning on a move, a big one, eventually…

The thing about downsizing is I don’t like to get rid of things, I really don’t.  Unless they are totally and absolutely useless, broken, or out of date, I don’t want to!  However, then, the practicality of it all comes into play.  Despite the desire to save everything, I will not hoard (except books, I’ll make an exception there).  My parents were both hoarders, I know at least one of my brothers is, I refuse to be.  I do have collections, but even those I par down occasionally.

Well, I came across something that I know I will have to part with, my collection of tapes.  There are very few radios, car or boom boxes (okay, I dated myself on that one), that will even play these anymore.  I’m going to miss my collection though.  Some of these aren’t even available on CD (I know, I’m dating myself on that one too).  I do like owning my own music and those that claim having an account and downloading the latest music is better, are fooling themselves.  You don’t own it unless you own the tape or cd, you are basically borrowing it for life, or until that company goes under, you break your device, and have to figure out where the music is or how to download it again, if you can.  I prefer to have it in hand, on my computer, download it to my phone from my computer, or such.  Unfortunately, the tapes quality aren’t nearly as nice as a clear CD.

Don’t judge by the music, this collection is from the 1980’s!  Sadly, I’m such a nerd, they were even put into alphabetical order…sigh.  Time to move on though, and up!

What do you collect?  Besides books, I collect movies, glass/crystal, and a few things I won’t list here, lol

Collect my books, you may enjoy yourself!


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