NAME a CHARACTER or YOURSELF in my NEXT Novella or Novel


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How would you like to NAME a character in one of my books, your name, your biggest nemesis, you NAME it!?  Go check this out!

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MoviesOne of my books is going to be used in a MOVIE!

Not only THAT but it’s a LESBIAN Movie!shutterstock_92369284

Please take a look at this Link as they are an independent and looking for funds to support their endeavors, if you can, please give a little, every $ counts!


Not only THAT but I will be running contests to get FREE books as the movie comes closer to production AND when it is finished!

So please go help support THIS movie with MY book in it and maybe I will be inviting YOU to come SEE MY book made into a movie SOMEDAY!

Guest Blog on Sarah Niles!


All About Sarah Niles
What would you do for fifty thousand pounds?
All About Sarah Niles is set to be the first fully crowd-funded lesbian feature film, created and funded by the people who know and love the genre best.
From the author who brought you, The Submissive Scullery Maid, The Dark Cully’s Mistress and many more stories that have reached the top of the best sellers rank on US and UK amazon, delve into Shiralyn J Lee’s big screen adaption of Loving the Pink Kiss.
Growing up in the UK Shiralyn turned her attention to writing novels after she moved to Canada, where she is now married to her wonderful wife, Janice.
From her kitchen table, she has entertained people all over the world. Her tales of steamy sexual erotica make 50 shades of Grey look like a child’s tea party. Included in her work are pieces that are aimed toward the younger generation and this is where All About Sarah Niles fits in.
The film offers an audience the chance to not only watch but also be a fundamental part of its creation. With donations starting from as little as $10 going up to $65,000 (with many steps in between) it really is possible for anyone and everyone to be part of the biggest lesbian film of the decade. From exclusive backstage information to signed copies of the script and even chances to be in the film, there really is something rewarding for everyone.
Fundraising starts on Oct 31st 2013 and will run for three months on the dedicated crowd-funding site, with all money raised going to fund cast, crew and equipment needed to make this film a possibility. So why not treat yourself, or buy someone a holiday gift that really can’t be beaten. You can also help by liking and sharing the indiegogo fundraiser post, together we can get this movie made.
To keep up to date with the film, see exclusive content and find out more on how to donate, ‘Like’ the Facebook page, ‘SarahNilesMovie’ today.
Or for more information, you can email:
Go Watch the video on:1364368782_youtube-logo201

When was the last truly POSITIVE thing in your life?

Recently I attended a webinar by my friend Sharron Love and I would like to share it with everyone because its kind of one of those messages that gets lost over time.  You CAN make a DIFFERENCE.  Sometimes you just need to HEAR someone else say it, inspire you, help you, teach you….please take a look!  Whether you are gay, lesbian, straight, or bi…it’s time you made a difference!


by Sharon Love, Creator, 2 Million Member Gay Marriage Network

Did you see the Facebook group, I Bet we Can find 1,000,000 People who Support Same-S*x Marriage? I created it with in 2010,  and in just over 2 weeks, we reached over 2 million members. Now, you can learn my Gold Key Secrets to free your dreams online. Do what you love and thrive. Make a living from making a difference. Our new goal is to create gay-friendly videos online that inspire freedom and pride worldwide, and attract over a BILLION views. Join the Dream. You can support the arts, and support gay pride & freedom. By donation (which helps raise funds for our gay-friendly music videos)…

You are OUTstanding! You Make a Difference. Join the Dream for Free Gay-Friendly YouTube Videos Online. Would you like to…

* support marriage freedom worldwide?

* inspire pride, promote safer schools and help save lives of bullied gay youth?

* attract people to your gay-friendly cause, business, creative project, or favorite charity?

* support Human Rights worldwide?

If you’d like to attract clients, funders, or sponsors to, and get promoted by the world’s leading gay-friendly social media expert who inspired millions online, I highly recommend you check this out