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YAY ~ I’m back ~ for now…

Well, after three months of being off Facebook because they deleted my K’Anne Meinel account, I managed to get it back.  It wasn’t easy, I had to jump through a lot of hoops.  Every day for a month I put up either my passport or my drivers license, none of which they accepted.  I suspect, now, that a computer ‘reads’ it and doesn’t recognize odd names with an apostrophe.

Don’t get me wrong, the original ‘charge’ that I had multiple accounts, was true.  Back in the day when you could have a funny account name, I had Benefits Youknowit, so you could be friends with benefits.  I thought I was quite hilarious.  As FB changed it’s policies, you had to have a ‘real’ name and I changed it to KAnne Meinel (without the apostrophe) so I could have a ‘backup’ account since they put me in FB jail quite frequently.

I also had a ‘family’ account that I rarely, if ever used.  I have them blocked for the most part from my K’Anne account, because, you know…family.  They don’t need to know what I’m doing and they don’t really care, but one or two are very judgmental and it’s none of their business anyway.

FB deleted the K’Anne account in December.  Within a week or two they deleted the KAnne account (no apostrophe).  I was like, WTH.  Merry Xmas eh?  All those years of social networking, talking with my friends that I had made, all gone and they stated they wouldn’t accept my identification.  After a month they stated there was no way to recover ANY of it.  I was heartbroken. 

I started another K’Anne account, with a different email address.  They shut that one down right quick. 

I then remember my family account which I changed to block those I didn’t want on it from old friends as a kid and family.  Then, I gayed it up and added a LOT of people.  Once I got to 1000 friends there, they shut me down, AGAIN. 

I do apologize to all those who I friended, friended again, and then, yet again!  What a hassle.  Quite a few were suspicious, and I appreciate those who asked what was going on.  Those who blocked me, well, I understand you being suspicious that these were fake accounts, but when you went so far as to block me on ALL social media, WTH is wrong with YOU?

I was pretty sure the name K’Anne was flagged.  They wouldn’t let me reuse any of the email addresses and I couldn’t start a new account.  They were still not allowing my identification which I was submitting almost daily to the different accounts in the hope that one of them MAYBE would be ALLOWED!  Nope.  Then the devastating news that it was unrecoverable, one by one they wouldn’t even take my identification anymore.

FB doesn’t have a ready email address so you can address your concerns.  I suppose with a BILLION+ users this would get inundated with spam, complaints, and who knows what beyond legitimate communications.  Their messages when I tried to log in for my identification submission said that with Covid 19 they had less people available to look at my identification, I can imagine.  However, at some point, when some of these people could/would work from home, this is just an EXCUSE, not a reality, in my opinion.

I asked every friend I knew who might know someone, ANYone from FB.  No one could do ANYthing!

I wrote a letter to Facebook.  No answer. 

My lawyer wrote a letter, just asking WHY I couldn’t use my own name, K’Anne and why they wouldn’t accept my identification which is, by the way, federal and state issued with my name clearly typed out on the passport and driver’s license.  No answer.

I’d pretty much given up.   Someone suggested this person, that person on Twitter, email addresses, etc.  I even flagged FB on Twitter.  No answer.

Then, I simply Googled it and lo and behold a bunch of videos came up on YouTube about HOW some people had done it and gotten their accounts back.  The first one didn’t work, and I tried, several times.  The second idea however, seemed different and after a couple of weeks…success!  I had been trying to get into my account only to get a message that the account had been deleted (which implied everything on it had been deleted too).  And then, this time, it would allow me to put in my email address, but didn’t recognize my password!  That was different.  I asked to change the password, it accepted this request but asked that I sign in on my phone.  I rarely allow that app on my phone as FB tracks you and I get paranoid about such things.  I downloaded it, again.  FB requested that two factor authentication which I had set up a while ago.  It was because I had a lot of pages and some had a large following.  Damn, I’d deleted that app from my phone!  I couldn’t find it again either.  I managed to get the password changed from my phone, and then they allowed my computer on again! 

OMG, the feeling of relief that I’d gotten my K’Anne Meinel account back was overwhelming.  I had and have no plans to try and recover the others I had created, because you are only supposed to have one account and I had violated that rule (community standards).  However, so many of the authors I know, especially those with pennames, pseudonyms, etc have multiple accounts, one with their real name, one with the name they write under, how is that any different?  I’m not telling on anyone, I wouldn’t do that, but why am I being targeted?  I recall the controversy years ago when those in the transgender and cross-dressing community said it would be unsafe to go by their birth names and FB backed off there.  Why is having different names such a big problem?  If you aren’t doing anything wrong with the name, then what really is the problem?

Well, my friends who had taken over my pages and groups that I was admin of, gave me back my admin privileges where they could.  Three pages I thought I had permanently lost were suddenly back, I quickly made my friends admins, just in case.  And, those I had remade, deleted.

Then, yesterday I noticed some of the things I had shared to my timeline were coming up unavailable, and this increased as the day went by and this morning there were even more.  I checked and my account is restricted, and it can’t give me a reason, that function of FB isn’t working (no surprise there, many things on FB are in need of fixing).  Also, all the pages suddenly had me as moderator again, not administrator.  WTH FB!  I have done nothing wrong.  I am following their rules to the best of my ability.  I have to think my name IS flagged and they ARE targeting me.  Is this personal?

So, for those of you who KNOW me, and KNOW how much this has been wearing on my soul, you know I have done nothing wrong.  I lost a few friends on FB over this, probably assuming I AM guilty of SOMEthing!  Well, those might not really have BEEN friends.  I just know I’m tired of this crap and wish there was SOMEthing I COULD do.  Btw, if you want to know how I got BACK on FB, please email me as I’m not giving out that information here in so public a forum.

Meanwhile, I hope I get to remain with this one account on FB and I’ll see you there?  Inbox me and chat with me, I have missed many of you.

Masterful Malice ~ An Audiobook narrated by Desarae Holland

When Alice receives a plea for help from her sister’s friend, will she be able to free her from the bonds of a sadistic man determined to have her all to himself?  What about the bonds that Kathy begins to place on Alice’s cold, little heart.  How will they affect the killer in Alice?
This is the FIFTH book in the “MALICE” series about Alice, a serial killer with a mission to get justice where none would otherwise be served.