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on September 2, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Really enjoyed this book, couldn’t put it down and read it in one night.

I could relate to Alyssa on so many levels and wished so many times growing up that I had the nerve to stand up to my family in the way that she did.

No idea what I’m talking about, well then you’re just going to need to read the book for yourself!

Fiona reminds me of the vet’s I worked for whilst studying in the UK, strong, independent, determined and workaholics!

If you enjoy reading about strong female characters who overcome various obstacles and adversities thrown their way then this is definitely the book for you.

The characters are well developed, the storyline flows naturally with no unnecessary sex scenes, there’s romance and intimacy as needed but not heaped on as is the case with some f/f books these days. There’s plenty of drama and gun toting city girls turned country vet / cow girl to keep you reading all night as I did.

I’m hoping there is a follow on book from this one!

on August 31, 2017
I loved the scene in the cafe where the two main characters entered into their partnership, and, how their love turned into something that would surely stand the test of time. Personally, there’s nothing sexier than a barefoot gal in shorts, and a tee, with a rifle over her shoulder, a pistol strapped to her waist and the willingness to use both to protect those, and the things she loves. Great story. Highly recommend!!
on August 22, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I bought this cause I liked the cover, well I have to say what a great read, makes you laugh in places, the two main characters have excellent chemistry, even as good action and I’m not talking about sex. All in all I have no problem recommending this book too my friends. Another great story from K’Anne.
on September 1, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Characters are very real and easy to see in the mind’s eye. The families are similar to my own as is the finding the one person that will stand by you no matter what. Well written. Makes for a lovely evening with a bottle of wine.
on August 26, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
I really loved reading this book! At first I wasn’t sure about the main character, she seemed very spoiled, but as I began to read the story I began to like both of the characters. The author does a great job of telling their story and she doesn’t follow a predictable path with the plot. It is refreshing to find a story that is a little different and keeps you guessing about what might happen next. I really liked this story!
on August 28, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
was impressed with the realistic characters. will read again.
on August 27, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
As with all of the other books I’ve read by K’Anne Meinel,I thoroughly enjoyed Vetted. Very hard to put down!

Vetted Final Cover



Thirty odd years ago (yeah, I can’t believe I can say that either) my mother bought me a luggage set as a birthday/graduation/xmas present.  It was pretty expensive then (especially for my mom) and I have to say I have gotten a lot of use out of it.  For roughly $100-$150 I got a complete Samsonite set.

20170702_203051_Burst01.jpgAnd, after 30 some years of traveling (I lived out of them for a couple of years) they really have stood the test of time.

What happened to the days where you bought something and knew it would last?  Remember the days where Samsonite had those commercials where chimpanzee’s, monkey’s, and apes threw the cases around?  They really did/do last.  Okay, it was American Tourister (do they still exist?) but, you get my drift…

I’m sad to say that other cases I’ve added have never lasted as long.  This set, pictured above is still going fairly strong.  I have one or two pieces I never use anymore (makeup case) and I’ve learned to downsize, but the same basic three pieces are still alive.  I’ve lost the pull strap for the big one which still has working wheels, you can see wear and tear on the edges, and today I found a hole through one of them as I pack for the GCLS con in Chicago.  Still, quality LASTS.  So does a GOOD story.  It stick’s with you for a LONG time, even after the book has become frayed and worn away.

We are living in a time where people dispose of their possessions far too easily.  A book, a story that sticks with you, makes you want to read over and over again, is priceless.  So take a moment and think over those you have enjoyed.  Check out mine if you haven’t, and if you have, please leave a review….you never know who you might influence and they can have the same enjoyment of the story that you had.

ShadoePublishing 4

If you are at GCLS this next week, please say hello to me.  If I look a bit confused it’s because I have the memory of a goldfish and while your name might ring a bell, the bell’s clapper may have been muffled…Facebook friends and others have a tendency to make me look as though I don’t remember anyone, but I do, and I have a long memory for the oddest things…so take a chance and give me a hug (I really don’t bite (despite the fangs)…hard), talk to me, and ask me for a lesbian membership card!  Lol!   Who knows when/where we will meet again!  See you all there!

It’s off to Chicago I go for GCLS!

Has it really been a YEAR since Washington DC and GCLS?  Where has the time gone?  REALLY?  I traveled a lot since then, bought a few new computers, got a new SUV, wrote a few books (you didn’t miss THAT did you?) and here we are again!  Another event.  This year it’s in Chicago which is cool because it’s only 5 hour (depending on traffic) or so from the Northwoods where I hole up in my cave *depending on if I’m writing.  This hermit is coming out of the cave for this event.  Be sure to stop by the Shadoe Publishing booth as seen here from last year.20160707_124440

You couldn’t possibly miss my red hat could you?IMG_0202

Ask me for a Lesbian Membership card!  I laminated a few too for you die-hards who need a card!  lol!

Certified Lesbian Membership CardCertified Butch Lesbian Membership Card - CopyCertified Boi Lesbian Membership Card - Copy

Oh, and I’m bringing PLENTY of books too, got the first loads in the back of my new SUV:


Yeah, those are HEAVY…I will have to either get a bigger SUV or a trailer soon!

C'mon Folks.

All joking aside, Shadoe Publishing has two booths this year as always and we would LOVE to see you.  I’ll be on a panel with some very nice authors on Thursday, and, of course around for the author signings…or, if you can’t be there for that, buy a book and hunt me down with my red fedora or my light up shoes!


Because, well, as you know, I don’t like to draw attention to myself, bahahahahahah!

C’mon, you know you want to give me a hug, get a picture, and I want to see you all there too!  Don’t be shy!  I don’t bite…hard.  BTW, if you post a picture of me and you on Facebook from the conference, I want you to tag me!  I’ll even consider GIVING you a book for doing that!

See you there!





I haven’t been blogging much, probably because deep down I’m a wee bit depressed.  I try NOT to get political on here, but who can help in their daily lives?  I’m going to ignore that depression, the politics that cause it, because, as a writer you can’t make up these things, the facts alone are enough for a thriller.  Meanwhile, I work on, through the depression, through the fears, through the crap…and work on books that I hope my friends, fans, and followers will enjoy.

In the coming months I have several books coming out, one is at the editor, another I’m finishing up on, and another two I’m still writing…hope you watch out for them and enjoy them as much as I do putting them out there:


Joy Parker had the perfect childhood.  Doted on by her parents, she couldn’t imagine her childhood any different.  As a child and later a young adult, she’s ignored by her much older siblings, made to feel the outsider…until a tragedy occurs, altering her life in ways she couldn’t possibly have imagined.

The next few years of her life are vastly different from her parents’ hopes and dreams for her.  Then suddenly, another life-altering event changes the course of her life and she must make decisions she never dreamt possible.  Winning the largest lottery in Wisconsin history opens the flood gates of possibility and means Joy must again decide which direction to take with the rest of her life.

After Joy is stalked relentlessly by fortune hunters, reporters, and even her own siblings, she decides to fly away into a future that she never could have imagined, let alone planned….

What would you do if you won $341,726,178.10 after taxes?  Come along for the ride as we discover what Joy Parker decides to do with it….

My FIRST non-fiction novella, The Northwood Lodge:

Her heart makes mine go pitty-pat, pitty-pat, pitty-pat…and I don’t want it to ever stop.

heartbeatBrooklyn Adams, a highly successful American mystery writer, is advised by her publicist and publisher to get out of her comfort zone, to stop hibernating in the backwoods of upper Michigan.  She needs to get out and see the world.  Her books, while successful, are becoming a bit stale.  Brook reluctantly takes their advice and orders her passport in order to start crossing items off her bucket list.  Australia is first on that list….

Lauren Aird, a very intense, effectual prosecuting attorney is simply going through the motions, living her life, just going along, doing her job.  Her former partner—civil partnerships are the only thing recognized in Australia at this time—died two years before in a horrible car crash, leaving her alone to raise their twins.  It’s time for Lauren to move on.  Her first girlfriend after the crash, while kind and loving, was her transition woman.  She needs to find someone she can make a life with.

Lauren Aird…meet Brooklyn Adams.  Will meeting each other cause their hearts to beat a little faster….

maniacal-malice-book-22No synopsis available yet, but I’m working at it!

You know the routine, follow along on THIS blog or bookmark



Reviews for DOCTORED

Five Star

DOCTORED get’s five stars!

On Apple:
Beautiful ….

Outstanding! Love the storyline/plot. It’s playful, fun, intriguing, has all the makings of a great book. One that you think about and go back to time and time again. Will definitely be keeping this book in my collection.

on May 10, 2016
Did you ever read a book and just know that you would definitely go back and read it again just for the sheer enjoyment of the book? Doctored is the book I believe once you read it you will not soon forget what an adventure filled, exciting and emotional book this is. Your just never sure what will happen next and when it does you’re not disappointed at all. The main characters, Deanna and Madison are so well defined they seem like they could have lived right next door. Their story is far from typical in any sense of the word but the Ending which is just the Beginning is well worth the time it takes to enjoy this book. Among the many books written by Ms. Meinel I do believe this is the best one I have read. Thank’s K’Anne for another well written story.
on May 17, 2016
Great read, I enjoyed this tale, the storyline was great. I love the maturity throughout the story of both characters.
on April 29, 2016
Really enjoyed this book. Lots of depth to the characters and you could never truly predict where the storyline was heading which kept me hooked till the end. Very enjoyable and suspense filled book. Another hit for Ms Meinel.
on May 6, 2016
There was a rich filled description with every page. Enjoyed the rhythm of the story as it unfolded. Beautifully done.
THANK YOU to my lovely readers who say such kind things about my ‘baby’…..

Looking for gay, bisexual, or transgender people

I get Dear Abby to my mailbox everyday…today I read this and I thought I would share it on my blog to help others who might be able to participate in this, please SHARE ~ K’Anne

Psychiatrists Reach Out to Gather Information on LGBT Experience– March 31, 2016 –

DEAR READERS: A group of distinguished psychiatrists, the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP), needs help from some of you. They need feedback from gay, bisexual or transgender people, many of whom have experienced conflicts with their faith because of who they are attracted to or their gender identity. Many, while attempting “conversion” treatment, experienced great emotional distress, but never considered consulting a mental health professional because they had been discouraged from doing so by their faith community. Knowing the struggles you have experienced could benefit individuals who need help and haven’t gotten it. Your input is important. It will give GAP psychiatrists a broader representation of people than they could get from any other source.

Thank you in advance for taking part in this important study. The Internet address to send your comments is For those who don’t have email access, GAP’s mailing address is: P.O. Box 570218, Dallas, TX 75357-0218. In the past, readers have been generous in “telling it like it is,” and I hope you will continue because your experiences are important. Your participation may help to effect positive changes in the treatment of patients. — LOVE, ABBY

A fan letter from Russia

e543_olde_tyme_writing_setWith all the wonderful fan letters that I get via email, social media, and…occasionally…via snail mail this one stood out.  Because, not only is it from Russia, but she tries so hard to master the difficult language of English.  I can only imagine how hard that is.  I can only imagine how hard Russian is!  I am however pleased and thrilled to have heard from her and want to share her wonderful letter.   Enjoy!

Dear KAnne!

My letter is not going to take much time from you. I just would like to express my respect to you and  everything you are doing and say thanks for that.  I am very happy you are reading the letter!Thank you very much!

My name is Inna Baskakova. I am twenty three years old. I live in a small town in the South of Russia.

I have been studying English for seven years. My best dream ever was can speak, write and listen English.  Time ago I  found your books in internet. I was so impressed by your way of thinking!! I was compleatly charming! And everything thank to your  personality! You are the wisest author I have ever read! Your good works dont let me give up studying English! When I am feel so bad and helpless I open your website and watch covers of your books. It is reassuring and i feel able to study again. You are who give me the power of spirit to go ahead. And  you are beautiful woman! I know you are very strong person and very talented author.  One day I would love to be like you – beautiful,intelligent, wonderful!!! You are unlike the others. There is something about you.You are the queen of the genre. You are truly master of writing. Thank you very much for inspiration!
It was always attraction to me the USA, the language, the culture, the literature!  I am dreaming to visit it one day!
As there are not english teachers in our town(nobody wants to work for a small salary), our children cannot learn English at school. So happened to me. I started learn English by myself when i was sixteen. English is hard to stydy. i must say:) But i was studing. Now I make a lot of mistakes but i can write. But I cannot speak. I have nobody to speak English to. But my deep desire to know the language doesnt permit me quit. I speak with myself. Every day whenever i have time for it.

Thanks to the web i am able to download your books. That is so beautiful!!! Actually i have not much time for reading, as I work. But every evening I open PDF-file and really enjoy reading.  Reading is a better world to me. It is a miracle.

I would love to be an English teacher. I really desire to read English authors and tell about it to world, to children!! There is nothing beautiful  in the whole world than English language and Literature. I would love to do it professionally. I want to have a degree. I tried enter university for four year but i never pass exams. The next year i am going to do it again.

I am writing to you beacause I would like to ask you for authograph. I would love to have one. I know i should study more to become a real reader of your booksl but you are who give me an inspiration.Thank you very much for your writing and your beautiful way to live!   Thank you very much for reading my letter.

Blessing.With all my respect and love.