The Outsider ~ An Audiobook narrated by Sharon Robbins

Joy Parker had the perfect childhood.  Doted on by her parents, she couldn’t imagine her childhood any different.  As a child and later a young adult, she’s ignored by her much older siblings, made to feel the outsider…until a tragedy occurs, altering her life in ways she couldn’t possibly have imagined. 

The next few years of her life are vastly different from her parents’ hopes and dreams for her.  Then suddenly, another life-altering event changes the course of her life and she must make decisions she never dreamt possible.  Winning the largest lottery in Wisconsin history opens the flood gates of possibility and means Joy must again decide which direction to take with the rest of her life. 

What would you do if you won $341,726,178.10 after taxes?  Come along for the ride as we discover what Joy Parker decides to do with it….

Another year older

I wasn’t supposed to see my 35th birthday.  I’ve been reflecting on that a lot lately.  As many of you know I’m a cancer survivor.  In 2001 at the relatively young age of 34, I was given 4-5 months to live.  That was 6-7 months BEFORE my birthday.  I’ve written about that here in my blog several times (if you want to read it, use the little box on the left and type in cancer).  It’s weird though, I went out that year on my birthday with my sis-in-law and a good friend from college to celebrate and reflect.  I’m not in contact with either of them anymore and have moved on, weird how that goes. 

This year, after twenty years, I celebrate that I’m still here.  None of my books would have been written or published if I hadn’t made it.  Heck, I didn’t write my first one for another year after all that!  I didn’t meet my first g/f until halfway through the two weeks it took me in January 2003 to write SHIPS.  It’s amazing when I reflect back on all the gifts I have gotten since that time.  120 Novels, Novellas, and Shorts written and published, in various versions including e-books, print, and now almost all of them in audio.  I started a publishing company ten years ago and have published over 200 books for my various authors.  I started the awards companies to celebrate lesbian fiction and gay fiction.  I have a reason to be proud of myself.

There have been many challenges in the last 20 years including neck surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, chemo-brain, a broken leg, a permanently sprained back, shoulder surgery, covid-19, fog brain, and a few other things I’m certain I have forgotten.

I am so happy that I met so many wonderful people on social media.  Some, who I have never met in person, have become some of my best friends.  Someday we will meet, even if you are across a vast ocean.

Thank you for following along on this blog, reading my books, and sharing in my adventures.  I am hoping, in the next year, to have a lot more of books and adventures!  Follow along!

Religious Experience, a novella

Marissa and Reanne, after years of invitro fertilization are finally having the baby they so desperately sought.  There is a surprise though, there isn’t just one, there are three.  The mothers-to-be happily look forward to telling their families about the impending births.  Unfortunately, Marissa’s mother and father vehemently refuse to accept these extra children.  They believe that multiple offspring are the work of the devil and they will do anything to rid their misguided daughter and her wife of these unwanted offspring.

This is based on a true story.

Yeah, you read that right! I FINALLY have all this time have a new book out! I won’t let covid take me down and beat me. I persevered and managed to get a book out, just in time for Halloween! I hope you all enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to leave a review. Thank you to all my friends and fans, I appreciate your patience.