A Doutora (Doctored in Portuguese)

Uma brilhante criança prodígio, sonha em se tornar médica e cirurgiã… e cumpre seus objetivos. Infelizmente, sua juventude e rosto redondo e infantil são desvantagens. Não importa o quão qualificada se torne, o quão bem informada, a hierarquia médica dominada por homens e padrões antiquados quer mantê-la em “seu lugar”.

Deanna trabalhou duro para se tornar uma especialista na área escolhida, mas poucos acreditam que essa “criança” seja capaz. Especializada em doenças infecciosas, viaja pelo mundo – dos Estados Unidos à Europa e América do Sul – aprimorando suas habilidades antes de chegar a África, onde suas habilidades são desesperadamente necessárias.

Conhecendo uma enfermeira chamada Madison MacGregor, ela descobre que compartilham uma curiosidade insaciável e um amor por ajudar os outros, mas se apaixonar não era o que ela pretendia. Mais tarde, quando perde Maddie por causa de um mal-entendido, ela é assombrada por seu antigo amor…

Dez anos se passaram e a médica e a enfermeira seguiram em frente com suas vidas, mas o destino intervém quando se veem trabalhando no mesmo hospital. A amizade delas é revivida… pode o amor ser reavivado? O passado as assombrará ou as aproximará? Os segredos que ambas guardam as impedirão de conseguir um futuro juntas?

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Audible released some of my erotic shorts in time for the long weekend

Once again we prove that Bikini’s can’t be trusted, that these itty bitty scraps of material, are DANGEROUS!

Proving that Bikini’s are more than just for swimming.
Bikini’s are multi-functional. I use mine in a way that neither my girlfriend nor I had anticipated.

Alexis isn’t KEPT in the standard sense of the word. She has her own life, her own money, she is her own woman, and yet Sasha keeps pulling her back….an intriguing idea for all of us who wonder what it would be like to have unlimited funds to do what we want, when we want, and with whom…
I’m too tired to think straight when I’m attacked by my girlfriend…
It takes some persuasion but I take my girlfriend Under the Pier
I nearly drown as I make love to my girl in a pool…or a pool of water…

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Malefic Malice Book #30

Lessons on how to piss off a lesbian serial killer:

1) Hit her in the head with the butt of a gun.

2) Treat her with disdain and underestimate her abilities.

3) Involve her family!

Alice awakens to discover she has been taken prisoner.  Flashbacks are instantaneous, and when she realizes that Kathy and Emily are there too, she is compelled to return them to safety.  Alice doesn’t want her family involved in this part of her life.  She isn’t comfortable with them knowing, much less participating, after all her years of hard work to keep them in the dark.

Paybacks can be deadly for those who don’t realize how truly gifted Alice is.  Follow along as Alice continues to triumph at what she does so very well…

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Outback Bred ~ Audiobook

Melissa Lawrence swims ashore in Australia.  She has no idea what to expect after escaping her captors.  Since becoming Mel Lawrence, she finds her interests are expanding beyond just the “woman of means” role she had been raised to accept.  After finding someone to teach her about becoming a grazer, she herds a flock of sheep into the Australian outback.  She never imagined she would find a mate, a land that challenges her, and a life she felt she was bred for.