Veil of Silence FEATURED

Veil of Silence CoverToday I am thrilled to announce that VEIL OF SILENCE is FEATURED in READING DEALS, check it out!  If you haven’t gotten your copy this is the next best thing to free!  Limited time offer!

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LAST DAY at the conference in Washington D.C.

Well the day was wonderful as all the days were at the con.  I’d been having so much fun for an entire week, I was ready for it to end.  As you can see, I dressed for the occasion:

I was wearing my grandmother’s jewels.  I’m sure no one noticed but they were CARVED amethysts set in a graduated chain ensemble.  Reminded me of what flappers would have worn in the roaring twenties (of the 1900’s, not the 2000’s as we aren’t there YET).

I also enjoyed watching the many people accepting their awards.  It’s touching to see my fellow authors and their hard work being rewarded.  And then it was time to PARTY!

Are you amazed to find out I know how to dance?  I was thrilled to ask and be accepted by many women who I admire and enjoyed chatting with during the week and only disappointed I didn’t dance with everyone I wanted to.  Ah well, there is always next year!

My ‘vacation’ didn’t end at the con, even the morning after as we prepared to leave.  My shoes had come in the mail the previous day, FINALLY.  I only got to wear them a little bit but next year you will ‘spot’ me!

It’s a real shame I’m so shy right?

Stay tuned to my blog for the further adventures as I go from the con up the Eastern Seaboard!

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DC and Conference IX

We went out to Karaoke (no, I do not sing) at a gay bar downtown and Karen Badger, her wife Bliss, Liz Hodge, Robyn Lynn, Velvet Lounger, and Elizabeth (sorry don’t recall your last name) all went.  Judy Comella arranged it but the van was a little crowded and I ended up with her on my lap, a hilarious moment as you can see.  20160707_19142720160707_191433

You can’t beat watching some wonderful talent and I have to say, everyone ELSE could sing, I could NOT…oh well, I can enjoy THEIR talents and the atmosphere at FREDDIE’s!

Stay tuned, the final blog on the conference is coming.  Watch for it!  Meanwhile, enjoy some reads over at my website:


DC and Conference VIII

After an exhausting day at the con we decided to go out to dinner at a steakhouse.  Apparently there was a miscommunication, a hilarious reoccurence that happens a lot with Sue Ellen and I and we ended up 17 miles away on the freeway at a Texas Steakhouse.  Annoying as that can be, it was still a wonderful meal with plenty of leftovers!Capture

We also ended up that evening taking a LAST (we hoped) trip to a Walmart to get things we felt we ‘needed.’  I got to the end of my list!  Finally!

Back to the con and other shenanigans…stay tuned for what happened on Saturday!

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DC and Conference VII


I truly loved this years conference.  After a full day of going to various readings and panels, I had been fortunate enough to see Annette Mori read from her current release Locked Inside.

She was kind enough to send me a copy of it to read.  I’m kind of hesitant to read it now because not only does it sound so intriguing but it bears a resemblance to my own book COMATOSE that I’ve been working on and off for a while and I don’t want it to influence me!  I’ll get to it, it’s on a shelf, in my ‘to be read’ pile and I do TRY to keep that DOWN, but as a publisher, that isn’t always possible.  I’ll get to it…eventually.  She deserved the Goldie she received for it and the cover, to me, was inspired!  I got to hang out with Annette and her lovely wife in the vendor room which is always nice as you make new friends at these cons.

Later, my own panels were a blast as we talked about MURDER!  If you have read my MALICE series you know I enjoy writing it!  13606448_1061634100550906_6650096119174601470_n


Plus, who wouldn’t want to be with Jessie Chandler, Justine Saracen, Carsen Taite, Ann Aptaker, and moderated by Ann Roberts?  Now, who wouldn’t be intimidated by these Goldie and Lammie award winning authors?  While I may have looked like I was sleeping I was really enjoying what they had to say and contribute.  Fascinating women!  Watching four of them win Goldies on Saturday was AWESOME!  Good for you ladies!

Check in tomorrow for my next blog as the con comes to a close!

Check out my own Murder Mysteries (btw, I have thought up a whole new series I’m hoping to come out with NEXT spring)!

DC and Conference VI

Finally we come to the actual conference to set up and get ready!  I was so proud that TWO of Shadoe Publishing’s authors Chris Parsons and Maria Ayala were up for awards, after all we had Genta Sebastian WIN last year!  I think the booth turned out pretty well!

I’d forgotten to pack the cord for the television so that was an iffy proposition and despite the help of various people, I just put it back in my room.

Still, it was a striking display and with 92 or 93 covers displayed in various forms, I think we represented the Shadoe Publishing stable of authors very well!

I had a reading that afternoon that I thought I was ready for but found I must have missed some of the emails, my fault, not anyone elses.  Still, I was lucky I brought more to read from DOCTORED than I needed, and then found, I needed it!  If anyone has pictures of our readings, please send them to me!  This is me from last year:Reading of Ships

It was an interesting group and I really love the questions and answers afterwards from truly interested readers and writers.  Thank you all for that experience!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!  Meanwhile check out my latest releases at!

DC and Conference V

The night tour was simply fabulous, mystic, and the knowledge this guy imparted incredible.  I can’t recommend it enough.  We did have one incident though.  He couldn’t ride up to the White House though as they had the street blocked off for security and right after the Fourth, that was understandable.  Since I had never seen the White House in person, only on TV or in movies, this was something I would not miss.  Um, and then…

We were walking up the street on sidewalk, the three of us abreast and didn’t realize we had walked OFF the sidewalk into the street when out of NOWHERE a Secret Service person got out of a big SUV to yell at us to GET BACK ON THE SIDEWALK.  Um, yes SIR!  We laughed it off but the wheels were already turning in my author’s mind.  The call to Judy at GCLS that we were arrested by the Secret Service and they wouldn’t let us go without supervision.  Yes, that would have made a splash all over the con.

Before we could get to The White House, they turned OFF the lights, sigh.  So here is my only picture:20160705_235012Isn’t it magnificent?  Bahahahahha, this could only happen to ME!

Just down the street though was the fabulous hotel where all the president-elects stayed and the pedicab driver gave us some wonderful history. The Willard Intercontinental Apparently Lincoln ran out of money and had to give an IOU to pay HIS bill.  Man, could these people DRINK!20160706_000908

We took a regular cab back to the hotel and collapsed, EXHAUSTED, on the beds, our dinner arrived (it was about 1:30 in the morning at this point) and we watched some DVD’s I had brought!

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