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Quickie ~In an Elevator, GOING DOWN ~Into The Garden

Quickie In An Elevator, GOING DOWN:

A short story~Living out a fantasy in your mind is one thing, having that fantasy come to life is another…the title is self-explanatory

Into the Garden:

My dream lover takes me on an adventure…into the Garden

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New Novella Release: Melancholy Malice (Book 14)

Book 14 Melancholy Malice

Left alone to deal with the enormity of the estate that was willed to her Kathy must go on alone.  Can she deal with the children, the finances, the legitimate and not so legitimate business dealings? The many surprises in store for her, some welcome, some not so welcome begin to change Kathy.

Meeting the ‘other’ women in Alice’s life as well as many people she didn’t know were in her life may prove to be too much for Kathy.  Will she rise up to the occasion or fail horribly?  Perhaps Alice saw more in Kathy than she herself knew was there?

An E-Book Novella

New Release: Morose Malice Book 13

Book 13 Morose Malice

The possible end of Alice’s marriage means that she has to leave the home she has built with Kathy.  She moves back to New York to start over.  Running into her college roommate and former lover sets off a chain of events that even Alice couldn’t anticipate or control.

Meeting new people and renewing old friendships we learn a bit more about Alice and who she was to become the person she is.  The new people in her life though means new changes are in store for our beloved Alice.  Changes she might just not like.

E-Book Novella

New Release: Morally Malice

Book 12 Morally Malice

Alice is tired of the killing; she wants a nice, normal life.  Circumstances won’t let her though and although she has tried to do the ‘right’ thing, the ‘moral’ thing, life won’t allow her to do anything but what she needs to do to protect her family from those that would hurt them.


NEW RELEASE: Minor Malice

I’ve had fans ask for YEARS about what made Alice…the woman she is today. Now you can find out:

Book 11 Minor Malice

What makes Alice, well…Alice?

From an early age she was always, ‘different.’  People noticed it, from her unusual eyes that changed when she felt intense emotions, to her brain, and her peculiar habits.

Is a ‘serial killer’ actually ‘born’ or is she ‘made?’

Here we find out more about the Alice of her youth and why some of the things in her life made her the way she is…