Quite a few of my ‘shorts’ will be available for TWO DAYS only at various times during this week ONLY through KDP SELECT.  You will have to watch and check on AMAZON as I won’t be posting all over Facebook, Twitter, or here about them.  I hope that this will draw in new readers or some who just want to sample my earlier work.  It is nothing like what I write now but the humor, the sex, the writing is a precursor to what I write in my novellas and novels now…enjoy!  Please, tell your friends and leave a ‘review’ if you liked it!

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Timed Romance Limited Edition

Recently I wanted to promote my latest release TIMED ROMANCE but I didn’t want to take advantage of KDP SELECT because I felt it was like giving away all of my hard work and that is unacceptable.  Plus, rather than finding a lot of new fans I find people just download your work because it’s FREE and they never comment, or buy anything else.  Although the premise of it is a great idea the reality is that it just simply doesn’t do what it is intended.  So I was looking around Amazon at the ideas other authors tried.

I came across an idea by another author that read something about a LIMITED RELEASE where you would only charge $1 for the book except for say the last few chapters.  I thought this was an excellent idea.  I’d get a minimum percentage of the value of my book and if they enjoyed it they would buy the rest which I had also discounted said $1.  The other author emphasized though that you should clearly state that it was a LIMITED EDITION on the cover and in the book and I came across something similar to what I am posting here for my own use:

Thank you for downloading this limited edition of my book for free or at a discount. If you have read this far it means you are interested enough to want to purchase my book at the full price and read the remainder of the chapters, which I can assure you are well worth reading.  My book can be purchased at a reasonable price from Amazon at the same location you got this book for free or at a discount.  The final chapters and other good stuff are included in the complete version of this book.  Please be sure to purchase the book at a very reasonable price on my amazon page here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CMS6NEA  in E-Book format or in print @https://www.createspace.com/4212314.  The print format even includes an exclusive interview regarding the book.  There is also a video available @ http://youtu.be/Hc3P_a14NYg.  As well as a LARGE PRINT version @ https://www.createspace.com/4281712.

I thought this an excellent way to get people to read my wonderful new book.  While many took advantage of the promotion (not as many as when it is FREE) there were a few dissenters.

This review is from: Timed Romance ~Limited Edition~ (Kindle Edition)

I am unhappy with the author and how they marketed this book. I feel that I purchased this book in good faith. I thought I was getting the whole book only to find out it was not complete. I understand sneak peeks and trying to get new readers but there should be a warning clearly marked that this is just a preview.”Limited Edition of the complete book” means to me a complete book available for a limited time. I believed the author was selling the book at a lower price to generate reviews. Now if I want to finish the story, I will have to buy the book again. I should have been able to make that decision first time around. I am not sure I like the dodgy way to sell the book. Will not purchase from this author again.

Price & book great so far…..but quite a rip off since I can’t get access to final chapter(s)? Like this woman,s. Books. But am really not happy ‘re surprised I got that it was NOT a complete completion. Since this is not a usual practices at Amazon…could have been explained! Please tell me how to get balance of book!!

Now I don’t know if this is the SAME person writing twice, one was on Amazon and gave me only a one star rating and the other was posted on the blog where I clearly state it’s a LIMITED EDITION.  The book itself has the blurb about where to purchase the rest of the story.  What more can you do when they don’t read?

My question is this, I know you can’t please everyone, but what kind of promotions do you or can you use to get more readers to read your latest releases?

Lesbian Fund Raisers and The Ellen Sturtz Fallout


AND A Letter from a Get Equal Lead, C.D. Kirven  to the First Lady Explaining the Actions of Ellen Sturtz.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 10.03.47 AMThe lesbian community was drawn into a controversy this week as Ellen Sturtz, a leader from the group Get Equal, attended a D.C. fundraiser and interrupted the First Lady’s speech calling attention to the fact that the President has yet to sign an Executive Order that would provide protections for LGBT workers. Many, including those from the LGBT community, criticized Sturtz for her outburst and others pondered the First Lady’s “in her face” response.

Before the election, I really enjoyed seeing my lesbian friends sitting around the White House dinner table with the First Lady, schmoozing, boasting about the grand dollars raised for the President’s election. We were all valued and useful in that moment.  Those sitting that close to the First Lady flashed their photo opportunity all over Facebook…

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~Limited Edition~ TIMED ROMANCE ~Limited Time~

TIMED ROMANCE for ONLY .99….for one week ONLY!

Shadoe Publishing

We are pleased to offer a limited edition of TIMED ROMANCE available for only ONE WEEK….get your E-Book edition for only .99!


Falling in love gives you no time or place, no reason or excuses.  It’s a deliberate act that can leave you breathless from ecstasy or pain.  There is no rhyme, no sense, no time.  There is no precedence, no priority, it befuddles you.  In the right time and place it can cause you to reach the highest highs or the lowest of lows.  Bad timing though for any romance can hurt you more than the love itself.

Reese has landed her dream job abroad.  As she takes the challenge up she finds a relationship she never intended.  Her romance with what is technically her employer heats up and both of them find themselves falling in love.  It is perhaps the timing of this love that is their downfall.

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