Oops ~ Amazon

The other day I released my latest book CAVALCADE.  At the same time I pre-released my next book PIONEERING.  Cavalcade is the prequel to my enormously successful book VETTED and the new one due out this fall Vetted Further.

For some reason, the link does not work.  I tried emailing amazon, it takes up to 24 hours for them to get back to you on that.  This is what I got:

Hello K’Anne,

Thank you so much for reaching out to Kindle Direct Publishing. I would be more than happy to provide you with assistance.

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you had when using our website.

Your book, “Cavalcade,”  is live and available for purchase.

Here’s the direct link to your title’s detail page on Amazon:

To view the title’s detail page, hover over the “View on Amazon” link on your KDP Bookshelf and click on a marketplace.

Thanks for using Amazon KDP

Well, when you click on that link you get the SORRY we couldn’t find that page with the cute dogs, fortunately, each time you click on it, you get a different dog.

Another email and I got this:


I’m writing to let you know that the author of “Cavalcade” – ASIN: B07F1BZGR4 contacted KDP Support with questions about their book. To protect account security, we can only discuss books with the account holder who published them, so we’ve asked the author to contact you.

You can visit our Help pages for information about the author’s request:


If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for or need additional guidance, feel free to contact us:


Thanks for using Amazon KDP.

Best regards,

Um, hello?

Today I actually spoke with someone.  Unfortunately it was with a call center over-seas.  I understand why big companies use these call-centers but it’s terribly difficult for those of us already frustrated to deal with someone who can’t completely understand or speak English.  He was, however, helpful.

Apparently mine is not the only book to have this problem.  Relief, I’m not being singled out.  They are having trouble across their .com platform, essentially the USA site, with links to new books.  You can, however, purchase the book in the UK and European sites.  They estimate they will correct this problem in a day or so.  That doesn’t help my fans from buying the latest copy of Cavalcade on Amazon.  You can pre-order Pioneering there because that apparently went through no problem.  Cavalcade you have to wait or except for Amazon, you can order it directly through my website, download it to your kindle using a .mobi version, did you know you can do that?  Check out the links on my site and give it a whirl while we wait for up to 24 hours, again, for them to correct their bug.


Amazon Scammers ~ An article

Amazon Scammers — An Unregulated Group Pushing out Women, LGBT+, and African American Authors in Romance Fiction

I recently came across this article I would like to share with you.  Please click on the title above and be taken to the excellent site.

View story at Medium.com

View story at Medium.com

Family Night 1&2, 2nd editions

Family Night 1

Melinda & Em have Thursday night Family Night.

A warm loving relationship, a warm loving body, who wouldn’t want to come home to that? What happens to Melinda & Em on Family Night…

Available here

Family Night 2

Melinda & Em prove that “family night” can be different every week…especially for two women in love.

Available here.


Bikini’s are Dangerous, 2nd editions

Yes, I KNOW it shouldn’t have an apostrophe…YES, it’s been pointed out MANY times…but, until you READ one of these erotic fantasies, you won’t understand WHY I insist on keeping the apostrophe…sincerely, K  Anne

Bikini’s are Dangerous

This is what happens when I wear a bikini for the first time. A short erotic story that tells a tale for those who understand that BIKINIS ARE DANGEROUS

Bikini’s are Dangerous 2

Once again we prove that Bikini’s can’t be trusted, that these itty bitty scraps of material, are DANGEROUS!

Bikini’s are Dangerous 3

Proving that Bikini’s are more than just for swimming.

Bikini’s are multi-functional. I use mine in a way that neither my girlfriend nor I had anticipated.

Bikinis are Dangerous 4

Rio de Janeiro is well known as the world’s premiere beach destination. They are also well known for their nude or “clothing optional” beaches.  Will I wear my bikini or not?  BIKINIS ARE DANGEROUS!

Bikinis are Dangerous 5

When you are insecure about your body, being around fit and trim, bikini-clad women can be inhibiting and distracting.  But as I work on my body, my attraction to your bikini-clad body boosts my confidence and helps me achieve the results I desire.  Finally admitting our mutual attraction will lead to a situation that proves BIKINIS ARE DANGEROUS!

Available on my website along with the various links where you can buy them!  Buy them separately or in one book together.

Bikini's Are Dangerous The Complete Series


Anthology, Second Edition

Anthology Cover.jpg

Story  1… Cuff Her

Story  2…Family Night 2

Story  3… Bikini’s are Dangerous 4

Story  4… Bikini’s are Dangerous 5

Story  5… Internet Dreamers

Story  6… Snoggered

Story  7… The Rockhound

Story  8… Stolen

Story  9… Agitated

Story 10…Charming Thief ~Snake Island~

Story 11… Love of my LIFE

Story 12… Elevator, GOING DOWN?

Story 13… Into the Garden

Story 14… Menage a WHAT?

Story 15… An Affair to Forget

Some of these aren’t available anywhere else, I didn’t release them individually.  All of these in one book for only $9.99!  Check it out here.

Charming Thief ~ Snake Island, 2nd edition

Charming Thief .jpg

What do you do when you are offered more money for one single act than most people can make in a year?  What do you do with skills so refined that only a thief can appreciate them?  Do you enjoy travel?  Seeing the world?  Meeting new and exciting people?  How can you put all these things into one package and call it a “career”?

Simone, Marie, Jane, Adelina, Mary or whatever name she chooses to use at the moment, has a unique set of skills and a different outlook on life.  Anonymous and pretty, she uses anything at her fingertips to get the job done.  Join her as she uses them to go to one of the most dangerous islands in the world to bring back a specific item for a client who has commissioned her.  Will she be able to obtain it when she finds out she has been misled?  Will it kill her, get her killed, or will she wind up in a Brazilian prison for the rest of her days?

This mystery-drama was great fun to write because this island ACTUALLY exists!  You can purchase it here by clicking on the link.

Five Star

5.0 out of 5 starsrrwillsj@gmail.com
on January 8, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I have enjoyed the Malice series and now K’AM has a new protagonist of morally questionable values. A modern Irene Adler or Modesty Blaise. To tell you the truth, I was hesitant about finally reading this book. As a seemingly side character in the Malice series, Simone seemed to me to be of only passing interest.
However, within a few pages of beginning “Thief of Snake Island”, I became enchanted with K’Am’s clever plotting and how she revealed Simone’s character as a truly complex personality. Who had labored and fought as necessary to create a better life for herself.
And for all us Alice fans there is very interesting background material of the years the two women spent together as students and how their lasting friendship evolved.
There is a previous ebook to the “Thief” series, that I will have to acquire and I look forward to those that will follow out of K’Anne Meinal’s artistic imagineering.

Quickie in an Elevator. Going down? 2nd edition.

Quickie ~In an Elevator, GOING DOWN ~

A short story~Living out a fantasy in your mind is one thing, having that fantasy come to life is another…the title is self-explanatory.

If you like short stories that waste no time getting to the erotica…this story is for you.  Plus, you have the added bonus of a chapter or so of one of my best-selling novels.  Enjoy by clicking here for all the links.