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Did you know that some of my books (ten to be exact) are available in paperback in LARGE print? Yeah? I’d kind of forgotten over the years too, but I made these because some people love having a paperback BUT can’t read the SMALL print! The other day I got a review for one of my older novels and it all brought it back to me, the writing, the creation of that story, and then the formatting.

Now, if you read on kindle or on a computer you can make the print larger (I don’t know how on a kindle, I’ve never used one) but when you buy a paperback, the only way you can get larger print, is to buy one that is already in that larger font. There are specific sizes that make it LARGE print.

The book they reviewed is The Claim. It’s NOT lesfic but it is like Little House on the Prairie because I read those books cover to cover as a child, practically memorizing them and I always wanted to write something like that. So, I did.

The books I have in LARGE print are:

SHIPS CompanionSHIP, FriendSHIP, PartnerSHIP, RelationSHIP

Erotica Volume 1

Long Distance Romance

Children of Another Mother

Bikini’s Are Dangerous The Complete Series

Malice Masterpieces The First Five Books

To Love A Shooting Star

The Claim


Timed Romance

They are ALL available on Amazon but don’t come up when you just type in the title, you have to specifically look for LARGE print.

Another thing that I did over the years is I made pocket paperbacks. Remember those paperbacks that were always by the grocery store check-out years ago? (Late 70’s early 80’s, at least here in Midwest USA) I made quite a few of those too, but people simply don’t KNOW about them because Amazon HIDES them deep! Sometimes, it’s simply NOT convenient to carry the normal 6×9″ paperback and stuffing a smaller book, a pocket-sized book, in with your things makes sense.

The titles I have that are in that size are:

Mysterious Malice (Book1)

Meticulous Malice (Book 2)

Sapphic Surfer

Sapphic Cowgirl

Mistaken Malice (Book 3)

Malicious Malice (Book 4)

Masterful Malice (Book 5)

Matrimonial Malice (Book 6)

Mourning Malice (Book 7)

Murderous Malice (Book 8)

Mental Malice (Book 9)

Menacing Malice (Book 10)

Minor Malice (Book 11)

Morally Malice (Book 12)

Morose Malice (Book 13)

Melancholy Malice (Book 14)

Mad Malice (Book 15)

Macabre Malice (Book 16)

Marinating Malice (Book 17)

Ghostly Love

Whatever the size you need/want, I’ve got quite a few that might suit your needs/wants/desires. If not, let me know! They are ALL available through my website, the links to the Amazon versions as well as about 18 other platforms, check it out!

Book 2 of A Woman Down Under Series What was the book about?This story is told from the perspective of Melissa “Mel” Lawrence. If you have read Outback Born and the prequel, Shanghaied then you will know much of the story. However, this gives you more background and depth. Mel clambers ashore after jumping off…

via Outback Bred by K’Anne Meinel — Les Rêveur

Outback Bred by K’Anne Meinel — Les Rêveur

Shanghaied 5-star reviews


Kindle Customer

August 29, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Outback Bred

Because I put the first FOUR of this amazing series up on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, I’m able to offer this to new readers who I want to get hooked on my writings!  On September 15, 2019 for only ONE day, we are offering this book to those readers!  You can read these first four in any order.  Give it a try, I’m sure you will love it.

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Five Star

K’Anne’s books get 5-stars!


September 6, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition
Jennis Slaughter

August 29, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Reviews for An Island Between Us

An Island Between Us

Tinna Webb
5.0 out of 5 stars impressive

July 14, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase


Reviews for Inn the Dog House

inn the dog house front

January 28, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Doctored, Audiobook ~ Reviews

Doctored Audible

 Beautifully crafted reunion romance

The opening of the book has Madison receive exotic flowers from a secret admirer. Discovering who sent her the flowers takes her back into the past when she spent time in Africa as a Nurse. There she first met the smart and enigmatic doctor Deanna Cooper and fell slowly in love with her. The fear of gossip and rejection has her end the relationship before they could figure out if their love could flourish.
Ten years later in a hospital in Los Angeles the two woman meet again, the life they led had changed and matured them. They form a tentative friendship in the sometimes hostile environment of a LA Hospital and old feelings start to raise their head.

The story has wonderfully developed characters that draw you in from the first chapter and have you fall in love with them. Exotic places throughout the the book draw you in and the description and narration make it easy to picture Madison and Deanna in the African countryside as well as working side by side ten years later.
K’Anne Meinel has a great way of showing all the little things that just happen in life and make up the big picture of a young woman maturing into adulthood.

I loved the way Amelia Patricks brings the individual characters to life with their own unique voice and draws you deep into the story.

 Linda D

This was a great story, I really enjoyed it. Great how it explained the beginning of the relationship. I would like to say more, but you need to read the book. No spoil alerts here.
Thank you K’Anne Meinel.

 Loved It

This was an excellent, well written book that I didn’t want to stop listening to and I definitely didn’t want it to end. I will definitely be reading and listening to more books written by K’Anne. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars to the performance was because it seemed like some of the characters accents came and went!! Otherwise, fantastic all the way around!

 Even better as an audiobook

I read this book several months ago and really enjoyed it. The narration made it even better. The story is fantastic, and the narrator really captured the characters.


If Wilbur Smith wrote lesbian fiction it would be like this. Easy listening, decent storyline.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent!, July 4, 2018
This review is from: Doctored (Audible Audiobook)
It is a realistic narrative of the difficulty in acceptance of Love when it is judged and wrongly condemned by society!

Cavalcade ~ Reviews

Five Star


on June 26, 2018

This novel set in the 1840’s is a wonderful love story between two women in a time where it would not be tolerated.

This is a first for me I’ve never read a love story set back in my great-great-grandmothers day, and I was so very happy that I did. Both characters are very strong-willed and tough, they both fight for what is theirs. I loved this novel for the love you can feel throughout the story and K’Anne does a wonderful job on telling the story and making me care about them. The descriptions and certain words that were used back then where just icing on the cake.

This book transported me to that time and I felt like a fly on the wall the whole time.

on June 26, 2018
I love historical romances, and this book is one of the best lesbian historical romances that I have read. I felt as if I were right beside the characters, feeling every emotion, and being tired for them after their hard work. This is a great read for those you like that Wagons West type of story.
on June 30, 2018
This book is set in the mid – 1800s. It’s about two women who choose to travel west so that they can live their lives together as spouses in a time when two women could not have that kind of relationship. They have been friends since childhood and became lovers as adults. The descriptions of the travels and the lands and all the encounters along the way were phenomenal. It made me feel like I was right there with them. They were an excellent team and you could feel the love and intensity of the relationship together. I haven’t read many historical romances before. I also have never read any of this author’s books before. I did not want this book to end and can’t wait to read the sequel!
on July 1, 2018
I received a copy from the author for an honest review. I loved this book so much. It’s historical fiction at it’s best . The women are so real and their love so real and honest and so much like my family’s love story. My great grandmother and her wife had 48 years of an epic love story that reminds me of this book. The historical details are so accurate and the supporting characters add so much as well. I will be rereading this book often and giving it as gift as well.
on July 4, 2018
I lived the rich scenery and attention to details of travels, trials, and tribulations of this cast. I loved the children and animals and possibilities of a family I hope to read more of SOON.
on July 5, 2018

Before I begin this review in earnest, let me just say that I absolutely hated the cover art. The wagon train in the background does tie in with the story, but the sensationalized exploited looking woman in the foreground does not. Had I not read other books by the author that I enjoyed, I would not have given this one a try.

Now on to the story. This book is a bit like those by Laura Ingalls Wilder, with a lesbian twist. I found myself fascinating by the details of just how much preparation would have been needed prior to heading off on the Oregon Trail, the difficulties during the journey, and the added challenges Molly and Erin had with their brood. The author does a great job of setting the scene and creating characters, both human and animal, that the reader cares for. I am looking forward to reading the sequel, Pioneering.

on July 8, 2018
Can’t believe I’ve I got to wait until August to see what happens next, lol. Erin and Molly along with the kids are great character’s. This is a well written story and I have to say I just loved the early history and I have no problem recommending this book. Keep up the excellent writing.
on July 8, 2018
I enjoyed reading this book and I would highly recommend it. I do not normally read historical fiction, but since I really liked some of this author’s other books, I gave this one a try and was glad that I did. She did a great job placing readers into the 1800’s setting. This story does not have a lot of romantic tension but there is a very strong love story between the two main characters. This is not a standard plot, but this author’s books often have a less conventional story line, which is great if you want something a little different. I loved the way the author developed the characters and made the reader feel like they were back in time with them.
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