Book Passport

So I had this idea. I made the initial mock-up and then passed it around to a few friends, getting their feedback, input, and ideas. It mushroomed from there because I have a tendency to overdo. That’s okay, because then you, my readers, benefit.

Introducing the Book Passport!

It’s a great way in which to write down your favorite books, where you went with them, and notes about them. Keeping track of where in the world you’ve been by some of your favorite authors is fun!

The project came about when I saw a meme that many people responded to. I thought, why not have a book ‘passport’ that would help you remember all these key things. It wouldn’t have to be that big, it’s the same size as most paperbacks, much thinner, and you could ‘collect’ these passports in different colors as you fill them up. I can even ‘personalize’ ones ordered directly from me with a ‘stamp’ or two as well as my autograph. You could collect autographs from your favorite authors and they can see how much their book(s) meant to you and why.

Now, I only made ‘one’ color for the Lesfic and Sapphic ones, but, if you email me, I would be happy to add the other colors that you need. It just sucks that Amazon is taking a week on publishing them once I’ve hit the publish button! So, patience is a virtue on that score ~ AND you ALL know once I’ve hit publish, I’m not THAT patient!

While I was at it, I thought about the rest of the population and came up with some others…

What do you think? Should I come out with ones that read: Gay Fiction Book Passport too?

In the meantime, here is the description on Amazon:

Where do you want to go today?
Take a moment to write down a favorite book and where you went with it.
Room for 100 books that you have read and want to write notes on.


  • 20 pages of lists (100 total) to see your books & notes at a glance
  • Pages to write your reviews, notes, or thoughts about books
  • Beautiful paperback cover with faux leather-looking glossy design
  • Cover available in multiple colors
  • Travel size – take it with you anywhere you go!
  • 6 inches x 9 inches

And here are ALL the links to those already published:


Blue with Black Silhouette:

Blue with Gold Silhouette:

Burgundy with Black Silhouette:

Burgundy with Gold Silhouette:

Black with Gold Silhouette:

Distressed Leather with Black Silhouette:

Distressed Leather with Gold Silhouette:

Green Leather with Black Silhouette:

Green Leather with Gold Silhouette:

Red Leather with Black Silhouette:

Red Leather with Gold Silhouette:

Purple Leather with Black Silhouette:

Purple Leather with Gold Silhouette:

Gold Leather with Black Silhouette:

Gold Leather with Gold Silhouette:


Blue with Black Silhouette:

Blue with Gold Silhouette:


Blue with Black Silhouette:

Blue with Gold Silhouette:


Blue with Black Silhouette:

Blue with Gold Silhouette:


Blue with Black Silhouette:

Blue with Gold Silhouette:


Blue with Black Silhouette:

Blue with Gold Silhouette:

Now, keep in mind these are ALL Paperbacks and it wouldn’t make sense to make them as e-books since you couldn’t write in them! I hope you find my idea just as clever as my friends did and enjoy using them.

Sobreviventes (Survivors, in Portuguese)

Para alguns, o mundo acabaria com o lançamento das bombas. Para outros, uns poucos selecionados, seria uma oportunidade de provar seu verdadeiro valor. Aqueles que aceitarão o desafio de viver em condições adversas são os sobreviventes.

Jodi foi uma das poucas. Ela sabia o que estava por vir. Percebeu os sinais e tinha amigos em lugares importantes com informações privilegiadas. Comprou uma cabana no meio do nada, reformou e avisou os amigos e familiares mais próximos sobre o momento certo de abandonar as grandes cidades, para se esconderem e se isolarem, tudo em nome da segurança de sua família.

Krista era sua parceira, melhor amiga e esposa em uma época em que os estados não reconheciam o casamento homoafetivo. Krista aturou as paranoias da companheira, tentando manter uma união harmoniosa. Afinal, elas podiam bancar essas manias. Mal sabia ela que Jodi estava destinada a ser a salvadora de todos eles.

Descobrir que a situação era muito pior do que todos haviam imaginado não surpreendeu Jodi. Mas isso alteraria para sempre a visão de mundo de sua família e os transformaria em… SOBREVIVENTES!

Religious Experience, a novella

Marissa and Reanne, after years of invitro fertilization are finally having the baby they so desperately sought.  There is a surprise though, there isn’t just one, there are three.  The mothers-to-be happily look forward to telling their families about the impending births.  Unfortunately, Marissa’s mother and father vehemently refuse to accept these extra children.  They believe that multiple offspring are the work of the devil and they will do anything to rid their misguided daughter and her wife of these unwanted offspring.

This is based on a true story.

Yeah, you read that right! I FINALLY have all this time have a new book out! I won’t let covid take me down and beat me. I persevered and managed to get a book out, just in time for Halloween! I hope you all enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to leave a review. Thank you to all my friends and fans, I appreciate your patience.

Covid 19

In January 2020 I went on a weekend away with my then girl-friend.  This was just as Covid19 was making the news.  We had a wonderful time together, as we always did.  There were a few glitches in getting her to WisconSIN, but when they delayed her plane for the second or third time, I’m like, I’m coming to get you.  I’d driven down from the Northwoods that morning, was in Milwaukee by the time her plane was to arrive, but there were delays in Chicago.  She was stuck and I had nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs so Chicago is a 90-minute drive, why not go get her?  (Sidenote, I made it in under 90-minutes). 

As I stated, we always had wonderful weekends together staying at the Pfister in Milwaukee.  It’s a wonderful historical piece and I’ll always be grateful that the Marcus family (think Marcus theaters) bought it and refurbished it to its former glory.  We loved staying there.

That weekend though, the girlfriend ended up with a cold.  It was that time of year and understandable since traveling, even wearing a mask, doesn’t mean you won’t get the requisite cold and ague.  She was so apologetic, but it wasn’t her fault.  We still had a lovely time together and I’ll remember it fondly.

Later that week, after she had left to go back home, I started to develop a cold.  I didn’t think much of it, again, the time of year, and she had been sick, so I was getting her cold, right?  Well, 6-8 weeks later, it wasn’t just a cold.  I had hot-flashes, night-sweats, sleeplessness, then too much sleep, naps, aches and pains, and all sorts of lovely side-effects.  I called my doctor at week five but according to her, I couldn’t possibly have Covid because it wasn’t in Milwaukee at that time.  Um, yeah, right.  I asked to be tested, they refused.

Well, once I got over my ‘cold’ I realized a few things.  I couldn’t sleep at night and then I was falling asleep all the time, unable to wake up.  I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t write as a result, and couldn’t function as I used to.  Whatever that ‘cold’ was, it wiped me out, and I do mean wiped, me, out.  It was horrible.  Trying to get out books for my authors, do the accounting, even trying to do the Lesfic Bard Awards, was TERRIBLE!  I simply couldn’t function, couldn’t concentrate, oh look, squirrel. 

I had been doing audio books, getting them out, but those I could pause and take a nap and come back to.  The mental agility needed for those wasn’t the same as writing a book.  I did manage to squeak out two novellas, but that was all.  Almost nothing since.

I finally decided to go see another doctor.  But, after 7-8 months, guess what, there are no anti-bodies in my blood to show if I had Covid or not.  However, in my opinion, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and the after effects are just as ducky, it’s a duck.  The after-effects are almost always exactly what people have described.  The long-term effects at least.

It’s been a horrible year and a half; the depression was mind-numbing (what mind I still had).  The people who should know either didn’t understand, or refused to understand.  My friends and colleagues, for the most part have been understanding, and let me tell my story.  That’s another thing, I’ve always tended to repeat myself (the results of having raised children who didn’t always listen) but now, I can’t remember if I told people the same thing, over and over again.

So, I decided to self-medicate, because the professionals don’t believe me or aren’t listening to my complaints, and I need, desperately need, to write all these stories that have come to me.  Sure, I’ve gotten in a paragraph here and there, written down ideas, but stories, nope.  The mental faculties to sit down and write, obsessively like I have in the past, nope, that’s all gone.  I did have one day in spring 2021 that made me feel like I was back to normal, writing like I used to, but one day after a year of nothing?  That isn’t a good percentage.  So, I tried some things.  I even, when I went for an interview, stopped in the next state to pick up some legalized CBD and THC in things to try.  It didn’t work, I had some fun, but having never tried it before (where it worked), don’t know if that is normal.  Then, a fellow author and friend suggested something that I researched and tried, it helped, I can tell, and I was able to write.  Now, my doctor is saying, don’t take that, it interferes with your thyroid medication, sigh.  So, I’m off to experiment some more.

Meanwhile, I’m here to announce that I do have a book done and I hope to get it out soon, if I don’t go crazy from the after-effects of Covid.  Your understanding is appreciated.


As many of you may know, Instagram is owned by Facebook. Since my FB account was deleted by them before Xmas, they also deleted my Instagram account. Since then, I’ve learned a few things.

A week or so before FB deleted my account, my Instagram account was hacked. Since I don’t use it often, I didn’t find that out right away. I’m thinking this ultimately led to FB’s deletion of my account along with the other infractions they felt I had been doing.

There is a K’Anne Meinel Instagram account out there pretending to me…I don’t think it is my original one. Unless FB didn’t delete it and is simply not letting me access it? I don’t know, I can’t see it. Frustrating and a bit of catch-22?

Two of my Google mail accounts were hacked. Fortunately Gmail was not compromised, but I did have to change passwords. The report stated there were attempted logins from Russia. I haven’t left the Northwoods in quite some time and I’m pretty sure I have never been to Russia. Nyet!

I’m not wallowing in self-pity here, some of this I did deserve, after all I posted too much (according to FB). I apparently am an influencer (as if I have any power of any kind there), and I’m a socially prominent lesbian (yeah, right). Let’s face it, we all know FB is homophobic. The frat guys that started it are still in power, still living that mentality, and homophobic. Also, when the Asian farms they contracted with to run FB when the Earth is turned and in their hemisphere (and America is asleep), it’s actually illegal in some of those countries to be a homosexual. So then, they put their social mores, some of their country rules and regulations on the rest of us. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, thought I’d let you all know what’s going on now…sigh.

Facebook has suspended my ‘new’ account

As many of you know my K’Anne Meinel account on Facebook was deleted right before xmas. If you didn’t see the blog, the link is here.

I don’t know if this is a new thing with them as no one else I know is going through this, but on the ‘new’ account, which I’d had as a back up for years (Benefits Youknowit), but now they are requesting/requiring my identification. No problem, I sent them my passport which didn’t go in their darn bad programming. As a former programmer the errors I see on FB are frustrating to no end. Someone isn’t following through when they redo their site and as a result, there are a lot of errors. One of them occurred when I went to put in my passport, uploading it so they could straighten out my identification. After repeated attempts for days, it was a no-go. I finally found a back-door (as a former programmer, there is ALWAYS a back door) and was able to upload the passport. Finally, it uploaded and I had a foot in the door, or so I thought. They rejected it.

Then, I uploaded my driver’s license, a couple of times actually because they had trouble with the photograph or something (again, another programming error?). Things seemed to be going well, I started adding friends and fans that I could remember and a lot of new ones who had friends in common. Let’s face it, with over 5000 friends and an equal number of followers, I couldn’t remember all the names. Some sounded familiar, and I befriended them, others I recognized.

Then, the other day I updated my profile with real information. Just so everyone knows, I don’t REALLY live in Timbuktu, Mali. That’s a joke folks and if you haven’t realized I have sense of humor, well, that’s sad. I also added an avatar of mine that I had made up before the craze started on FB. Well, that seemed to trigger them and they REQUIRED, not REQUESTED my identification, AGAIN. In the meantime, my KAnne Meinel (notice there is no apostrophe) account has been suspended. Sigh.

I don’t know if this is the work of ‘just’ FB. I have stepped on some toes over the years and if you are still butt-hurt about that, I am sorry…not because I did it, but because you haven’t gotten over it and are being vindictive. I made mistakes, I’m human.

However, this has also taken away from my communication with a lot of really cool people that I ENJOY talking to from time to time. I’m a social animal, from the safety of my quiet little home in the Northwoods. This gives me an outlet from working all the time. Yes, I do have Twitter as well, but I’m more familiar with FB and enjoy the people I have met through there. If you haven’t already, please LIKE and FOLLOW my author page, you can even inbox me there to chat.

This is not a ploy to get more ‘likes’ or attention. This is simply me keeping people in the loop so they know why I disappear from time to time. It isn’t me, really. I don’t do things like that for attention. I’m not attention seeking except when I come out with a new book or have news to share of importance from my publishing company, the awards companies, or those who have taken a genuine interest in me. Fortunately, FB doesn’t have a say about my blog here and can’t shut THAT down (I hope).

I’m still here, I’m still queer (lesbian actually), and I’m not going to sit down and take this quietly.

Follow me and keep in the loop.

~K’Anne (with the apostrophe) Meinel

A Doutora (Doctored in Portuguese)

Uma brilhante criança prodígio, sonha em se tornar médica e cirurgiã… e cumpre seus objetivos. Infelizmente, sua juventude e rosto redondo e infantil são desvantagens. Não importa o quão qualificada se torne, o quão bem informada, a hierarquia médica dominada por homens e padrões antiquados quer mantê-la em “seu lugar”.

Deanna trabalhou duro para se tornar uma especialista na área escolhida, mas poucos acreditam que essa “criança” seja capaz. Especializada em doenças infecciosas, viaja pelo mundo – dos Estados Unidos à Europa e América do Sul – aprimorando suas habilidades antes de chegar a África, onde suas habilidades são desesperadamente necessárias.

Conhecendo uma enfermeira chamada Madison MacGregor, ela descobre que compartilham uma curiosidade insaciável e um amor por ajudar os outros, mas se apaixonar não era o que ela pretendia. Mais tarde, quando perde Maddie por causa de um mal-entendido, ela é assombrada por seu antigo amor…

Dez anos se passaram e a médica e a enfermeira seguiram em frente com suas vidas, mas o destino intervém quando se veem trabalhando no mesmo hospital. A amizade delas é revivida… pode o amor ser reavivado? O passado as assombrará ou as aproximará? Os segredos que ambas guardam as impedirão de conseguir um futuro juntas?

As always, if you can’t find it here, check out my website at

Small Town Angel ~ Audiobook

Small Town Angel

Small towns are notorious for secrets … but what if you bring your secrets with you?

Amy Adams arrives in Northpoint, Wisconsin on a Greyhound bus.  Small towns are well known for not taking to strangers, but THIS stranger decides to stay.

Amy has a look around and to her, it ‘feels’ like home. She rents a cabin in the woods outside of town and proceeds to look for a place to open a store.  Renting to own from one of the locals, she soon finds herself making friends and making waves.  She won’t discuss where she is from and has nothing to say about her past.

People are extremely curious. This Southern Belle has them talking.

Abby Shipman, the Chief of Police in this neck of the woods, is intrigued by the decidedly mysterious and straight redheaded whirlwind that has blown into town. It’s strange that she won’t talk about her past, and she is certainly uncomfortable around Abby … or is it cops in general?

Audible Rainbow Buy at Amazon Rainbow

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Shanghaied ~ Audiobook


Melissa Lawrence’s life had been planned out for her.  As a wife in the upper echelon of New York society, she was expected to take her place among some of the wealthiest people in America.  A society that judges you on your looks will ignore certain things because of the money your family possesses, which you will eventually inherit; however, certain peccadillos will never be acceptable, and as Melissa becomes Mel and begins to realize her potential, life sends her on a journey she never could have anticipated.

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I want to thank the wonderful voice of Rachel Quinn Haines who brought this incredible novella to life.  Fortunately, she has agreed to do several of the Women Down Under Series!