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Recently I received a couple of letters via email about my books.  It’s fun to hear from readers, at least, for me it is.  It’s also important.  I don’t know about other writers but I go through ups and downs about my writing.  I keep telling myself I’m writing for me so that I don’t write because I think it will be a best-seller and the readers will all buy it…nope, can’t do that or you wouldn’t write your true self.  I do write because I enjoy it, the stories are clamoring to be written, and, I’m rather over-zealous…in case you all hadn’t noticed…I’m fairly prolific.

Recently I consulted a PR Agent and his suggestion was, release less and make them anticipate what you are going to release more…um, how do I do that when I’m trying to get the stories out there?  I mean, really, do you, the readers WANT to wait?  Maybe the ‘experts’ are right (write? ha, ha) and I should release less because people are probably sick of seeing me advertising books all the time, but, then there are those who are waiting on things:

Alice, my serial-killer series in the Malice stories has been waiting to make further appearances in Book #23 for a year.  How can I deny her and her demons?

Pirated #3, tentatively named Pirated Life has also been waiting over a year, do you all want to find out what happens with their story?

Recently I released a prequel to my Vetted story in Cavalcade and eagerly anticipate the sequel to Cavalcade since I couldn’t fit it all into one novel.  I mean, really, would you pay for a 500 page book nowadays?  I think that would be off putting to some.  Fortunately, I wrote them both this spring and my editor is finishing up the second one, Pioneered, due out in August…YAY!  And, just for kicks, I finished up Vetted Further, the sequel to Vetted, because there was so much more story there.

So, for this author, I do WANT to hear from you.  If you loved, hated, or just enjoyed the stories, please let an author know…because, without the fans, the readers, the followers, we are JUST writing for ourselves and while that’s fun, we also need the feedback.  Thank you in advance and you’re welcome to the stories!



Fact vs Fiction

The definition of Fiction, as per Google search is:


So this means, you sometimes have to suspend disbelief to read a story…it’s called fiction for a reason, because the author, made up this story, it came from their imagination.  If it were fact, it would be a biography (even then, read it with a grain of salt), an auto-biography, or they would clearly state it was non-fiction.

The Northwood Lodge

My book The Northwood Lodge  (yes, I know it should be Northwoods, but I didn’t name it, my grandparents did) is the only piece of literature that I have written that is non-fiction…this means, it’s not made up.

My other works are clearly made up…or as they call it in layman’s terms, fiction.  I find it amusing when someone states they are upset because I made up a town, a place, or hey, the people aren’t real…um, hello?  Again, it’s called fiction for a reason.

Seriously, if they were fact, my erotica alone would make me the biggest s&*t there is and I am clearly not that.  At the time I wrote it, it is what I felt like writing and that’s what we authors do, we write what we feel like, make it up as it goes, sometimes some of us outline it and plan it out, but ultimately, it’s from our imaginations.

As a child, I had an active imagination.  I grew up without anyone around because we lived far out in the country.  My nearest neighbor was about a half a mile or so away.  My siblings were older and didn’t want to play with their little sister.  So I escaped to books and my imagination.  I have to tell you, that imagination never went away.  I can still clearly see the wild Indians, the Little House on the Prairie, and such things.  I think that is why I decided to write a prequel to my book Vetted while I’m also writing Vetted Further, the sequel to these amazing people.

Keep in mind, these books are not based on any REAL people, but real characters in my head.  They are also works in progress and subject to change (including the covers, see the watermarks still?)…but, it’s a nice western series for those who loved Vetted and it’s wonderful characters.


It was odd doing the research for Cavalcade and Pioneering, realizing that that this was 170 years ago!  Holy moly!  However, I hope when you read it, you will realize the beginning of this amazing pioneer family down through the years with Cavalcade and with it’s sequel Pioneering, how the family settled in 1800’s Oregon on the very same ranch that I featured in Vetted and Vetted Further.  I loved doing the research to include real, non-fiction facts in with my fiction works as well as including tidbits for the future stories.  Using real historical facts, makes it seem real, but again, it’s fiction.

Keep in mind, fiction means I made it up, non-fiction means I didn’t…


I love Amazon, but…

1 Amazon.jpgI love looking through amazon, finding books, movies, and just stuff.  They are my go-to vendor of choice…however…

As an author, I must protest at their arbitrary censoring of material (lesbian fiction) and erotica.  If someone doesn’t want to read what I write, then scroll on by…my feelings won’t be hurt.  For Amazon to censor it though, that really annoys the heck outta me.

Then, there is the percentage game they play.  I took this from another’s post, it is not mine, and I’d give credit if I could remember who it was who originally posted it:

A bit of information that may, or may not, be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered about royalties earned by authors.

I noticed on a sales report that some of my books sold on amazon.com only earned 35% royalties (I get $1.75 a sale, amazon keeps $3.25) yet others I receive 70% (same region, same book, same price, sold on the same day)

I made an inquiry as to why and it turns out, an author is only entitled to 70% royalties if the buyer is in the US. So if a buyer, like myself for instance, subscribes to amazon.com but lives in NZ, the author is only entitled to 35% of the sale, amazon keeps the rest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, Amazon, arguably the LARGEST retailer of books in the world keeps taking, and taking, and taking.  It’s a few cents here and there, but when you multiply that by the millions of authors out there, it adds up.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate that Amazon makes it easy for me to publish a book and get it out there, but they are making it difficult to be seen if you write any erotica, if you are a lesbian (a lot of lesbian literature is put under gay literature…um, I don’t play with the guys, I want a SEPARARATION of that patriarchal idea), or if they arbitrarily feel like it they will recategorize your books, or so it seems.

I don’t want to say they are homophobic, I fully believe Facebook has that market cornered, but I have to say they are taking pennies they don’t deserve and finding ways to take more.

createspace-logo.jpgThey bought Create Space a few years ago.  That is a platform by which authors can publish paperbacks on demand, so they don’t have to keep an inventory.  Great concept right?  Create Space even had its own ‘store’ to sell your books direct, the author made more money through their store.  Now Amazon has eliminated that store because they don’t want to pay out the money and apparently it competed with their main site?

downloadAmazon also owns Audible or ACX where an author can get their book produced as an audiobook.  I don’t know a lot about them, but I’m betting there are some similar things in the works for their platform.

Goodreads.jpgAmazon now owns Good Reads, a place you used to be able to get a fair review for your books.  However, if you don’t get a fair review, say someone is targeting you, bad mouthing your books, a lot of the time they won’t take down the review.  Now that Amazon owns it, how long until they ‘think’ it is competing with their own review process and starts eliminating services that Good Reads now offers?

There are a host of things Amazon owns related to the publishing field, I don’t object because as an independent author, I utilize such things, but…they are too big to fight, they are the big ‘bully’ on the block in some things, and they are nickel and diming us authors to death….

My suggestion to you all, buy publisher or author direct when and if it is available.  This eliminates that ‘3rd party’ that is Amazon.  In my case I do have them offered so you can buy direct from me.

Rainbow Feather www.kannemeinel.jpg





Porn vs Erotica

Do you know the difference?


Furthermore, porn is usually visual where as erotica is the written word and plays with your mind.  A mind seeking such sexual stimulation will always make it more than is actually there.

I’ve written erotica, quite a bit of it, in my early years of writing.  It was well received.  As you can see by the shorts I’ve been re-releasing recently, there are quite a few to titillate the senses.

I find it amusing that several of my distributors, in particular: Scribd, Playster, and Overdrive find it necessary to block such books from their sites.

6 Scribd8 Playsteroverdrive2015

Others, have distorted the pictures so you can’t ‘see’ the pictures, in their minds ‘porn’ from the covers.

Yeah, I can see how blurring the covers keeps your eyes from burning out of your heads.

Can’t they take the covers on a case by case basis?

I mean, I understand that they rejected this one:

Quickie ~In an Elevator, GOING DOWN ~  Quickie ~In an Elevator, GOING DOWN ~

but they wouldn’t accept my ‘fix’ either so I had to make a blank cover with just the words.

Quickie in an Elevator Background Censored

Even that they didn’t look at for a while, insisting it would be rejected.  I finally insisted they look at the blank cover!  That is what went up on the sites that would accept erotica.

I guess I just don’t understand why they can’t age restrict some sections of their sites to over a certain age group.  If I am an adult and I wish to read erotica or look at porn, that’s my decision.  Keep the eyes of those with certain sensibilities away from the more lascivious things if they so desire…but rejecting them out-right is kind of offensive.

Recently I heard on Facebook that Amazon was changing how erotica is listed, making it harder to find.  Another way to screw over authors was my thought.  Here is one sure way to avoid Amazon’s dictatorial procedures…buy it DIRECTLY from MY website where ALL of my books are available for download.  It doesn’t matter what tablet your have, or if you want to read it on your phone or computer, I have PDF’s, Mobi, and e-Pub all available for you to buy direct…that will show them.  Also, as an added benefit, those authors and publishers that you buy direct from their websites, earn MORE money since they don’t have to give up their percentage to this third party.

So, if you got some books you’d like to check out, even erotica, feel free to buy them DIRECT from MY website.  I won’t tell anyone, I promise.

Women and Words ~ Interviews

Hello! A few weeks back we had a wonderful time interviewing the authors of Dirt Road Books. For those who don’t know, it’s a group of authors who with their combined (about 150 years) experience in writing, editing, and other business pursuits banded together to make their own publishing house. It was wonderful that despite […]

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Computer withdrawals

I picked up a nasty malware virus.  I’m not sure where, but you know, it’s after the software expired on the ole computer…murphy’s law is somewhere in that formula.  Murphy's LawMaybe the software company actually sends something like that out so that you never go without their software?  I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but the timing was suspicious.

Anyway, I tried, unsuccessfully to fix it myself…repeatedly.  Whatever it was, it was smart, it was ‘watching,’ and it was ‘learning.’  I first noticed it wouldn’t let me on Internet Explorer.  Then it started reading my programming, this I could see by the black rectangle box that would appear occasionally on my screen, showing me the language underneath Windows and my other screens.  As someone who studied to be a programmer (30 years ago, don’t get excited, it’s all obsolete), I know what this looks like.  The malware was slowly shutting down my access to things, trying to get passwords, and isolating me.  When I realized it and tried to eradicate it, it wouldn’t let me access those programs, smart bugger.  It wouldn’t let me hook up my external drive, and I’d last backed up EVERYTHING two days prior, so I used a thumb drive, that filled up.  I was panicking.  Then, I started using another thumb drive I own, thank you Lexar!  It took everything I sent it and backed it up, but it all took time.  I was up until like 4am, just backing stuff up, a little at a time as it was so slow…and, I think the malware was trying to keep me from doing exactly what I was doing.

So, I took it to the computer shop in town.  They said they had one slot open that day and I got it!  Hurray, I thought, I have so much work to do!…um, nooo.  They couldn’t get to it that day, had no one on the weekend to work with it, and said they’d finish it on Monday…I’d have it Monday night.   Um, nooo…again and again they let me down.  Now, I’m not the most patient person but if you can’t tell me honestly, explain it to me logically, I’m gonna get pissed off, and did.  There was absolutely nothing I could do.  And, not having my computer, I couldn’t go on line, do any work, or even entertain myself with movies, Facebook, or a host of other things I do.  Then, my girlfriend reminded me I still had my old, broken, laptop.

Now, don’t judge it too harshly, that thing lasted five years under my hard work.  It took forever to fire the sucker up though, talk about slower than molasses.  And for some reason, the N key wouldn’t work.  20180311_210137.jpgAs you can see, I tried to fix said N key and made it worse.  Then I got the wonderful idea to wipe the computer to factory resetting’s.  I kept getting these delightful messages all weekend long as I attempted to use it, it would automatically shut down, and I tried to keep my temper.

To say I was limping along was modest.  The fan on the old laptop didn’t work, I kept my cooling pan on and under the old thing…and it’s called a cooling pad for a reason.  I had to keep a blanket on my lap it was so efficient.  The keyboard didn’t work well, so I hooked up an ergonomic keyboard I own that I am totally unfamiliar with.  20180311_210127.jpgThat definitely has a learning curve.

As you can see by the keys on my old laptop, I type, hard, and you can even see my nail prints imbedded in the keys.  Although, I have to admit, it wasn’t as hard as my desktop that I had in my warehouse when I first started writing.  20180313_182056Keep in mind, I was a screen printer, it was in a warehouse, and despite washing my hands all the time, paint, soy, and a host of other things got on the keys.  The reason the middles are completely gone out of some of this keyboard, is that the soy and the oils on my fingers ate them (no, this is not like my dog ate my homework, I swear).

So, I was left this weekend with my jury rigged (I used to think it was Jerry-rigged, and who the heck is Jerry?).  This is stretched out, on my lap, and that damn mouse pad far away.20180310_121901I did manage to get the office program working, when it wasn’t shutting down for some imaginary update.  I only got about twenty pages written, and I know it should have been forty…sigh.  Oh well, I’ll make up for it eventually.  The hardest part really was reaching for my ergonomic mouse.  I used one in the warehouse because of all the artwork that a printer makes, uses, and plays with.  Then, when I got my first laptop, I got a wireless one.  That is the one you saw above, but the mouse, that was the first thing that died when I fired up that old laptop.  Using the one on the actual laptops I genuinely hate!  x.JPGAh, thank you logitech for my beautiful, and comforting, and heavily relied on mouse.

I have to admit, I can go a day or so without a computer no problem.  But, that being said, I was kind of frantic knowing I didn’t have a computer to go and do the work that was piling up.  Thank goodness I kept the old one, even if it didn’t work well, it worked.  I got some things accomplished and could let others know why I was behind.  I even got my Facebook fix in now and then, as you can see, I even played a word game.

It was pointed out to me, I might want to consider shopping for a new computer every two years instead of every five…sigh.

Happy computing folks!  Watch for my new release in a few weeks!  They even managed, despite a nuclear holocaust, to keep their computer going…wait to read how!



I’ve been downsizing for a while, throwing out a few things here and there, donating them, boxing up some things…I’m planning on a move, a big one, eventually…

The thing about downsizing is I don’t like to get rid of things, I really don’t.  Unless they are totally and absolutely useless, broken, or out of date, I don’t want to!  However, then, the practicality of it all comes into play.  Despite the desire to save everything, I will not hoard (except books, I’ll make an exception there).  My parents were both hoarders, I know at least one of my brothers is, I refuse to be.  I do have collections, but even those I par down occasionally.

Well, I came across something that I know I will have to part with, my collection of tapes.  There are very few radios, car or boom boxes (okay, I dated myself on that one), that will even play these anymore.  I’m going to miss my collection though.  Some of these aren’t even available on CD (I know, I’m dating myself on that one too).  I do like owning my own music and those that claim having an account and downloading the latest music is better, are fooling themselves.  You don’t own it unless you own the tape or cd, you are basically borrowing it for life, or until that company goes under, you break your device, and have to figure out where the music is or how to download it again, if you can.  I prefer to have it in hand, on my computer, download it to my phone from my computer, or such.  Unfortunately, the tapes quality aren’t nearly as nice as a clear CD.

Don’t judge by the music, this collection is from the 1980’s!  Sadly, I’m such a nerd, they were even put into alphabetical order…sigh.  Time to move on though, and up!

What do you collect?  Besides books, I collect movies, glass/crystal, and a few things I won’t list here, lol

Collect my books, you may enjoy yourself!