Ships ~ 2nd edition

Okay, before you discard this blog as ‘oh, just another 2nd edition’ let me tell you this is the LAST one!  We finally got through my tremendous backlog of books, had them tweaked, edited, and even new covers made for many.  This was my first published book, my first published anything actually.

I wrote SHIPS in 2003 over the course of two weeks.  A story had come to me so strong that I felt it was like an exorcism to get it out of my brain and onto the computer.  I thought about the plot, the story line, while I worked.  Fortunately, I was self-employed running an international company and could multi-task like that.  I didn’t know if I was a lesbian, but a story about lesbians is what came to me and the result was SHIPS.  Something told me, either finish it ASAP or you will NEVER finish it…I met my first girlfriend after a week of writing….

SHIPS was tweaked many times before I got up the courage to actually publish it in 2011.  I didn’t have editors then and did the ‘best’ I could at the time.  Still, it’s a strong story and now that it has been edited, even makes me more nostalgic for the familiar story.

If this is your first read of this story, I hope you enjoy it.  If you’ve read it before, it’s now not really different, but definitely better.

Ships Front CoverHave you ever met a person that you just were in sync with?  You knew immediately that they were someone special for you?  Would you know how lucky you were?  Would you know they were the one?

What do you do when you fall in love with a woman, when you thought you were straight?  Dealing with this unusual relationship brings a lot of “firsts” to Joan’s life.

Joan is a world-renowned artist who has always identified as straight, has three children, and is content with her life when she meets Grace, a respected psychiatrist who also happens to be a lesbian.  Joan is conflicted and has to deal with her feelings, the incredible woman she finds herself in love with, and the relationship that occurs over the next twenty-years.

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Long Distance Romance ~ 2nd edition

Long Distance Romance Front Cover

If you suddenly and unexpectedly fell in love, wouldn’t you want to spend every possible moment with your new love?  Wouldn’t you want to spend time holding hands, touching, sharing emotions, and learning everything possible about each other and your new relationship?

What if your new love lived on the other side of the globe?  What if you had to deal with different geographic locations and time zones?  And what if every time you solved one minor problem another seemed to pop up?  Could you survive a long-distance relationship?

Eliza lives in Wisconsin, in the midwestern United States.  She is an independent businesswoman, who has finally achieved her career dreams and is determined to find the perfect woman for her.  Can she have it all?

Krystal lives in Austria.  She is rich, cultured, and bored.  She feels she has seen and done everything and life no longer holds any surprises.  One day, on a side trip during an excursion to the United States, Krystal walks into Eliza’s store and is swept off her feet and onto her backside by the feelings this woman provokes. 

Distance is no problem for a woman who owns a jet, but what of the women’s work and home responsibilities?  Both have fallen deeply in love and are fascinated, intrigued, and challenged by the other.  Will their dreams and their love be enough to keep them together?

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Germanic ~ 3rd edition, new cover

Germanic was the third or fourth book I wrote and it’s taken a long time for me to get this third edition out because I procrastinated a long time.  One of the many reasons for the procrastination was due to the fact that a section of it was personal, very personal.  As many of my fans/followers know I had lymphoma.  I used my actual lymphoma treatment in this book and simply didn’t want to deal with reading about it again.  I’m fine now, but at the time, it was very traumatic and re-reading it wasn’t high on my list of things I wanted to do.  Well, it’s been done, and redone, and even the German in it has been tweaked, so enjoy this new edition that we’ve worked hard on.

I also decided to go back to the original cover I had for this book, sort of, with a twist.  I am proud of the fact that I’m of German descent and this cover reflects that as well as the nature of this book where it takes place.


How do you cope with a life you are bored with?  You make a new one, right?  Be careful what you wish for because you might get a whole lot more than you bargained for….

When you’re bored with your current life, take a trip; that always changes things, right?  What Analisa Meunier didn’t realize is that every decision you make in your life can change everything.  A new life, a new country, a new family, a new threat to all of that…will she survive?  Will they?

Baroness Lydia Von Horn has never met an American like Analisa Meunier.  Hiding her own identity leads to problems in their initial relationship, but making a family, a life, and surviving with both intact is the real challenge.

From Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to Hammerbruke, Germany; from Cambria, California, to Munich, Germany, their lives and trials and tribulations take them around the world.

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Out at the Inn ~ 2nd edition and NEW cover!


Along the majestic shoreline of the central coast of California lies a secret.  Leah Van Heusen has discovered an ancient house amongst some overgrown foliage.  The house is amazing and eerie.  Most women wouldn’t have taken a step inside, but Leah is intrigued and feels drawn to the old mansion.

After seeking out the owner and purchasing the entire estate for a single dollar, Leah wonders if she has taken on more than she bargained for.  As she begins the restoration, she learns who her real friends and real family really are.  What’s a few ghosts between friends?

Between repairs, upgrades, and the old house’s secrets, Leah has her hands full.  When she finds a hidden staircase, Leah realizes that coming to grips with her sexuality and dating are now the least of her worries.  Then, just as her beloved dream of running an inn is about to become a reality, she suddenly finds it is in jeopardy. 

Will Leah discover who is willing to kill for the inn and the immense fortune she has found in time to save her dream?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

August 31, 1997 is one of those days that a lot of people know EXACTLY where they were.  It was the day that Princess Diana died.  I remember that day vividly.  I was in San Luis Obispo County, California, shopping for a second home.  We were contemplating a move from our home in Huntington Beach and possibly selling the townhome we owned.  My boys and I were staying in a hotel in Atascadero when we heard the news.  I called my mother immediately as I knew she was an avid royal-watcher.  We were both devastated.

I’m sure news like this, such as the Kennedy assassinations stay with people as days that are burned into your psyche for life.

In January of 1998 we moved my businesses up to Morro Bay and we moved to Los Osos, slowly.  I’d ‘commute’ the four hours between San Luis Obispo or SLO as it were called to Huntington Beach, every few days.  We had our standard black poodle Abner in those days and he was a good companion.  Sometimes, my boys would go with me, depending on if it were a weekend.  Each trip I took a trailer load of things from our house to the house we were renting as we hadn’t found one to buy, not yet (that would come later).

In the middle of this move my mother suffered three strokes.  I joked with her that she was just trying to get out of moving heavy boxes.  After rehab where she relearned to talk and walk, I took her to Los Osos.  That brisk, clear air not only helped her recover faster, but my son’s childhood asthma went away.

We lived in that area for three and a half years, with both homes (as I later bought a house up there too) and my boys and I explored the Central Coast.  We went up to Big Sur and climbed the cliffs on the coast, hiked in the mountains, and collected jade and moonstone along the beaches.  By then we had a Golden Retriever we named Sophie and the beaches were a great source of enjoyment for myself, the boys, and the dogs.  A place exactly like what takes place in my book OUT AT THE INN.  It’s where I got the idea for this story, those locations are so very distinctive.

It is with great pleasure that I announce a second edition of my book, newly edited, tweaked, and a few things polished.  I’m also thrilled to show you the new cover.  I hope, if you haven’t already read it, that you enjoy your first read-through, and if you have already bought a copy, hit me up, I’ll send you the updated copy (proof of purchase required).

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Lawyered 2nd edition


Discovering that you don’t have everything you thought you wanted is a surprise.  Getting a promotion, finding new friends, learning you are attracted to women….

Nia Toyomoto has worked hard all her life to prove she was the best; she graduated early from high school, college, and got the dream job in Manhattan.  Becoming a partner at the tender age of thirty, she thought she had it all until the law firm made demands about her personal appearance and a few other things that made her change her life for the promotion.  Then she realized having everything isn’t all that it is cracked up to be without someone to share it with….

A successful lawyer in the big city, choices have to be made; sacrifices and surprises await this beautiful and talented woman… Does she make the right ones though?

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Two years ago I released Sayyida with Kindleworlds.  Unfortunately Amazon decided that Kindleworlds wasn’t working (the premise was good, but they weren’t making enough money at it?) and canceled it.  Getting my rights back I am re-releasing it, with a few differences, including a paperback copy!  Please take a moment to check it out!

Sayyida, variously known as a pirate queen, Queen of the Western Seas, or Queen of Tétouan was a REAL and HISTORICAL figure, but not much is known of her.

Sayyida married young, just sixteen, at the insistence of her father.  Her first husband was thirty years older and a friend of her father’s.  Al-Mandri sensed his bride’s intelligence and taught her about his business affairs and diplomacy.  Together, the couple rebuilt Tétouan, which had been destroyed by the Reconquista, and when her husband died in 1515, she became the Governor or Queen of Tétouan in her own right. 

Later, Sayyida was pursued by the King of Fes, Ahmed al-Wattsi, and accepted his marriage proposal, but on her terms: he had to travel to her kingdom to marry her, not the other way around.

Sayyida’s love of the high seas and her appetite for battle and conquest often clash with her duties as wife, mother, and queen.  As hardworking as she is, Sayyida feels an emptiness in her life.  Will Aya, her new slave, silence this longing?  Join us as this fictional version of a real woman takes you into her world and captures your heart….

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Represented ~ 2nd edition

Represented 2018.jpg

Coming out is hard.  Coming out in the public eye is even harder.  People think they own a piece of you, your work, and your life, they feel they have the right to judge you.  You lose not only friends but fans and ultimately, possibly, your career…or your life.

Cassie Summers is a Southern Rock Star; she came out so that she could feel true to herself.  Her family including her band and those important to her support her but there are others that feel she betrayed them, they have revenge on their minds…

Karin Myers is a Rock Star in her own right; she is one of those new super promoters: Manager, go-to gal, agent, public relations expert, and hand-holder all in one.  Her name is synonymous with getting someone recognized, promoted, and making money.  She only handles particular clients though; she’s choosy…for some very specific reasons.

Meeting Cassie at a party there is a definite attraction.  She does not however wish to represent her despite her excellent reputation.  She fights it tooth and nail until she is contractually required to do so.  In nearly costs them more than either of them anticipated…their lives.

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The Claim ~ 2nd edition

The ClaimAnna Schmidt is too independent for a woman of the 1800s.  Worse yet she doesn’t have a man to curb her unwomanly tendencies.  When she takes a claim of one-hundred-sixty acres and then another one-hundred-sixty acres for a tree claim, has she taken on more than she can handle?  It’s work that could cripple a man; a woman alone can’t expect help or understanding when she takes on this one willingly.  Flooding, blizzards, heat, dust, and an incredible amount of physical labor are all set to do this determined woman in.  She takes it on and through the years succeeds despite the odds, despite not having a man to depend on, showing herself and the world that this woman not only can but will make a home, a farm, and a ranch on the wild prairies.  Follow along in her journal telling of her experiences. 

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Sapphic Cowboi ~ 2nd edition

Sapphic Cowboi Background 4.jpg

Maggie is living on a farm in the backwoods of Alabama raising her horses and trying to survive when she is approached by a man looking for a horse act, she and her horses go on the road with the circus meeting new people and having new experiences including meeting the beautiful Ariana.  What would a hick have in common with the sophisticated woman she meets?  Is it possible they have a future?

Ariana is everything a woman in depression era America would want to be, sophisticated, worldly, and beautiful.  What could she possibly see in the hard-working Maggie whose whole world revolves around her ‘babies’ the magical horses she has trained?

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To Love a Shooting Star ~ 2nd edition, new cover

To Love A Shooting Star

Erin Ingram is an enormously successful Hollywood star.  She has starred in, directed, and produced many films over her long career, starting as a child.  She has even won several Academy Awards.  She is also a closeted lesbian.  Will announcing to the world that she is in love with a woman destroy her long and successful career?  Is the world ready to let the ‘girl next door’ come out of the closet?

Meeting Erin Ingram was a delight and a surprise to author Kate McCall.  Better yet, there seemed to be an attraction.  Getting to know her she was thrilled at their relationship as it developed.  Her own career as a successful novelist made her more than equal for the talented Ms. Ingram.  Will announcing their relationship to the public destroy their love, their careers, or their blended families?

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This is one of my shorter novels, less known, but much beloved.  I wrote it at a time where I had an incredible crush on a Hollywood actress…much to my delight, I found out she was a lesbian…talk about writing for your dreams to come true.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  The book was written many years ago, but it’s been recently edited, tweaked, and of course, the new cover.  Enjoy!