Sapphic Cowboi ~ 2nd edition

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Maggie is living on a farm in the backwoods of Alabama raising her horses and trying to survive when she is approached by a man looking for a horse act, she and her horses go on the road with the circus meeting new people and having new experiences including meeting the beautiful Ariana.  What would a hick have in common with the sophisticated woman she meets?  Is it possible they have a future?

Ariana is everything a woman in depression era America would want to be, sophisticated, worldly, and beautiful.  What could she possibly see in the hard-working Maggie whose whole world revolves around her ‘babies’ the magical horses she has trained?

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Shoutout to fellow author May Dawney

616cYvOZt8L May and I have been ‘battling’ for place in the Dystopian genre (she’s been kicking my ass) so if you don’t read MY BOOK: Survivors, please check out hers: SURVIVAL INSTINCTS

Civilization ended long before Lynn Tanner was born. Wild animals roam the streets, but mankind is still the biggest threat to a woman alone in the ruins of a world reclaimed by nature. Lynn survives by sleeping with one eye open at all times and trusting no one but her dog.
When she is forced to go on a dangerous journey through the concrete jungle of New York City, Lynn does all she can to scheme her way to safety. Her guard, Dani Wilson, won’t be played that easily, however. As their lives become entwined, Lynn finds herself developing feelings for Dani and is forced to find the answer to the question that scares her most: is staying alone really the best way to survive?
Fast-paced and full of adventure, Survival Instincts introduces a post-war dystopian world where the only person you can rely on is yourself…unless you fall in love.

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When May was a child, her father read Asimov and Zelazny to her. As a teenager, she gravitated toward science fiction, (future) fantasy, dystopian, and occult stories, even though there was never a character she, as a queer woman, could fully identify with. May’s motivation to write comes from the desire to create stories where women turn to women once they stop the apocalypse—be it a global or a personal one. She wants to write the stories she wishes her father could have read to her as a child: riveting tales with a heroine who kicks ass and just so happens to be gay.


Timed Romance ~ 2nd edition, new cover

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Falling in love gives you no time or place; no reason or excuses.  It’s a deliberate act that can leave you breathless from ecstasy or pain.  There is no rhyme, no sense, no time.  There is no precedence, no priority.  It befuddles you.  In the right time and place, it can cause you to reach the highest highs or the lowest of lows.  Bad timing, though, for any romance can hurt you more than the love itself.

Reese has worked hard all her life to garner the satisfaction in the jobs and levels she has obtained.  Landing the position of estate manager for the Cavindish family of England is exciting.  A new country, a new challenge, and a new life.  She packs up her life in Connecticut, kisses her daughter goodbye and set’s off on what she is sure will be the adventure of a lifetime…in its own time.

Lady Cavindish is shy, retiring, and a bit out of her league when the attractive confident blonde Reese Paulson arrives on the scene to run their family estates for her brother, the lord of the manor.  Her admiration for Reese soon turns to hero worship, and at some point, to a love that neither expected.  Their love, however, isn’t what the Cavindish family name or properties need.  It is bad timing for everyone involved. 

The love she feels for Lady Cavindish is totally unexpected, and Reese soon realizes that her presence can only hinder the woman she has fallen for.  She makes the excruciating decision for them both to move on, without her. 

Finding a new love in Australia, though, proves that life has plans for us that we can only hope gives us what we need.  Can Reese move on from the woman she loves, or can she love the women she is with now?  How can she forget Veronica, her first love?

Fate, however, brings them together time and time again.  Can it time their romance so they can have their happily ever after or is it determined to rip their hearts raw time and time again?

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To Love a Shooting Star ~ 2nd edition, new cover

To Love A Shooting Star

Erin Ingram is an enormously successful Hollywood star.  She has starred in, directed, and produced many films over her long career, starting as a child.  She has even won several Academy Awards.  She is also a closeted lesbian.  Will announcing to the world that she is in love with a woman destroy her long and successful career?  Is the world ready to let the ‘girl next door’ come out of the closet?

Meeting Erin Ingram was a delight and a surprise to author Kate McCall.  Better yet, there seemed to be an attraction.  Getting to know her she was thrilled at their relationship as it developed.  Her own career as a successful novelist made her more than equal for the talented Ms. Ingram.  Will announcing their relationship to the public destroy their love, their careers, or their blended families?

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This is one of my shorter novels, less known, but much beloved.  I wrote it at a time where I had an incredible crush on a Hollywood actress…much to my delight, I found out she was a lesbian…talk about writing for your dreams to come true.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  The book was written many years ago, but it’s been recently edited, tweaked, and of course, the new cover.  Enjoy!