Book Signing 101

quill-pen_for_webThere are a lot of people out there who have NEVER been to a book signing.  I would like to direct you to this wonderful article that may help the fans of artists they enjoy:

Why am I directing you to this you ask?  Well, I’m kinda working on the possibility of doing a book tour this summer!  YAY!  And as I hadn’t done this before like this I thought we all might get a bit over zealous. 408469_466297396764557_1753012345_n It also gives me an opportunity to let my fans know what I am planning.  (Remember the best laid plans of mice and women…) But it’s in the early stage and I will let you know as I know more too!  Meanwhile, get your thinking caps on and let me know WHERE in the United States you might like me to visit.  Towns, Cities, Coffee Shops, Book stores, Bars…Hey I’m flexible and if they are willing to host a Lesbian fiction writer and I’m traveling in that area, this might be a beautiful thing!  Let me know!

1377168_593376180723224_2053831805_n 600110_262705953845014_1386555101_n Keep Calm and READ K'Anne Meinel



This is a NEW cover to an OLDer book.  Some people find the word ‘Erotica’ offensive.  I decided to release the book again under another cover.  So if you already have my book EROTICA

 Full size picture of EROTICA Cover

 then you have already read this book.  The same stories are contained inside!

SHORTS is available ONLY as a paperback! Click on the picture if you wish to order it…Thank you!