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All About Sarah Niles. The lesbian movie that’s in pre-production.

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All About Sarah Niles, is a romantic lesbian comedy drama. To give you an idea of the style of this movie, you could compare it as a cross betwen Bridgette Jones Diary (the comedy, naivety of the main character) and The L Word (the sexual raunchiness, chemistry and drama)

So what is this movie about?

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I wanted all my fans to be able to READ my books in e-book form and as most e-books ARE on Amazon (with a few notable exceptions) I wanted to make these links available to you so that you can read them on your PC or Android device. A lot of iphones, ipads, etc already come with the application so there aren’t ‘separate’ apps available from Amazon, instead you can go to the Apple store to download their apps for free. Meanwhile, I hope these links help!

Kindle for your Android!


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