The other day I announced the release of Cavalcade, hurray.  Had a minor hiccup when Amazon released it and didn’t let you all use the links!  Finally got THAT fixed…but here’s the truth, I didn’t release just one book, I released three, because, well, they are WRITTEN, and two of them are just waiting on editing and proofing and beta readers, you know, that stuff that makes us writers look good!

There are four books in the series so far.  The first, Vetted, takes place in modern times and was released in August 2017.  The second, Cavalcade, was released in June 2018.  Cavalcade is a prequel to Vetted and takes place 170 years prior.  The third, Pioneering, is due to be released in August 2018 and is the sequel to CavalcadePioneering takes place in the years immediately following Cavalcade.  The fourth, Vetted Further, is due to be released in September 2018 and is a sequel to Vetted.

These are complete, stand-alone books, which you can read in any order.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Please follow my blog to learn about these and other releases.  I’ve made a couple of these books available for presale.  Click on the links now to purchase your copy:




Vetted Further



Oops ~ Amazon

The other day I released my latest book CAVALCADE.  At the same time I pre-released my next book PIONEERING.  Cavalcade is the prequel to my enormously successful book VETTED and the new one due out this fall Vetted Further.

For some reason, the link does not work.  I tried emailing amazon, it takes up to 24 hours for them to get back to you on that.  This is what I got:

Hello K’Anne,

Thank you so much for reaching out to Kindle Direct Publishing. I would be more than happy to provide you with assistance.

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you had when using our website.

Your book, “Cavalcade,”  is live and available for purchase.

Here’s the direct link to your title’s detail page on Amazon:

To view the title’s detail page, hover over the “View on Amazon” link on your KDP Bookshelf and click on a marketplace.

Thanks for using Amazon KDP

Well, when you click on that link you get the SORRY we couldn’t find that page with the cute dogs, fortunately, each time you click on it, you get a different dog.

Another email and I got this:


I’m writing to let you know that the author of “Cavalcade” – ASIN: B07F1BZGR4 contacted KDP Support with questions about their book. To protect account security, we can only discuss books with the account holder who published them, so we’ve asked the author to contact you.

You can visit our Help pages for information about the author’s request:

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for or need additional guidance, feel free to contact us:

Thanks for using Amazon KDP.

Best regards,

Um, hello?

Today I actually spoke with someone.  Unfortunately it was with a call center over-seas.  I understand why big companies use these call-centers but it’s terribly difficult for those of us already frustrated to deal with someone who can’t completely understand or speak English.  He was, however, helpful.

Apparently mine is not the only book to have this problem.  Relief, I’m not being singled out.  They are having trouble across their .com platform, essentially the USA site, with links to new books.  You can, however, purchase the book in the UK and European sites.  They estimate they will correct this problem in a day or so.  That doesn’t help my fans from buying the latest copy of Cavalcade on Amazon.  You can pre-order Pioneering there because that apparently went through no problem.  Cavalcade you have to wait or except for Amazon, you can order it directly through my website, download it to your kindle using a .mobi version, did you know you can do that?  Check out the links on my site and give it a whirl while we wait for up to 24 hours, again, for them to correct their bug.

Cavalcade ~ NEW

Calvacade Background 1

Molly didn’t know what kind of life to expect when she fell in love with Erin Herriot—her schoolmate, her best friend, and a woman.  She had been grateful for Erin’s friendship when the bank swindled her after selling her parents’ farm and she was invited to live on Erin’s parents’ farm. 

After making the difficult decision to live life as ‘man and wife,’ Molly gladly accepted the challenges before them.  Together, they made the decision to sell Erin’s farm and embark on the journey of a lifetime…on the Oregon Trail.

Erin couldn’t give Molly children; however, she could love her forever.  But leaving the area where they had both grown up and where everyone knew the women was the only way they could be together without questions about the true nature of their relationship. 

Come along on their adventure as two women cross the country, adopt a family, and begin a life that neither had imagined possible growing up in the mid-1800s.

Now available from Amazon and several of the other platforms!  Click here to get all the links as they are available.  Including the link to Pre-Order the delicious sequel due out in two months called PIONEERING!

The Claim ~ 2nd edition

The ClaimAnna Schmidt is too independent for a woman of the 1800s.  Worse yet she doesn’t have a man to curb her unwomanly tendencies.  When she takes a claim of one-hundred-sixty acres and then another one-hundred-sixty acres for a tree claim, has she taken on more than she can handle?  It’s work that could cripple a man; a woman alone can’t expect help or understanding when she takes on this one willingly.  Flooding, blizzards, heat, dust, and an incredible amount of physical labor are all set to do this determined woman in.  She takes it on and through the years succeeds despite the odds, despite not having a man to depend on, showing herself and the world that this woman not only can but will make a home, a farm, and a ranch on the wild prairies.  Follow along in her journal telling of her experiences. 

Click here to get your copy!

First cut-off date approaching

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