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…and check out this FIVE STAR reviewReally enjoyed this book. Lots of depth to the characters and you could never truly predict where the storyline was heading which kept me hooked till the end. Very enjoyable and suspense filled book. Another hit for Ms Meinel.


I am pleased to bring you my latest full-length novel!  I do hope you enjoy it (especially those who loved LAWYERED, I think you’ll like this one the same way if not MORE!).

DoctoredA brilliant child protégée, she dreams of becoming a doctor and a surgeon…and accomplishes her goals.  Unfortunately, her youth and round, child-like face work against her.  No matter how skilled she becomes, how knowledgeable, the old school, male-dominated medical hierarchy wants to keep her in ‘her place.’

Deanna has worked hard to become an expert in her chosen field, but few believe this ‘child’ capable.   Specializing in infectious diseases, she travels the world—from the States to Europe to South America—honing her skills before winding up in Africa where her skills are desperately needed.

Meeting a nurse by the name of Madison MacGregor, she finds they share an insatiable curiosity and a love of helping others, but falling in love was not what she intended.  Later, when she loses Maddie to a misunderstanding, she is haunted by the one that got away…

Ten years have passed and both the doctor and nurse have moved on with their lives, but fate intervenes when they find themselves working at the same hospital.  Their friendship is revived…can their love be rekindled?  Will the past haunt them or bring them closer?  Will the secrets that both harbor keep them from realizing a future together?

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Doctored is Available

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~Doctored~ Teaser IV

She had stayed a couple of hours watching the blonde interact with her son and the cat who had proved to be just an overgrown softie.  He was playful like any kitten and tired just as easily, falling asleep leaning again Madison who was learning all his favorite scratch spots.  When he began to purr it was a deep rumbling and then he must have forgotten he was purring as he started to drool.  Deanna had laughed as Madison jumped up and away from the amount of drool coming out of the big cat.  He’d looked up sleepily at her wondering why she had woken him, his expression clearly said, “What?”

“He purrs backwards,” Deanna told her.

“He what?” she asked, confused.

Deanna started laughing.  “I think he forgets he is purring and the saliva starts leaking out…he purrs backwards.”  She made it sound like a perfectly plausible explanation for his drooling.

“Is that a real thing?”

Deanna was giggling as she shook her head and Roman joined in at the joke they had just played on the trusting redhead.  Madison grabbed a pillow and threw it at the both of them, which led to a pillow fight and Spot wanted nothing to do with it and left the humans to this disgraceful display of behavior that didn’t befit his dignity.  It didn’t stop him from grabbing a pillow and hugging it close and then start kicking at it.  Deanna had to grab the pillow to keep it from being ripped to shreds by his back feet.

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Lymphoma-CancerThis is the time of year where I reflect on the fact that I am a Cancer Survivor.  I tell you this, not to get sympathy or pity, but to, I hope, give people hope.  I was given four or five months to live.  Today, I celebrate fifteen years of survival.  It hasn’t been a bed of roses, life never is, however, for those of you who have gone through it, you understand.  For those of you who are going through it, it can have a good outcome.  For those of you who might face it, don’t give up, there is always hope.

Something people don’t know is that four months before my own prognosis of Lymphoma, my mother died of brain cancer.  This wonderful, classy, and supportive woman had survived thyroid cancer and colon cancer.  She wasn’t able to beat the brain cancer.  None of these were related to the other, that is, they didn’t metastasize and move on to another part of her body.  She SURVIVED the two bouts clear and free…she made it to the five year mark each time.  My mother was my best friend.  She helped me raise my sons and influenced the men that they became.  I am the youngest of five children and she raised us all to be survivors.32583_1459142009508_402903_n

imagesCAZSC590I am a survivor.  I am here FIFTEEN years later after my death sentence, after having gone through the most horrible treatment, an experiment.  Essentially I took twelve months of chemotherapy in twelve WEEKS.  At the time I took the treatment it was an experimental treatment, it wasn’t out on the market for everyone to try.  I have since found out that it now a standard for cancer treatments.  I don’t recommend it to just anyone, it’s horrible, I won’t kid you.  Throwing up as you sit on the throne, your insides coming outside from both ends is never attractive.  It did however stop my tumors from growing.

I was told I had tumors on both side of my neck.  The biopsy they did on the right side has left a scar in the crease of my neck…not too visible unless you are looking for it.  They decided instead of just a biopsy to remove all the lymph nodes that day.  I saw each moment of it as I wasn’t completely under and could see in the shiny reflection of the metals of the light above me.  I could also feel the tugging as they pulled them out.  It was gross.  I also had a four-inch tumor over my heart and lungs.  I also had one under my under arm.  The chemotherapy stopped the growth.  Fortunately for me I only had lymphoma in the upper part of my body, had it been throughout the prognosis would have been even more dire.

I chose the Stanford Five Protocol because I really had no other choice.  Had I done nothing I would have choked to death.  At a mere thirty-four years of age, with two children aged ten and twelve who had just lost their other parent, this did not appeal.

So today I celebrate with anyone who has beaten the odds.  Anyone who has gone through it, is going through it, or will go through it.  There is hope.  I’m convinced there is a cure (that’s a blog for another day about the pharmaceutical’s companies greed to keep us patients vs being cured).  So today I am a survivor!

GermanicI touch on it a little in my book Germanic, not exactly mind you, fictionalized of course.  I take real life experiences and put them into my books.  I hope you can relate and enjoy them.  I usually write about strong women who survive whatever life drama that is sent their way.  Whether you like or love my books, I hope they give you a story that stays with you.

Today, I am a SURVIVOR!

Original Post about what I went through.

~Doctored~ A Teaser II

Doctored 3-d.jpg“So these guys are lugging in my supplies by their backs and on donkeys, and I didn’t realize why I was tied up to the donkey.  You know, led by a rope?”  Deanna was regaling them with stories of her travels and they all smiled appreciatively at her description.  “It was as I slipped off the narrow trail, face first into the mud, and started sliding down the steep slope, hitting tropical plants with my unmentionables that I realized…that rope that kept me from falling down the mountainside.  That was a good idea!”

They all started laughing, nearly choking on the beers they were sharing.  “Oh, my gawd, Deanna!  Did that really happen?” Magda wiped the tears away from the corner of her eye as she smiled at the story.

Deanna nodded.  “Yeah, I’ve been to some pretty funky places.  But, you know what?  It’s one of the greatest things about what I do, seeing the sites.  When they hauled my ass back up from that taut rope, I looked at that donkey and the phrase ‘kiss my ass’ had a whole new meaning.”

They all collapsed into laughter again at her imagery.


~Doctored~ Teaser III

Later Madison texted her, a common form of communication between them with their busy schedules.

‘How was the rest of your day?’

‘You wouldn’t believe the day I had.’

‘What hap?’

‘I devoured a baby.’

‘Damn phone…delivered.’

‘Good, because otherwise…gross.’  She waited a moment and then sent, ‘Boy or Girl?’


‘That was either hysterically funny or extremely racist.’

The phone rang then and Madison picked it up, “Hello?”

“They call these smart phones?”

Madison couldn’t help but snort-laugh through her nose.  “Its technology,” she tried to console her.

“I can’t believe that people put up with these things.  I wanted to throw it!”

“Uh oh, sounds like phone rage!”

“Phone rage?  Is that a real thing?”

“You’re the doctor, you tell me?”  Madison could almost hear Deanna shaking her head.

“Why does anyone use these things?  It doesn’t matter whether I type it or speak it, it gets it wrong!”



“You know, there is a way to turn off some of those features.”

“You better show me the next time I see you,” she sighed angrily.

“How did you cope when you were traveling?” she asked, amused.

“I waited until I got to a phone, none of these ‘conveniences.’”

Madison chuckled wondering how such a brilliant doctor could be so technologically inept.

Doctored Coming Soon