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Computer withdrawals

I picked up a nasty malware virus.  I’m not sure where, but you know, it’s after the software expired on the ole computer…murphy’s law is somewhere in that formula.  Murphy's LawMaybe the software company actually sends something like that out so that you never go without their software?  I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but the timing was suspicious.

Anyway, I tried, unsuccessfully to fix it myself…repeatedly.  Whatever it was, it was smart, it was ‘watching,’ and it was ‘learning.’  I first noticed it wouldn’t let me on Internet Explorer.  Then it started reading my programming, this I could see by the black rectangle box that would appear occasionally on my screen, showing me the language underneath Windows and my other screens.  As someone who studied to be a programmer (30 years ago, don’t get excited, it’s all obsolete), I know what this looks like.  The malware was slowly shutting down my access to things, trying to get passwords, and isolating me.  When I realized it and tried to eradicate it, it wouldn’t let me access those programs, smart bugger.  It wouldn’t let me hook up my external drive, and I’d last backed up EVERYTHING two days prior, so I used a thumb drive, that filled up.  I was panicking.  Then, I started using another thumb drive I own, thank you Lexar!  It took everything I sent it and backed it up, but it all took time.  I was up until like 4am, just backing stuff up, a little at a time as it was so slow…and, I think the malware was trying to keep me from doing exactly what I was doing.

So, I took it to the computer shop in town.  They said they had one slot open that day and I got it!  Hurray, I thought, I have so much work to do!…um, nooo.  They couldn’t get to it that day, had no one on the weekend to work with it, and said they’d finish it on Monday…I’d have it Monday night.   Um, nooo…again and again they let me down.  Now, I’m not the most patient person but if you can’t tell me honestly, explain it to me logically, I’m gonna get pissed off, and did.  There was absolutely nothing I could do.  And, not having my computer, I couldn’t go on line, do any work, or even entertain myself with movies, Facebook, or a host of other things I do.  Then, my girlfriend reminded me I still had my old, broken, laptop.

Now, don’t judge it too harshly, that thing lasted five years under my hard work.  It took forever to fire the sucker up though, talk about slower than molasses.  And for some reason, the N key wouldn’t work.  20180311_210137.jpgAs you can see, I tried to fix said N key and made it worse.  Then I got the wonderful idea to wipe the computer to factory resetting’s.  I kept getting these delightful messages all weekend long as I attempted to use it, it would automatically shut down, and I tried to keep my temper.

To say I was limping along was modest.  The fan on the old laptop didn’t work, I kept my cooling pan on and under the old thing…and it’s called a cooling pad for a reason.  I had to keep a blanket on my lap it was so efficient.  The keyboard didn’t work well, so I hooked up an ergonomic keyboard I own that I am totally unfamiliar with.  20180311_210127.jpgThat definitely has a learning curve.

As you can see by the keys on my old laptop, I type, hard, and you can even see my nail prints imbedded in the keys.  Although, I have to admit, it wasn’t as hard as my desktop that I had in my warehouse when I first started writing.  20180313_182056Keep in mind, I was a screen printer, it was in a warehouse, and despite washing my hands all the time, paint, soy, and a host of other things got on the keys.  The reason the middles are completely gone out of some of this keyboard, is that the soy and the oils on my fingers ate them (no, this is not like my dog ate my homework, I swear).

So, I was left this weekend with my jury rigged (I used to think it was Jerry-rigged, and who the heck is Jerry?).  This is stretched out, on my lap, and that damn mouse pad far away.20180310_121901I did manage to get the office program working, when it wasn’t shutting down for some imaginary update.  I only got about twenty pages written, and I know it should have been forty…sigh.  Oh well, I’ll make up for it eventually.  The hardest part really was reaching for my ergonomic mouse.  I used one in the warehouse because of all the artwork that a printer makes, uses, and plays with.  Then, when I got my first laptop, I got a wireless one.  That is the one you saw above, but the mouse, that was the first thing that died when I fired up that old laptop.  Using the one on the actual laptops I genuinely hate!  x.JPGAh, thank you logitech for my beautiful, and comforting, and heavily relied on mouse.

I have to admit, I can go a day or so without a computer no problem.  But, that being said, I was kind of frantic knowing I didn’t have a computer to go and do the work that was piling up.  Thank goodness I kept the old one, even if it didn’t work well, it worked.  I got some things accomplished and could let others know why I was behind.  I even got my Facebook fix in now and then, as you can see, I even played a word game.

It was pointed out to me, I might want to consider shopping for a new computer every two years instead of every five…sigh.

Happy computing folks!  Watch for my new release in a few weeks!  They even managed, despite a nuclear holocaust, to keep their computer going…wait to read how!


Joanna Darrell

One of the great things about working with K’Anne and Shadoe Publishing, is you get a chance to see a number of great events, review wonderful books by really talented authors and chat to K’Anne herself about her writings and what she does to help authors get their work out there to readers. Earlier this […] […]

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I’ve been downsizing for a while, throwing out a few things here and there, donating them, boxing up some things…I’m planning on a move, a big one, eventually…

The thing about downsizing is I don’t like to get rid of things, I really don’t.  Unless they are totally and absolutely useless, broken, or out of date, I don’t want to!  However, then, the practicality of it all comes into play.  Despite the desire to save everything, I will not hoard (except books, I’ll make an exception there).  My parents were both hoarders, I know at least one of my brothers is, I refuse to be.  I do have collections, but even those I par down occasionally.

Well, I came across something that I know I will have to part with, my collection of tapes.  There are very few radios, car or boom boxes (okay, I dated myself on that one), that will even play these anymore.  I’m going to miss my collection though.  Some of these aren’t even available on CD (I know, I’m dating myself on that one too).  I do like owning my own music and those that claim having an account and downloading the latest music is better, are fooling themselves.  You don’t own it unless you own the tape or cd, you are basically borrowing it for life, or until that company goes under, you break your device, and have to figure out where the music is or how to download it again, if you can.  I prefer to have it in hand, on my computer, download it to my phone from my computer, or such.  Unfortunately, the tapes quality aren’t nearly as nice as a clear CD.

Don’t judge by the music, this collection is from the 1980’s!  Sadly, I’m such a nerd, they were even put into alphabetical order…sigh.  Time to move on though, and up!

What do you collect?  Besides books, I collect movies, glass/crystal, and a few things I won’t list here, lol

Collect my books, you may enjoy yourself!


I permanently borrowed a book

The year was somewhere about 1980-1981 or 1982…I don’t exactly recall.  It was assigned reading for grumpy Mr. Crawford’s English class, but it made such an impression on me, I kept the book.

20171021_200227 20171022_204414

They stamped it Sept 9, 1974 so you can imagine how old this book really is.  It takes place in the 50’s or 60’s…I don’t completely remember.  However, I do remember the premise and it stayed with me all these years.  What if someone dropped the bombs, and how would you survive?

In 2011 I started out writing exactly a scenario like that, not copying Pat Frank’s Alas Babylon version at all, but my own story that this one definitely influenced.  I wrote a bit, and then I put it aside with all my other half-finished (even quarter-finished) novels.  I’ve picked it up again, feeling the same emotions that cross me every time I think of this scenario.  It is emotional to think what would happen if our politicians allowed ‘the button’ to be pushed.

I picked up the book after I finished my own, to refresh my feelings on both and wow, haven’t we learned anything since the Cuban Missile Crisis?  I mean really, same old politicians and stupidity that were around 40-50 years ago?

My book deals with one tiny section of the world and the characters that inhabit it, that survive after the bombs have fallen.  This family, how they survived, what they do, the morality of it all, and how they cope, is the centerpiece of this story.  I hope this never happens, never comes true.  

Here is the synopsis for my upcoming book:

For some, the world would end with the dropping of the bombs.  For others, a select few, it would present an opportunity to show their true mettle.  Those who will take on the challenge to live without, make do, and subsist on, are the survivors.

Jodi was one of the few.  She knew what was coming.  She read the signs, and she had friends in low places who kept her informed.  She bought a cabin in the middle of nowhere, fixed it up, and warned her closest friends and family that the time will come to abandon the big cities, to hide and seclude yourself for the safety of your family and everyone closest to you.

Krista was her partner, her best friend, and her wife at a time when states didn’t recognize same-sex marriage.  Krista coped with her mate’s compulsions by recognizing that indulging her was the best way to maintain a harmonious union.  After all, they could afford it.  Little did she realize that Jodi was destined to be the savior of them all.

Finding that things were much worse than everyone had speculated didn’t surprise Jodi.  But it forever altered their world view and transformed them into something they didn’t realize they were destined to become…SURVIVORS!


I hope to release it by the end of March, perhaps the beginning of April.  Thank you for reading!

Error on the side of Caution

When you are reading an author’s books and you find an error, should you reach out and tell them?  Some would say no, because this author couldn’t possibly make an error.  Maybe you misread, maybe they meant something else, maybe it’s supposed to be that way?  Nuh uh.  I say, reach out in a respectful manner and let them know where and what.


You would think with the editors, the proofreaders, and the beta readers that errors wouldn’t occur.  I know myself that to the best of our abilities we try to eliminate them.  However, we are human (despite what we might write about) and errors do occur.  Some of them are funny, real bone-head types, but I personally would like to polish my finished work and know, even after everything that is said and done, it was perfect.  I have news for you, it ain’t gonna happen.tumblr_mjf3iq9Rkj1rj7seho1_1280

I have seen in so-called professionally produced books, even the Harry Potter series, errors that made me go, ‘hmmm.  Now why didn’t they catch those?’  It’s because of your human brain.  What your eyes see and what you process aren’t always connecting in a manner in which you think they are.  And, after all the people who have seen it, maybe several times, they don’t see them either.

I got a review, actually I’ve gotten several over the years where they either point out the errors (and yes, I have gone back and corrected them), or allude to them.  Even friends and my girlfriend have said, I found errors…even after I’ve republished them!  When I say, well, where were they…they forgot to highlight them or point them out, or take a note…personally I want to know so the next person who buys my story get’s the best possible copy I can give them.  I feel terrible knowing it isn’t perfect, it isn’t ever going to be perfect, but I really do try to give you the best possible me I can.yes-no-errors

I went this last week to getting a review that stated it was the best put-together, formatted, and edited independently produced book, to one pointing out (in a different book) the errors of my way.  They stated they would have let me know but couldn’t find my email address.  I beg to differ since each and every one of my novels, novellas, and shorts have the same type of beginning whether they be kindle, ebook, or even paperback…I put all that information in them so that my readers can find me, reach out to me, even have a conversation with me.  I love that!

Here is a sample set up of what goes inside the kindle e-book:

K’Anne Meinel is available for comments at KAnneMeinel@aim.com as well as on Facebook, her blog @ https://kannemeinel.wordpress.com/ or on Twitter @kannemeinel, or on her website @ www.kannemeinel.com if you would like to follow her to find out about stories and book’s releases or check with                          www.ShadoePublishing.com or http://ShadoePublishing.wordpress.com/.

If you can’t get a hold of me, see this, or even read it, then there is a problem.

I don’t want you going into my books planning on finding errors, I’ve been fortunate, they are getting fewer and far between and I’d like to keep it that way.  But, if you are questioning whether or not you should reach out to an author, any author, no matter how big or small their name, they may appreciate that 1) you bought their books, 2) that you follow their writings, 3) that you took the time to ‘help’ them on this writing journey.  Keep it respectful, after all we authors are of delicate egos, and our feelings can and do get hurt. Untitled-1 copy

I once read a fellow authors latest release and found four errors in the book, I simply asked her, do you want to know?  She said, no, got them, and that was it.  I let it go at that.  However, what if my four errors weren’t what her editors/beta readers/proofers found?  I’d want to know to compare notes.
Spelling Police

In this day and age, it isn’t that hard to fix errors especially in e-books.  It’s the paperbacks that make it harder and let me tell you, it won’t be fixed obviously if the book is already printed.

I thank those who read my books, enjoy my writings, and are thoughtful enough to write me.  Even if it’s about the errors, I want to hear from you.  Sometimes, knowing that you enjoyed a book, I like the hug, I like the reaching out, and it helps inspire me to write some more.  And the reviews, please don’t forget the reviews!

Leaving a Review...



Anthology, Second Edition

Anthology Cover.jpg

Story  1… Cuff Her

Story  2…Family Night 2

Story  3… Bikini’s are Dangerous 4

Story  4… Bikini’s are Dangerous 5

Story  5… Internet Dreamers

Story  6… Snoggered

Story  7… The Rockhound

Story  8… Stolen

Story  9… Agitated

Story 10…Charming Thief ~Snake Island~

Story 11… Love of my LIFE

Story 12… Elevator, GOING DOWN?

Story 13… Into the Garden

Story 14… Menage a WHAT?

Story 15… An Affair to Forget

Some of these aren’t available anywhere else, I didn’t release them individually.  All of these in one book for only $9.99!  Check it out here.