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via New Lesfic Goodies: September 18th Edition — I Heart Lesfic

New Lesfic Goodies: September 18th Edition — I Heart Lesfic


The Rockhound on Audio

The Rockhound Audible.jpg

Sam is a unique woman—she goes after what she wants in life, wherever it may take her.  This time she is in Southeast Asia to pan for diamonds in the islands.  It’s dirty, hot, and dangerous work, but her trip is worth it when she finds what she came for.  The adventure is great and finding a woman who is intrigued by her is an added bonus!  Felicia joins Sam on her next trip to search for these elusive stones…but could this trip deep into the jungle be fatal for them both?

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Vetted Further

Vetted Further Cover

Fiona Herriot and her wife, Allyssa continue nurturing and growing the large animal practice Fiona established on their ranch.

From a near-fatal accident to a dream come true, they have weathered all the trials and tribulations that came their way, supporting each other every step along the way.  But when one of their dreams falls through and nearly derails their marriage, will they survive the fallout?

Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and even llamas play a part in this delightful story.

Join Fiona and Allyssa for the continuing saga of two women, a ranch, and the thriving veterinary practice they are building with love on the high plains of Oregon.

Vetted Further is available here!

See also VettedCavalcade, and Pioneering (and coming Vetted Again).

Available NOW from my website and on Wednesday from the various retailers on my website, or you can pre-order them from the links listed NOW!

Mega Lesfic Sale

So thrilled to be in the company of so many great authors, participating in the Fall Mega Lesfic Sale starting Monday September 10 and going until the 14th.  Please click on their link so that they not only get the credit for all the work that they did to put his HUGE event together, but so you can peruse the various titles available!

I’ve discounted a couple of mine just for this event.

Pirated Love is being offered.  It is the first in my Pirated Series (Includes Pirated Heart and Pirated Life-due in Spring 2019).  A historical romance about love in the 1500’s on a ship with a female pirate captain!  Pirated Love Full Cover D

Next up I’m offering Vetted, the first of five novels in the Vetted Series (includes Cavalcade and Pioneering which have been in the top 5 of LGBT Historical Fiction for months!)  Later this week Vetted Further is coming out, although it is already up on the website, (earlier than originally slated), followed up by Vetted Again (due in November)-all three of these latter ones are modern westerns about a Veterinarian and her wife.

Vetted Final Cover Vetted Further Cover.jpg

And finally, last, but certainly NOT least, the first of 25 novellas in a Murdery-Mystery series called MaliceMysterious Malice.  For those of you going, but, I’ve only seen that there are twenty two, you haven’t visited my website lately, have you?  I put up three more in coming releases on the novella page weeks ago!  Lol.  These intriguing mysteries tell the tale of a lesbian serial killer who ends up being an anti-hero you will learn to love because she kicks @$$!

Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover



So, go on over to the Mega Lesfic Sale and cruise around for the many lesfic titles in the various genre’s you will find there, they are discounted for this event!  With over 100 books and 60 various authors, you are sure to find SOMETHING!  You can even try a few new ones you might not have before!  Let’s give T.B. Markinson the credit for coordinating this monstrous event!




Authors are shy

som-som-dont-be-shy-hello-you-know-you-want-5729723.pngWell, not all of us of course.  There is a wide range of personalities after all involved in writing books.  1bai19Some are introverts, extroverts, perverts, converts, and a few other ‘verts’ that I can’t seem to find to make my point.  Some of what I am trying to say here is that sometimes it is hard to interview an author because of this ‘shyness’.  What an author writes in their books isn’t necessarily what they are like in ‘real’ life or even what they would think of becoming.  After all, you don’t have to be a murderer to write a murder-mystery (although, it might help, just sayin’).  You also don’t have to know love to write a romance.  I hope you get my point here.

I think a lot of it stems from being afraid to make a fool of themselves, saying something that might come back to embarrass them either immediately or in the future.Meme---Im-shy-at-first Authors and writers like time to gather their thoughts before they put it out there, whether on social media or in person.  Sometimes that hesitation can be misinterpreted…as shyness, when really, they are just trying to sound articulate or make a profound statement or even, just to speak up.  download It doesn’t mean we aren’t friendly or want to socialize but some, those who are introverts, find it exhausting to put themselves out there.  Even their books, which may not come out too often (years apart) are due to a lot of hard work that they put into the process, putting themselves and their art out there.  It’s not that those who put out more work are less introverted or less shy, they just have different ways of expressing it.

That is one of the reasons I created the Lesfic Reading Group on Facebook, so we can get to know authors and their books.  I’ve interviewed at least two hundred authors over the last five years (in this group as well as another) and I must say, I enjoy it.  It helps me find out what others are doing, more about them personally, and overall, help me overcome my shyness…believe it or not I can be shy (stop laughing, those of you who think you know better).  It’s true, I can be.  I put myself out there in the group as the host to question authors and I have to say in the hundreds of authors I’ve interacted with only a couple were disappointing to interview.  Most were fun, gracious, and we all learned a lot about them.  With over 2000 people in the group there is always someone lurking, perhaps themselves too shy to interact, but they are reading, learning, and absorbing the information we put out there in the interviews.

So if you have a couple of hours, mostly on Saturdays and Sundays, we usually have an interview every other weekend in the group (I do need time off for my own work).  Come on in, we don’t bite (hard) Yes, followers

The cool thing is not only can you share your love of lesbian fiction (lesfic), you can get to know some of your favorite authors, sometimes discovering a new favorite (yes, you can read more than one author). Yes I can like copy  Definitely in for a good time as we explore the minds, the lives, and the books of these authors!  Come on in, we’re waiting for your suggestions about who we should read, interview, and definitely your recommendations.  The Lesfic Reading Group.  It’s done IN the group itself, typed up, so it’s best if you can participate on a computer…come on, it’s fun!


We were ‘only’ Facebook friends, but it was a friendship I cherished. I hope she is annoying Spike in the afterlife, enjoying herself.

M A G P I E à la modus operandi

Souvenir of True FriendshipI’d nicknamed her AK-57 for the year she was born, a moniker that wasn’t lost on Amanda Kyle Williams who fostered an irreverent, self-deprecating sense of humor about herself, the world at large and, oh yeah, serial killers.

We were wired (as I believe everyone is) through happenstance.
In 2012, I was asked by a mutual friend to add my name to a list of those vying for a chance to win a free copy of her recently released hit novel, The Stranger You Seek, even though I’m an irremediable romantic who avoids most media pertaining to violence. In fact, I’d never read a mystery — not even In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, whose other written works are all favorites of mine.
So, I was a tad taken aback when Amanda friended me on Facebook to say I’d won a copy of her novel and asked…

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Long Distance Romance ~ 2nd edition

Long Distance Romance Front Cover

If you suddenly and unexpectedly fell in love, wouldn’t you want to spend every possible moment with your new love?  Wouldn’t you want to spend time holding hands, touching, sharing emotions, and learning everything possible about each other and your new relationship?

What if your new love lived on the other side of the globe?  What if you had to deal with different geographic locations and time zones?  And what if every time you solved one minor problem another seemed to pop up?  Could you survive a long-distance relationship?

Eliza lives in Wisconsin, in the midwestern United States.  She is an independent businesswoman, who has finally achieved her career dreams and is determined to find the perfect woman for her.  Can she have it all?

Krystal lives in Austria.  She is rich, cultured, and bored.  She feels she has seen and done everything and life no longer holds any surprises.  One day, on a side trip during an excursion to the United States, Krystal walks into Eliza’s store and is swept off her feet and onto her backside by the feelings this woman provokes. 

Distance is no problem for a woman who owns a jet, but what of the women’s work and home responsibilities?  Both have fallen deeply in love and are fascinated, intrigued, and challenged by the other.  Will their dreams and their love be enough to keep them together?

New Cover, newly edited, and available HERE!