FB disabled my account ~ again

Can we say persecuted? Really? I mean, I get that they felt I had violated their community standards with the first two accounts, but then I started another and they deleted that one too. This time, this is my ONLY account. I do NOT have a ‘back up’. I did not start another. And yet, today, I get the notification that I violated their community standards and I’m locked out of my account ~ again. Um, hello? I have one, and one account only. Is someone reporting me? (if so, get over yourself) Is my name flagged? (why?). I sincerely do not ‘get it’ that I’m being continually harassed this way. I’m not doing anything other than enjoying my friends, playing my games, and posting my pictures. Is that the problem? I do not know. But, they asked for identification, again, which I gave them, again. Let’s see if that works. However, given the previous indicators, it won’t and I will have lost my FB account, AGAIN. This is not fun.

I do wish to apologize to those who I have sent friend requests to, over, and over, and over AGAIN. I know it can be confusing, some of you have even blocked me thinking it was a bot, but I assure you, I just want to see your posts, comment occasionally, enjoy the social aspect of social media. This SUCKS!

Bigfoot in the Bedroom

I’m on some pretty good drugs due to my back pain.  They decided on a muscle relaxant to try to see if that helped (it doesn’t) but boy do these things make me sleep and give me vivid dreams.

The other morning, I had a dream about bigfoot, you know Sasquatch, a Yeti, you get the drift.  In the dream I tried laughing and the dream wouldn’t let me.  I sort of woke up but was still in the dream and I swear there was bigfoot at the end of my bed in dust motes.  I tried that odd little laugh again because I knew I was dreaming, I knew it wasn’t really there, and yet, the shadows showed it there in my bedroom!  It even moved.  Instead, what came out was this weird moaning laugh-scream that wouldn’t frighten anything but me…well, maybe a cat if I had one.  The thing is, I knew I was dreaming.  I knew it was ludicrous, and yet, I tried to laugh-scream.

On the walls of my bedroom (until that next day) are wall hangings.  One at the end of the bed is a beautiful and colorful hanging that is velvety soft, royal blue, and I got on one of my first trips to Disneyland in California.  I have loved that thing for over 35 years.  The light shining in through the bedroom windows was shining on that wall hanging.  In front of that wall-hanging was the dust mote version of bigfoot.  I knew he couldn’t possibly be there, and yet; he was and the shadows didn’t help things since he moved!

I hope you got a good laugh out of this as I did, knowing it wasn’t real and yet in my sleep befuddled mind, it was.  Aren’t drugs great?

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Hello…is it you?

Yes, it’s me.  Yes, it is my account and not a clone.  How many times do you have to befriend people because Facebook kept deleting the accounts you made?  I get it.  I don’t blame anyone for not believing that I am back on there.  They did, after all, delete three accounts that I made.  The first two because I had them at the same time with slightly altered names, one with an apostrophe, one without.  Heck, I had those two for years…until someone either reported me, or Facebook caught on.

The thing is, was it wrong to have one as a back up?  Well, according to their rules, yes.  Trying to keep out of FB jail though for the crap they kept putting me in for, was a tightrope walk. 

The day I started my lesbian page, they were always trying to shut it down.  In fact, six years ago, they did and I had to start it again.  I know they shut it down because someone went through a lot of the old pictures and reported any and every one they could.  They may have gotten a few ‘friends’ to do it too.  I then started another that exists to this day.  They still try to shut it down.  The thing is, they are the same meme’s and posts that I got off of Facebook in the first place!  So, apparently others are allowed to post those things, but I’m not.

I’m not whining here.  They did have a legitimate beef with me.  But, when they changed the rules, went back 6-7 years in posts/pictures I had made, that was a little much.  And, I felt unfair.

I had no qualms keeping the two accounts going.  I used the 2nd as back up, to play games, and to post when my first one was in jail.  Then, they started putting the 2nd one in jail too.  Therein lies the problem as they noticed the two accounts and shut them down, within weeks of each other.  I started another, they shut that one down too.  Now, I have a fourth and hopefully that will survive.

I’m trying to follow the rules.  I don’t have another account, as that is against their rules.  I do have my pages and groups, but only because my fellow admins and moderators saved them from being deleted forever.  C’mon, some of that stuff is important to my fellow lesfic writers and readers. I found my few games that I play, but hey, these things are replaceable.

But, if you don’t want to befriend me on Facebook, it’s no sweat off my brow…but if you think I’m cloned, it would serve that person right to have all the headaches I have had.

So, if you get a friend request from me, it’s probably me.  I miss some of the conversations, definitely some of your posts, and hope you will accept the request…otherwise, reach out and befriend me, because getting back those 5000 friends, fans, and whatnot, is gonna take some time…if, they don’t delete this account too.

Facebook Times

Look, I get it. There is a lot going on with social media the last month or so (for years actually, but that’s another argument). They should be vigilant in what is posted, who posts it, etc. However, this continued harassment because I’m apparently not conforming (I do try) is a little much. My passport matches my name. They are contending it does not. It even has the apostrophe, which is on my birth certificate that way. It’s a legal document. Today, I get an email telling me that it doesn’t match? What part of that don’t you get Facebook? Seriously?

3rd time wasn’t the charm

Once again I am locked out of FB for some reason. Guess my name is flagged or something.

I don’t know why I’m not able to get on anymore. Some of my friends have emailed me asking why they can’t ‘see’ me on there. I’ve tried signing in and the above screen shot is what I get. So, I guess I’m not allowed to have a Facebook account?

Seriously, I have no idea why they seem to be targeting me.

Never been in trouble on Twitter, guess I’ll go see what mischief I can get up to on there.

Friends on Facebook

An interesting observation occurred to me as I try to rebuild my friends list on FB since I was deleted…it’s a heck of a way to clean out your friends list.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every one of you who has followed me, enjoyed my posts, find me humorous, sympathized, empathized, or just been a friend. 

There are so many types of friends too.  Those of you who are fans, those who are confidants, those who you just nod to in the hall at the conference, but who you’d still consider a ‘friend.’

With only 5000 people being ‘allowed’ to be your friend on FB, I maxed out time and again.  Sometimes I’d go through my list and anyone whose account had been deleted (who is still on your friends list) was then taken off my list so I could add more.  Those of you who had my last two accounts on it, you might want to go weed out your friends lists as I’ll appear on there under my two old accounts and take up space you could use to welcome a new friend.

Sometimes I’d marvel that not only had I made 5000 friends, but I had an equal number of people following me, and more.  I like talking to random people too.  Whether it was about a character in one of my books, or what it was like to live where they live, and a host of topics in between.

One of the most awesome, silver-lining moments occurred though…people I haven’t spoken to in a coons-age, are inboxing (private messaging) me.  Asking, ‘aren’t we already friends?’ which led to a discussion of what happened, how are you, etc.  I have had some really wonderful conversations that would never have occurred otherwise.  I relish that interaction, one of the reasons that social networking works, you get to talk to people you might never have the opportunity to do so otherwise.

I don’t know if I’m intimidating.  I don’t think I am.  I think I’m down to earth and am always pleased when someone hits me up for a conversation and I have the time to chat like that.  I use FB not only to socially network, but for games (I suck at Wordosaur, just in case anyone was wondering), and of course to let everyone know about my book releases.  So, don’t be shy, I don’t bite (hard), but please feel free to inbox me and chat, understand that sometimes I may not have the time, but I’ll welcome it at another time, I may even be the one to initiate the conversation.

In the meantime, if you haven’t subscribed to this blog, please do so, just in case FB decides to delete my new account (let’s hope not, it’s a lot of work).  If you are on this blog and we aren’t connected on FB, please, befriend me.  I can’t possibly remember everyone’s names!  And, what’s up with you people changing your avatars on me?  I can’t remember names but I do recall pictures!  Lol…seriously, sometimes I look at a name that looks vaguely familiar but their avatar totally tells me I knew them.

I look forward to 2021 being a better year…for ALL of us!~

I’m back

Getting back on Facebook and setting up a new account is a lot of work.  I’d worked on my old one for 10 years, the second (benefits youknowit) for about 7-8 years.  I rarely used the 2nd one except as back up to post when I was in FB jail.  Yes, I post a lot but I do have a lot to post.  Not only my books but my author’s books for Shadoe Publishing and in the past couple of years, those posts for the Lesfic Bard Awards and Gay Scribe Awards.  You lose the contacts you have made over those years, the interactions, and even the games!  Heck I was up to 11 BILLION on slots!  Oh, if that were only REAL money…but losing that would have made me suicidal.

I was happy when, a few years ago I found a service through Fiverr to post for me and my books, because I was in FB jail far too much and what happened to me with FB (while deserved) was what I was trying to prevent.  These PA (personal assistant) posts for me and many other lesfic authors and I appreciate for the cost of a good cup of coffee, they can post in the many groups.  If I pay a little more, they can post in even more groups.  I think this is business smart.  There are other services on Fiverr, I’ve used them to make my charactures of me before the craze even started on FB.  I’ve used many posters on all the social media to get my and my author’s books out there, because you have to see them to buy them, right?

Anyone can and does hire these people, and I think they should.  It’s a great way for someone or someones to make some money doing something part or full time with the skills they have.

I also like to post silly meme’s and entertain my friends, fans, and audience on Facebook and Twitter.  If you don’t like it, then scroll on by, just like anything else.  I do a lot of work not only having fun, but promoting myself and those I’m contractually obliged to help, but also because I like it and I’m good at it.  We play to our strengths.

If you think that I’ve set up fake accounts to do all that you aren’t realizing the amount of time and effort involved and let’s face it, there isn’t that much time in the day for me to do all that.  Btw, just so you know, I haven’t set up these PA accounts, that is someone else.  Also, if you think about it, I crank out far too many books in a year, normally, to have the time to do ALL of that! Seriously, I’m not Wonder Woman but sometimes I wonder, women?

Have I had fake accounts?  Well, define fake?  Yes, I had two in my name when FB eliminated fake names like the benefits youknowit account and I changed that to KAnne Meinel without the apostrophe.  I’ve explained that in previous blogs.  At the same time, that was when I had my regular K’Anne Meinel account.  I do have one just for family that I rarely go on but I want them blocked from my K’Anne accounts anyway because they don’t read my stuff, they don’t need to know what I’m doing anyway.  So, if that is a fake account, then yes, I have had them.  But I assure you, not only am I REALLY K’Anne Meinel as it is on my birth certificate that way, but I do have a legitimate FB account and only one under my REAL name.  I even outlined my REAL name in a blog post a few years ago here.

I hope that people enjoy my books, enjoy my efforts on their behalf to promote their books (contractually or because I like other authors), and follow along.  I’m funny as hell so why the heck not?  lol


As many of you may know, Instagram is owned by Facebook. Since my FB account was deleted by them before Xmas, they also deleted my Instagram account. Since then, I’ve learned a few things.

A week or so before FB deleted my account, my Instagram account was hacked. Since I don’t use it often, I didn’t find that out right away. I’m thinking this ultimately led to FB’s deletion of my account along with the other infractions they felt I had been doing.

There is a K’Anne Meinel Instagram account out there pretending to me…I don’t think it is my original one. Unless FB didn’t delete it and is simply not letting me access it? I don’t know, I can’t see it. Frustrating and a bit of catch-22?

Two of my Google mail accounts were hacked. Fortunately Gmail was not compromised, but I did have to change passwords. The report stated there were attempted logins from Russia. I haven’t left the Northwoods in quite some time and I’m pretty sure I have never been to Russia. Nyet!

I’m not wallowing in self-pity here, some of this I did deserve, after all I posted too much (according to FB). I apparently am an influencer (as if I have any power of any kind there), and I’m a socially prominent lesbian (yeah, right). Let’s face it, we all know FB is homophobic. The frat guys that started it are still in power, still living that mentality, and homophobic. Also, when the Asian farms they contracted with to run FB when the Earth is turned and in their hemisphere (and America is asleep), it’s actually illegal in some of those countries to be a homosexual. So then, they put their social mores, some of their country rules and regulations on the rest of us. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, thought I’d let you all know what’s going on now…sigh.