Malicious Malice ~ An Audiobook narrated by Desarae Holland

Alice is angry!  She wants revenge for her sister’s death…and her lesbian lover is her target!
Is it ever safe to anger a psychopathic killer?  Justifiable homicide is a dangerous game, but then Alice is the master.  Watch as Alice strikes back in a unique way that promises to exact precisely the revenge she needs.

Mistaken Malice ~ An Audiobook narrated by Desarae Holland

Making mistakes is something Alice DOESN’T do.  Can she deal with the fact that someone might have died in error?  How will she deal with it when someone else makes a fatal mistake?
Senators Cecelia and Ken Edwards enter into Alice’s arena, but are they more interested in her money, her power, or her desirable body?  Pursuing this ‘friendship’ will create consequences none of them intended…

Malice Masterpieces 1 ~ An Audiobook narrated by Desarae Holland

The First Five Booksincluding Mysterious Malice (Book 1), Meticulous Malice (Book 2), Mistaken Malice (Book 3), Malicious Malice (Book 4) Masterful Malice (Book 5)

The Claim ~ An Audiobook narrated by Cassandra Arnold

Anna Schmidt is too independent for a woman of the 1800s.  Worse yet she doesn’t have a man to curb her unwomanly tendencies.  When she takes a claim of one-hundred-sixty acres and then another one-hundred-sixty acres for a tree claim, has she taken on more than she can handle?  It’s work that could cripple a man; a woman alone can’t expect help or understanding when she takes on this one willingly.  Flooding, blizzards, heat, dust, and an incredible amount of physical labor are all set to do this determined woman in.  She takes it on and through the years succeeds despite the odds, despite not having a man to depend on, showing herself and the world that this woman not only can but will make a home, a farm, and a ranch on the wild prairies.  Follow along in her journal telling of her experiences. 

FB disabled my account ~ again

Can we say persecuted? Really? I mean, I get that they felt I had violated their community standards with the first two accounts, but then I started another and they deleted that one too. This time, this is my ONLY account. I do NOT have a ‘back up’. I did not start another. And yet, today, I get the notification that I violated their community standards and I’m locked out of my account ~ again. Um, hello? I have one, and one account only. Is someone reporting me? (if so, get over yourself) Is my name flagged? (why?). I sincerely do not ‘get it’ that I’m being continually harassed this way. I’m not doing anything other than enjoying my friends, playing my games, and posting my pictures. Is that the problem? I do not know. But, they asked for identification, again, which I gave them, again. Let’s see if that works. However, given the previous indicators, it won’t and I will have lost my FB account, AGAIN. This is not fun.

I do wish to apologize to those who I have sent friend requests to, over, and over, and over AGAIN. I know it can be confusing, some of you have even blocked me thinking it was a bot, but I assure you, I just want to see your posts, comment occasionally, enjoy the social aspect of social media. This SUCKS!

Bigfoot in the Bedroom

I’m on some pretty good drugs due to my back pain.  They decided on a muscle relaxant to try to see if that helped (it doesn’t) but boy do these things make me sleep and give me vivid dreams.

The other morning, I had a dream about bigfoot, you know Sasquatch, a Yeti, you get the drift.  In the dream I tried laughing and the dream wouldn’t let me.  I sort of woke up but was still in the dream and I swear there was bigfoot at the end of my bed in dust motes.  I tried that odd little laugh again because I knew I was dreaming, I knew it wasn’t really there, and yet, the shadows showed it there in my bedroom!  It even moved.  Instead, what came out was this weird moaning laugh-scream that wouldn’t frighten anything but me…well, maybe a cat if I had one.  The thing is, I knew I was dreaming.  I knew it was ludicrous, and yet, I tried to laugh-scream.

On the walls of my bedroom (until that next day) are wall hangings.  One at the end of the bed is a beautiful and colorful hanging that is velvety soft, royal blue, and I got on one of my first trips to Disneyland in California.  I have loved that thing for over 35 years.  The light shining in through the bedroom windows was shining on that wall hanging.  In front of that wall-hanging was the dust mote version of bigfoot.  I knew he couldn’t possibly be there, and yet; he was and the shadows didn’t help things since he moved!

I hope you got a good laugh out of this as I did, knowing it wasn’t real and yet in my sleep befuddled mind, it was.  Aren’t drugs great?

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