Shadoe Publishing has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Wausau Awards in the category of Local Business. — Shadoe Publishing

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Shadoe Publishing has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Wausau Awards in the category of Local Business. — Shadoe Publishing

Conservó (Kept, in Spanish)

Hay muchas formas en que una mujer puede ser MANTENIDA, no solo financieramente, sino también emocional, físicamente y muchas más.

Alexis no se mantiene en el sentido estándar de la palabra. Tiene su propia vida, su propio dinero, es su propia mujer y, sin embargo, Sasha sigue tirando de ella… una idea intrigante para todos los que nos preguntamos ¿qué es?

Sería como tener fondos ilimitados para hacer lo que queramos, cuando queramos y con quién …

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Ràpidito ~ Contra el Coche (Quickie, Against the car ~ in Spanish)

Basado en una telenovela española de Madrid, España, esta historia corta es mi opinión sobre lo que hubiera sucedido si hubiera estado allí.

Estaba muy enojado cuando me atacaron …

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My brain is back…

As mentioned in previous blogs I suffer from Chemo-brain.  This is from having had cancer in 2001 and the treatment caused this, lasting the rest of my life.  You learn to live with it, work around it, and eventually kind of forget you HAVE it.  You just deal with forgetting things, having things on the tip of your tongue, and almost as though you have half a brain.  For some, this can be devastating.  For others, they didn’t have that half of brain in the first place.  I was rather upset as it reminded me of the brain problems I had after having had children, you take about 3-years to come back to being yourself, and in my case, I got pregnant again, and then again, so it lasted even longer.  I learned to live with it but I did resent seeing one of my sons, with my wicked sense of humor able to snap off quick-witted answers (okay, smart-alec answers, we all know I’m THAT person) so readily…that used to be me!

This is not to be confused with Fog-brain, the after-effect or long-term effects of having had Covid 19.  That’s a whole different animal.  With fog brain, you are tired, listless frequently, take a lot of naps, and it just seems to linger.  It causes depression, antipathy, and like chemo-brain, things are on the tip of your tongue but you can’t get them out.  You lose your train of thought so badly that the train has hit you in the forehead.  So many times I can’t find a word that I know I knew.  I’ve dealt with that for two years and the doctors I asked for help, treated symptoms, but sleeping 16-18 hours a day is no help.  I wanted to WRITE!  I COULDN’T write if I couldn’t concentrate or stay awake.  They weren’t too sympathetic, mostly because this virus and its long-term effects aren’t really known.  It also affects people differently, so there is no standard, no norm that they can go with.  So, treating the symptoms is all they have.

Well, I don’t know if it was my grief and the intense crying I did or WHAT, but last week the fog lifted and I was able to get a tremendous amount of work DONE!  It was like the days of old and I worried each and every day that it would be taken away again, the fog would come back.  I’m still worrying of course.  Meanwhile, I’m making hay while the sun shines and getting as much done as I physically possibly can.  So many things behind the scenes that ya’ll don’t realize you do until people see the final results.  Getting these books out in Spanish, short stories and novellas alike.  Making new covers, formatting, and correcting things.  I was in heaven but now collecting the URLs after publishing them and announcing them on this blog are taking up a lot of my time, meanwhile, I have other books for my authors to work on too!

I’m very optimistic right now.  I’m feeling ‘normal’ as I wait for the tests to scan my body and determine if there is cancer in there and if it has metastasized to my brain.  One moment my author’s mind thinks of the ‘story’ behind this, then the paranoid me thinks the worst.  There are some ups and downs.  Getting my work done and out though, has its perks and is making me feel good.  It also exhausts me in a good way, knowing I’m accomplishing something, anything.  I’ll keep you updated as I find out things.  Please hit the subscribe button down below so you get this blog delivered to your email when I come out with new information.  You can choose to ignore those things that don’t relate to you or don’t interest you, but at least you are getting the 411.

Thanks for all the well wishes and those who are following along on my journey.

Los Bikinis Son Peligrosas 1

Esto es lo que pasa cuando me pongo un bikini por primera vez. Una breve historia erótica que cuenta una historia para aquellos que entienden que los BIKINIS SON PELIGROSOS!

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Noche Familiar 1 (Family Life 1, in Spanish)

Melinda y Em tienen Noche Familiar el jueves por la noche.

Una relación amorosa cálida, un cuerpo amoroso cálido, ¿quién no querría volver a casa con eso? ¿Qué les sucede a Melinda y Em en la noche familiar …

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Ups & Downs

Last week I had some of the most intense and tragic events in my life, EVER.  And, that’s saying something.  I think I was reeling in shock most of the week.  Coupled with depression, some of it nearly fatal, and news that really knocked me over, it was not a great week, hence the title of my last blog, My week from hell

Since then, I’ve felt like I’ve slowly been coming out of my fog.  Literally as well as figuratively.  Living with the long-term effects of Covid, I literally have had this fog for two years now.  The last 2-3 days though it lifted enough that I’ve been working my butt off, getting work out that I’ve procrastinated on because I couldn’t concentrate.  Except for a headache that has been there for about three months, I’m coping and able to ignore it.  I have to wonder if the headache is from the brain mass. (Ya think?).

So, over the next few days (those of you not interested you may wish to ignore the next three dozen blogs about Spanish books) I’m releasing various books that I’ve been formatting, making the covers for, and editing (yeah, my Spanish isn’t great, but some things are universal, thank goodness for the basic Latin languages).  I even signed a contract to do about half of them in Italian so I get to do all this AGAIN in about six months (I actually love doing that once it’s all figured out, making the covers, formatting the e-books).

Not only have I been working like mad (you do have to work while you have the time, the energy, and the fog has lifted) but…I’ve been in an extraordinary GOOD mood.  I’m a fairly optimistic soul (even when the glass is half-empty, cracked, and leaking ~ Oh look, more room for alcohol (I rarely drink)) and I try to always find the silver lining.  That silver has been tarnished of late and the blows kept coming, but I have to say the last few days were GREAT!  As a good friend say, the REAL me IS inside there, Alive and Well.  Well, it’s nice to see me again and it inspires me to work while I can because I honestly don’t know HOW LONG this will last.  That’s what worries me, falling back into that abyss.

I’ve been trying to get in to get the three scans that the neuro-doctor ordered.  The knee jerk reaction of all insurance companies is to refuse, because, you know…COST!  The fact that people’s lives hang in the balance of their paper-pushing decisions really sucks.  I get that there are doctors out there who order tests that not only are unnecessary, but expensive.  However, some of these are necessary and waiting on them is part of the stress. 

I got a phone call on Monday but because I am a night-owl, she called too early for me to get the call.  She left a voicemail and talked so FAST I could NOT understand her.  I had to listen to it 3x before I understood what she was saying, really!  Then, about 7 minutes later another call came in, a computer calling me to say the same thing, that the coverage was denied but they added that I could appeal their decision by calling a number.  When I woke up, I called within a half an hour, once I’d had time to process what I had heard.  They told me they would allow the scans with contrast but not without contrast (oh joy, another IV in my arm).  That was on Tuesday (because you know, worrying over the weekend was fun and all that, and it was a holiday weekend to boot).  I called my doctor’s office immediately (try to get through THAT switchboard, wow) to let them know that the scans were approved and hopefully to schedule them.  They hadn’t heard that.

I also called later on Tuesday (to several departments), again on Wednesday, and today on Thursday.  Finally, today someone called me back and I kind of gave her hell for how rude it is not to return phone calls.  Now, I realize I am NOT their ONLY patient, I even said that, but returning a call is important because MY HEALTH is important to ME.  I have plans and they are put on hold as I contemplate my health issues.  As of now, I’m STILL waiting for them to schedule the scans because they still don’t have word (that I got 3 days ago) that they are approved, WTH!

Ah well, watch for the many, many, many blogs coming through.  I’ll try to keep them down to a minimum, but there are a lot of short-stories translated into Spanish that I’m putting out.  One in Italian, and more on the way!  Thanks for following my blog and check out my website.

Meme, because, it’s funny … and true in a lot of cases.