Menage a WHAT?, 2nd edition

Menage a WHAT

Lenny gives her femme, Zoe an ultimate fantasy-come-true with a little help from her friends Xandra and Yolanda. A butch’s dream…making her girlfriend’s fantasies come true…

Check it out on my website for all the links to purchase it, or download it direct.  For .99, it’s a bargain!

The Bookcase, 2nd edition

The Book-Case 1000.jpg

The perfect apartment…or is it? Detective Becky Bonnie just wants a home in a safe area for her and her family. It’s cozy, beautiful, and reasonably priced. She can’t believe they got the beautiful place…but there is a catch as mysterious things begin to happen. What if you aren’t quite alone in your apartment…ever?

A mystery for only .99!  Check it on my website, download it direct, or the links are there for your favorite outlet.


Internet Dreamers, 2nd edition

Internet Dreamers Cover

Leah is blonde, Anglo, and until recently was unable to fulfill the fantasies she’d been having for months about her internet friend.  A sudden windfall allows her to seek out her friend, her potential lover, and fulfill those wants, desires, and fantasies.

Carmen, a Latina, has never had feelings like this for an Anglo.  And her friends cannot understand her being faithful to a woman she has never met.

When Leah and Carmen meet for the first time, it is explosive!

Please check it out on my website, download it direct, or all the links where you can purchase this .99 erotic fantasy.

Agitated, 2nd edition

Agitated 2

Alone in the Laundromat can she get away with what she needs to do, does she dare? What about when she is discovered?

A nice erotic short story for a mere $0.99!  Purchase it direct from my website or click on the links…either way, click here.

Love of my LIFE, 2nd edition

Love of my LIFE

When I meet the love of my life, a whirlwind romance of love, passion, and happily ever after will follow, right?  Marriage…until DEATH do us part.

Drama, intrigue, romance, and passion…what a great combination for $0.99!

Available here with all the corresponding links!

The Other Women, 2nd edition

The Other Women.jpg

What would you do if you suspected your spouse was cheating on you?  Quinn thinks a little ‘revenge’ is in order when her wife is found out to be cheating….

A nice little dramatic story for a mere $0.99!

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Vetted ~ A Review

Check out this GREAT review on Megan the Misconception Megan Publishing Services by Owen Jones over at Modern Indie Books – “well-edited; being easily the most professionally put together Indie novel that I have ever read.”

Vetted Final Cover

Snoggered, 2nd edition

Looking for a little erotica?  A short story to fill a few minutes?  The bonus of a few chapters of one of my novels?  Take a look at Snoggered for a mere .99!

Snoggered Cover

What happens when my girl has a few too many?

Available on my website, as well as all the links to retailers that will carry it.  A few won’t because of it’s erotic content…but that won’t keep you all from enjoying it or finding it elsewhere!  ENJOY!