My birthday giveaway

On my birthday this year I am planning on giving away 10 books a day for 10 days (my birthday is November 10th).  On my birthday my 100th published work: Vetted Again will be released.  I’m giving this gift to you, my followers, fans, and friends.  You enter here and you can enter EVERY, SINGLE, DAY!  You earn points by sharing it, signing up for my blog, commenting on my blog, as well as my fan page on Facebook!  Share on Twitter, Facebook, with your friends to earn points.  Those with the most points WIN the story of their choice from the following published works.  There is romance, drama, mystery, and intrigue!  From Shorts, to Novellas, to Novels, surely there is SOMETHING for EVERYONE!  You can see them at


27 Years ago TODAY!

How many of you can say you remember what you were doing that many years ago?  I do.  That was a rather rough week.  I was suffering from the flu, in and out of the hospital all week only to go back for more hydration in the form of an I.V. drip.  My doctor was sick of seeing me.

27 years ago today was a Thursday, and I remember it so vividly because of what happened that evening.  Since I’d been so ill, I had to be ‘careful’ about what I ate.  I felt so good that day that I craved lasagna.  A favorite still.  So, we got Stouffers and I got my lasagna.  Well, a few hours later I began to have stomach pains.  Chock it up to too much too soon?  Or should I mention I also happened to be very, very pregnant at the time?  When my husband at the time (Hey, yes I AM a lesbian NOW, but I was young and stupid and trying heterosexuality)….said, how do you tell the difference between flu cramps and being in labor?   Well, I was 23 at the time and I’d already had a baby so of course I knew it all!  That’s what I told him, I would KNOW!  Well, when those flu cramps got five minutes apart, he called the doctor.  I told them, I didn’t mind going into the hospital just as long as I didn’t miss my favorite show which was due on that night.  Those were the days when you had to wait the entire season to see what you missed in one night for a rerun…if you got that!  At the time my favorite show was L.A. Law…hello Susan Dey anyone?2120587  Well, I got my wish.  They got me into a room and I refused to contribute ANYTHING to the delivery of my son until I could watch the entire episode.  How’s that for a devoted fan?

A few hours later I was willing to get that baby out of me and I cooperated.  Not bad!  I think I’ll keep him.  Happy Birthday Andrew!  (He’s given the name I would have been given had I been a boy).  Btw, I’m STILL trying to lose that baby fat!



Forty-Nine FEELS like Fraud!

1Today on what is my forty ninth birthday I’m reflecting (what author doesn’t do a LOT of THAT?)

I mean, it REALLY feels surreal to realize that I’m this age!  Where does that time go?  Forty Nine though SOUNDS like you are faking that you aren’t really in your FIFTIETH birth year (btw, someone wished me a happy fiftieth and I corrected her VERY frostily).

I mean, I could say, I’m 29 and holding…but then I want to know what am I holding?

I could say I’m 29 with 20 years experience, now THAT sounds plausible.

But 49?  When the hell did I get this age?  I don’t consider 49 to be old!  I know I don’t LOOK it! SexyKAnne

I KNOW I’ve been genetically blessed and on a REALLY good day, can pass for my 30’s.  But 49???  How the hell did I grow up?

Well, since I wasn’t supposed to live to see my 35th birthday, I’ll take it! (Do you believe in Miracles).   Each and EVERY year is a blessing.

Yes, I’m older, the body is falling apart, but I am HERE.  I’m writing fabulous stories, none of which would have been published it I hadn’t taken a chance in 2001 on an experiment!  I’m here, I’m queer, and look out at what I plan to STILL accomplish!  Yeah, the body is not in the best shape, but cancer, broken and sprained bones, and illness will plague it!  I’ll be that little ole lady that bitches and moans about the aches and pains, but I’ll do it with a sense of humor and a sparkle in my eye…I’ve earned each and every worn out joint, each and every break, and each and everything that I’ve overcome!  I’m a fighter, I’m here to tell you!

Meanwhile, as I contemplate my FIFTIETH birth year….I’m gonna relish EACH and EVERY day!

And, if you WANT to get me a present?  Please go to my website and buy me a book (for you of course)…and yes, that’s a shameless plug!  Lol!  And, while you are at it? Review