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Melissa Lawrence’s life had been planned out for her.  As a wife in the upper echelon of New York society, she was expected to take her place among some of the wealthiest people in America.  A society that judges you on your looks will ignore certain things because of the money your family possesses, which you will eventually inherit; however, certain peccadillos will never be acceptable, and as Melissa becomes Mel and begins to realize her potential, life sends her on a journey she never could have anticipated.

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I want to thank the wonderful voice of Rachel Quinn Haines who brought this incredible novella to life.  Fortunately, she has agreed to do several of the Women Down Under Series!

Outback Native ~ A Woman Down Under Series

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ღ A Woman Down Under Series ღ


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Alinta Lawrence, helping her wife to establish a station in her native outback, learning white ways, is finding it a challenge for the primitive woman.  Having a child to raise with her wife, there is so much to learn, about the white woman’s world.  She’s amazed and sometimes overwhelmed by the things these white people seem to need in their lives, will she be able to cope with it all?

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Ships ~ 2nd edition

Okay, before you discard this blog as ‘oh, just another 2nd edition’ let me tell you this is the LAST one!  We finally got through my tremendous backlog of books, had them tweaked, edited, and even new covers made for many.  This was my first published book, my first published anything actually.

I wrote SHIPS in 2003 over the course of two weeks.  A story had come to me so strong that I felt it was like an exorcism to get it out of my brain and onto the computer.  I thought about the plot, the story line, while I worked.  Fortunately, I was self-employed running an international company and could multi-task like that.  I didn’t know if I was a lesbian, but a story about lesbians is what came to me and the result was SHIPS.  Something told me, either finish it ASAP or you will NEVER finish it…I met my first girlfriend after a week of writing….

SHIPS was tweaked many times before I got up the courage to actually publish it in 2011.  I didn’t have editors then and did the ‘best’ I could at the time.  Still, it’s a strong story and now that it has been edited, even makes me more nostalgic for the familiar story.

If this is your first read of this story, I hope you enjoy it.  If you’ve read it before, it’s now not really different, but definitely better.

Ships Front CoverHave you ever met a person that you just were in sync with?  You knew immediately that they were someone special for you?  Would you know how lucky you were?  Would you know they were the one?

What do you do when you fall in love with a woman, when you thought you were straight?  Dealing with this unusual relationship brings a lot of “firsts” to Joan’s life.

Joan is a world-renowned artist who has always identified as straight, has three children, and is content with her life when she meets Grace, a respected psychiatrist who also happens to be a lesbian.  Joan is conflicted and has to deal with her feelings, the incredible woman she finds herself in love with, and the relationship that occurs over the next twenty-years.

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Mega Lesfic Sale

So thrilled to be in the company of so many great authors, participating in the Fall Mega Lesfic Sale starting Monday September 10 and going until the 14th.  Please click on their link so that they not only get the credit for all the work that they did to put his HUGE event together, but so you can peruse the various titles available!

I’ve discounted a couple of mine just for this event.

Pirated Love is being offered.  It is the first in my Pirated Series (Includes Pirated Heart and Pirated Life-due in Spring 2019).  A historical romance about love in the 1500’s on a ship with a female pirate captain!  Pirated Love Full Cover D

Next up I’m offering Vetted, the first of five novels in the Vetted Series (includes Cavalcade and Pioneering which have been in the top 5 of LGBT Historical Fiction for months!)  Later this week Vetted Further is coming out, although it is already up on the website, (earlier than originally slated), followed up by Vetted Again (due in November)-all three of these latter ones are modern westerns about a Veterinarian and her wife.

Vetted Final Cover Vetted Further Cover.jpg

And finally, last, but certainly NOT least, the first of 25 novellas in a Murdery-Mystery series called MaliceMysterious Malice.  For those of you going, but, I’ve only seen that there are twenty two, you haven’t visited my website lately, have you?  I put up three more in coming releases on the novella page weeks ago!  Lol.  These intriguing mysteries tell the tale of a lesbian serial killer who ends up being an anti-hero you will learn to love because she kicks @$$!

Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover



So, go on over to the Mega Lesfic Sale and cruise around for the many lesfic titles in the various genre’s you will find there, they are discounted for this event!  With over 100 books and 60 various authors, you are sure to find SOMETHING!  You can even try a few new ones you might not have before!  Let’s give T.B. Markinson the credit for coordinating this monstrous event!





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Need to CHANGE something…HELP would be appreciated


I understand that the big companies such as Amazon generally class lesbian literature under LGBT and leave it at that.  I don’t know about gay literature, because, I don’t buy it.  However, I noticed that when you go just to look for it, especially for newbies who are looking for stories about themselves, you get INUNDATED with gay fiction if you are looking for lesbian fiction.  It’s rather annoying as an author, a publisher, and a promoter to have my books competing with something that shouldn’t be a competition.  Their books have merit, but there are more gay fiction books out there than there is of lesbian fiction.

I want to change that, I want more lesbian fiction.  I also want to make it EASIER for people to find the stories that are part of their lives.  Having lesbian fiction and gay fiction separated may do just that.

I’ve started a petition under to TRY to get Amazon to help our marginalized books the attention they deserve.  Let’s separate the two genre’s and have all the categories available under them.  So if you are looking at the top 10, 20, or 100 in Lesbian Fiction, then ONLY lesbian labeled books come up and they aren’t ‘competing’ with other books that they shouldn’t be.

Labeling your books, that is under the correct categories and tags isn’t the issue…you know if your book is Action-Adventure, Romance, Mystery, etc…it’s the fact that it is Lesbian Literature and not Gay Literature that is the issue.

Please help me by signing the petition and sharing it everywhere on social media or wherever readers of lesbian literature may congregate.  Perhaps, if we get enough ‘attention’ from this sign up, we can get Jeff Bezos of Amazon and his powers-that-be to change this one little thing for us.

Thank you in advance!

Click here to sign up and share.  If you have a webrowser not allowing you to sign in to my links, here is the direct link:


The other day I announced the release of Cavalcade, hurray.  Had a minor hiccup when Amazon released it and didn’t let you all use the links!  Finally got THAT fixed…but here’s the truth, I didn’t release just one book, I released three, because, well, they are WRITTEN, and two of them are just waiting on editing and proofing and beta readers, you know, that stuff that makes us writers look good!

There are four books in the series so far.  The first, Vetted, takes place in modern times and was released in August 2017.  The second, Cavalcade, was released in June 2018.  Cavalcade is a prequel to Vetted and takes place 170 years prior.  The third, Pioneering, is due to be released in August 2018 and is the sequel to CavalcadePioneering takes place in the years immediately following Cavalcade.  The fourth, Vetted Further, is due to be released in September 2018 and is a sequel to Vetted.

These are complete, stand-alone books, which you can read in any order.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Please follow my blog to learn about these and other releases.  I’ve made a couple of these books available for presale.  Click on the links now to purchase your copy:




Vetted Further



First cut-off date approaching

Contest Features: Chance to win a beautiful crystal award featuring your name and the title of your book. Chance for free advertising and marketing for the author and their award-winning book. Chance to be in several major LGBT magazines and blogs—free publicity for you and your book. Become an “award-winning author”! Book awards grab the […]

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