Small Town Angel ~ Audiobook

Small Town Angel

Small towns are notorious for secrets … but what if you bring your secrets with you?

Amy Adams arrives in Northpoint, Wisconsin on a Greyhound bus.  Small towns are well known for not taking to strangers, but THIS stranger decides to stay.

Amy has a look around and to her, it ‘feels’ like home. She rents a cabin in the woods outside of town and proceeds to look for a place to open a store.  Renting to own from one of the locals, she soon finds herself making friends and making waves.  She won’t discuss where she is from and has nothing to say about her past.

People are extremely curious. This Southern Belle has them talking.

Abby Shipman, the Chief of Police in this neck of the woods, is intrigued by the decidedly mysterious and straight redheaded whirlwind that has blown into town. It’s strange that she won’t talk about her past, and she is certainly uncomfortable around Abby … or is it cops in general?

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Shanghaied ~ Audiobook


Melissa Lawrence’s life had been planned out for her.  As a wife in the upper echelon of New York society, she was expected to take her place among some of the wealthiest people in America.  A society that judges you on your looks will ignore certain things because of the money your family possesses, which you will eventually inherit; however, certain peccadillos will never be acceptable, and as Melissa becomes Mel and begins to realize her potential, life sends her on a journey she never could have anticipated.

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I want to thank the wonderful voice of Rachel Quinn Haines who brought this incredible novella to life.  Fortunately, she has agreed to do several of the Women Down Under Series!

The Journey Home ~ Audiobook

The Journey Home Audiobook

In the midst of the Great Depression, Cassandra (Cass) Scheimer is trying to keep the family farm afloat in the Big Woods of Wisconsin…alone.  As a local midwife and struggling backwoods doctor, she certainly doesn’t need more mouths to feed. 

Stephanie Evans is a widow enceinte with her third child.  She accepts a kind strangers offer of marriage in exchange for keeping house for him…but he never shows up to claim her.  While dealing with unrequited guilt and the desperation of impoverished motherhood, falling in love with Cass is the least of her worries.

For Cass, having been in love with a woman once before, she feels it couldnt possibly happen twice.  When it does, Cass is convinced the love cannot be returned.  Can she and Stephanie keep it hidden from the prying eyes of children and the meddling neighbors in this small rural community?    

Can Cass deal with the guilt she feels over her brothers injury, an injury that prevents him from doing his duty for their country?  Joining the Nursing Corps may put too much stress on her newfound relationship with Stephanie.  The woman who returns from the war and the woman left behind on the farm are not the same people who once fell in love.  Can they return to being lovers after years spent apart?  Destiny put them in each other’s path, but World War II has them tearing apart. 

This is The Journey Home.

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This happens to be one of ‘favorite’ babies.  The farmhouse I used in this story actually exists and I was born into it.  It’s located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was my mother’s favorite home.  I think, due to her stories of the Depression Era, this story took shape from my recollections.  My aunt was stationed in Hawaii, as a nurse after the Japanese bombed it.  I just enjoy this story, even hearing it read to me by the incredible voice of Cassandra Arnold.  It is just a coincidence that the main character’s name is Cass, which I took after a childhood friend named Cassandra.  Enjoy this wonderful narration of my beloved story, The Journey Home ~ K’A. M

Shorts ~ Audiobook


Formerly released as EROTICA, this book is being re-released as SHORTS containing 20 short stories including: 1. Bent over Backwards 2. Fantasy 3. Wet 4. Family Night 5. Bikini’s are Dangerous 6. Quickie ~ Against the Car 7. Kept 8. Quickie ~ Against the Wall 9. Quickie ~ Over the Couch 10. Mile High Club 11. Ghostly Love 12. Quickie ~ Under the Pier 13. Bikini’s are Dangerous 2 14. On the Parkway 15. Stable Affair 16. Dream of the Beach 17. Bikini’s are Dangerous 3 18. Heel or Heal 19. Wet ~ Again 20. Kiss

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Beach Dreams ~ Audiobook

Beach Dreams

A fantastic dream that they made a reality. Sometimes dreams do come true…

Hasn’t there always been a place you wanted to go to, that you dreamed about? What if you made it a reality with the one that you love? All your fantasies and dreams come true?

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