Cavalcade ~ Audiobook

Pleased to announce that Cavalcade is available on Amazon and Audible and coming soon to iTunes.

cavalcade audio

Molly didn’t know what kind of life to expect when she fell in love with Erin Herriot—her schoolmate, her best friend, and a woman.  She had been grateful for Erin’s friendship when the bank swindled her after selling her parents’ farm and she was invited to live on Erin’s parents’ farm. 

After making the difficult decision to live life as ‘man and wife,’ Molly gladly accepted the challenges before them.  Together, they made the decision to sell Erin’s farm and embark on the journey of a lifetime…on the Oregon Trail.

Erin couldn’t give Molly children; however, she could love her forever.  But leaving the area where they had both grown up and where everyone knew the women was the only way they could be together without questions about the true nature of their relationship. 

Come along on their adventure as two women cross the country, adopt a family, and begin a life that neither had imagined possible growing up in the mid-1800s


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The Rockhound on Audio

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Sam is a unique woman—she goes after what she wants in life, wherever it may take her.  This time she is in Southeast Asia to pan for diamonds in the islands.  It’s dirty, hot, and dangerous work, but her trip is worth it when she finds what she came for.  The adventure is great and finding a woman who is intrigued by her is an added bonus!  Felicia joins Sam on her next trip to search for these elusive stones…but could this trip deep into the jungle be fatal for them both?

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New Audio Books in progress

I am thrilled to announce that Daniela Acitelli has agreed to read the Malice Series of books starting with Mysterious Malice for Audible.  No set date yet on the release, but I’ll keep you apprised as I find out the particulars.   Let’s hope this is the first of the MANY Malice books available for your enjoyment.

Mysterious Malice Audio

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Sapphic Surfer ~ Audiobook!

Sapphic Surfer Audible Final Cover.jpg

Ashley is a Midwestern girl who is enjoying the life in Southern California.  She learns to surf, a lifelong dream that wasn’t possible in Illinois.  Now she meets professional surfer Willow Samuels who becomes a good friend to her.  How good isn’t really apparent until she realizes there is a mutual attraction.  Can a virgin such as Ashley cope with the feelings that are building inside her for the famous surfer?  Can a Midwestern girl with all the morals and hang-ups ingrained in her overcome them to actually enter into a Sapphic romance with this woman?

Ashley is conflicted when she realizes she is having feelings for her famous friend Willow.  When Willow makes a pass at her she realizes that her friend is gay and attracted to her, how can she overcome a lifetime of ethics and values that just might destroy the happiness that Willow offers her?


Sapphic Surfer was my FIRST best-selling novella.  It’s a little rough here and there but the story is still very sweet.  I’m so thrilled to offer you this book as an audio book!  It is already out on Audio and Amazon and coming soon to iBooks.  Click here for the links.

Doctored, Audiobook ~ Reviews

Doctored Audible

 Beautifully crafted reunion romance

The opening of the book has Madison receive exotic flowers from a secret admirer. Discovering who sent her the flowers takes her back into the past when she spent time in Africa as a Nurse. There she first met the smart and enigmatic doctor Deanna Cooper and fell slowly in love with her. The fear of gossip and rejection has her end the relationship before they could figure out if their love could flourish.
Ten years later in a hospital in Los Angeles the two woman meet again, the life they led had changed and matured them. They form a tentative friendship in the sometimes hostile environment of a LA Hospital and old feelings start to raise their head.

The story has wonderfully developed characters that draw you in from the first chapter and have you fall in love with them. Exotic places throughout the the book draw you in and the description and narration make it easy to picture Madison and Deanna in the African countryside as well as working side by side ten years later.
K’Anne Meinel has a great way of showing all the little things that just happen in life and make up the big picture of a young woman maturing into adulthood.

I loved the way Amelia Patricks brings the individual characters to life with their own unique voice and draws you deep into the story.

 Linda D

This was a great story, I really enjoyed it. Great how it explained the beginning of the relationship. I would like to say more, but you need to read the book. No spoil alerts here.
Thank you K’Anne Meinel.

 Loved It

This was an excellent, well written book that I didn’t want to stop listening to and I definitely didn’t want it to end. I will definitely be reading and listening to more books written by K’Anne. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars to the performance was because it seemed like some of the characters accents came and went!! Otherwise, fantastic all the way around!

 Even better as an audiobook

I read this book several months ago and really enjoyed it. The narration made it even better. The story is fantastic, and the narrator really captured the characters.


If Wilbur Smith wrote lesbian fiction it would be like this. Easy listening, decent storyline.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent!, July 4, 2018
This review is from: Doctored (Audible Audiobook)
It is a realistic narrative of the difficulty in acceptance of Love when it is judged and wrongly condemned by society!

Doctored, the book on tape


Well, we’ve started the process over at Shadoe Publishing of getting my best-selling book Doctored out as a book on tape.  Do they even put them on tape anymore?  I guess we could just say a book on Audible because that’s where it’s all at.  I’m really pleased with the audition I got for it and I’ve put this ‘teaser’ up on my website for Doctored.

This is the first of I hope many, we will see what or who comes in to audition for other books I am planning on releasing this way.

The first time I heard a book on tape, I believe was the Harry Potter books.  My sons and I would listen to them as we commuted between our two homes in California (four hours, one way) and many times we would stop in Morro Bay, sit by the rock, and listen to them for an extra hour or so.  Jim Dahl, the recording artist/actor did a brilliant job and his voices, were great.  We all really enjoyed the experience.  The rule was, you had to have read the book first1200px-Harry_Potter_wordmark.svg, or we couldn’t listen to the tapes, and later the discs.  It made for some frantic reading, but it also gave both my boys an appreciation for the books.  My mother, the first time she heard the story read to her this way was charmed by it, and admitted how much she enjoyed the experience.


My second most memorable time that I listened to an audio recording of a book was The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith, and I only listened to that because the movie Carol was coming out and it was a book about a woman/woman relationship.  Come on, Cate Blanchett?  Who wouldn’t want to watch her?

I hope you will watch this space (my blog), sign up for it and, if you haven’t read the book already, at least go to my website to listen to the clip…maybe even by the Audible recording when it comes

Thanks for your support!

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