Charming Thief ~ Snake Island, 2nd edition

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What do you do when you are offered more money for one single act than most people can make in a year?  What do you do with skills so refined that only a thief can appreciate them?  Do you enjoy travel?  Seeing the world?  Meeting new and exciting people?  How can you put all these things into one package and call it a “career”?

Simone, Marie, Jane, Adelina, Mary or whatever name she chooses to use at the moment, has a unique set of skills and a different outlook on life.  Anonymous and pretty, she uses anything at her fingertips to get the job done.  Join her as she uses them to go to one of the most dangerous islands in the world to bring back a specific item for a client who has commissioned her.  Will she be able to obtain it when she finds out she has been misled?  Will it kill her, get her killed, or will she wind up in a Brazilian prison for the rest of her days?

This mystery-drama was great fun to write because this island ACTUALLY exists!  You can purchase it here by clicking on the link.

Five Star

5.0 out of 5
on January 8, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I have enjoyed the Malice series and now K’AM has a new protagonist of morally questionable values. A modern Irene Adler or Modesty Blaise. To tell you the truth, I was hesitant about finally reading this book. As a seemingly side character in the Malice series, Simone seemed to me to be of only passing interest.
However, within a few pages of beginning “Thief of Snake Island”, I became enchanted with K’Am’s clever plotting and how she revealed Simone’s character as a truly complex personality. Who had labored and fought as necessary to create a better life for herself.
And for all us Alice fans there is very interesting background material of the years the two women spent together as students and how their lasting friendship evolved.
There is a previous ebook to the “Thief” series, that I will have to acquire and I look forward to those that will follow out of K’Anne Meinal’s artistic imagineering.


The Bookcase, 2nd edition

The Book-Case 1000.jpg

The perfect apartment…or is it? Detective Becky Bonnie just wants a home in a safe area for her and her family. It’s cozy, beautiful, and reasonably priced. She can’t believe they got the beautiful place…but there is a catch as mysterious things begin to happen. What if you aren’t quite alone in your apartment…ever?

A mystery for only .99!  Check it on my website, download it direct, or the links are there for your favorite outlet.


Love of my LIFE, 2nd edition

Love of my LIFE

When I meet the love of my life, a whirlwind romance of love, passion, and happily ever after will follow, right?  Marriage…until DEATH do us part.

Drama, intrigue, romance, and passion…what a great combination for $0.99!

Available here with all the corresponding links!


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Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover

Meeting a mysterious woman in a bar, Deirdre’s life begins to change.  Alice discovers the abuse that Deirdre has been experiencing at the hands of her handsome and powerful husband.  But what can a petite woman such as Alice do to help her out of this bad situation?  And what will she want in exchange for that help?

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I haven’t been blogging much, probably because deep down I’m a wee bit depressed.  I try NOT to get political on here, but who can help in their daily lives?  I’m going to ignore that depression, the politics that cause it, because, as a writer you can’t make up these things, the facts alone are enough for a thriller.  Meanwhile, I work on, through the depression, through the fears, through the crap…and work on books that I hope my friends, fans, and followers will enjoy.

In the coming months I have several books coming out, one is at the editor, another I’m finishing up on, and another two I’m still writing…hope you watch out for them and enjoy them as much as I do putting them out there:


Joy Parker had the perfect childhood.  Doted on by her parents, she couldn’t imagine her childhood any different.  As a child and later a young adult, she’s ignored by her much older siblings, made to feel the outsider…until a tragedy occurs, altering her life in ways she couldn’t possibly have imagined.

The next few years of her life are vastly different from her parents’ hopes and dreams for her.  Then suddenly, another life-altering event changes the course of her life and she must make decisions she never dreamt possible.  Winning the largest lottery in Wisconsin history opens the flood gates of possibility and means Joy must again decide which direction to take with the rest of her life.

After Joy is stalked relentlessly by fortune hunters, reporters, and even her own siblings, she decides to fly away into a future that she never could have imagined, let alone planned….

What would you do if you won $341,726,178.10 after taxes?  Come along for the ride as we discover what Joy Parker decides to do with it….

My FIRST non-fiction novella, The Northwood Lodge:

Her heart makes mine go pitty-pat, pitty-pat, pitty-pat…and I don’t want it to ever stop.

heartbeatBrooklyn Adams, a highly successful American mystery writer, is advised by her publicist and publisher to get out of her comfort zone, to stop hibernating in the backwoods of upper Michigan.  She needs to get out and see the world.  Her books, while successful, are becoming a bit stale.  Brook reluctantly takes their advice and orders her passport in order to start crossing items off her bucket list.  Australia is first on that list….

Lauren Aird, a very intense, effectual prosecuting attorney is simply going through the motions, living her life, just going along, doing her job.  Her former partner—civil partnerships are the only thing recognized in Australia at this time—died two years before in a horrible car crash, leaving her alone to raise their twins.  It’s time for Lauren to move on.  Her first girlfriend after the crash, while kind and loving, was her transition woman.  She needs to find someone she can make a life with.

Lauren Aird…meet Brooklyn Adams.  Will meeting each other cause their hearts to beat a little faster….

maniacal-malice-book-22No synopsis available yet, but I’m working at it!

You know the routine, follow along on THIS blog or bookmark



Malice Masterpieces IV


This book


contains novellas

Sixteen through Twenty








Framed for a crime she didn’t commit by a group of corrupt cops that are out to ‘get her’, Kathy battles to retain her freedom.  She receives an unexpected bit of help from an Internal Affairs cop set on putting away all dirty cops.  Certain that Kathy has been targeted by this unscrupulous group, Special Agent Linda Miller helps Kathy and Portia prove Kathy’s innocence and in the process, finds herself attracted to Kathy.

Can feelings of gratitude and admiration turn to love for the widowed Kathy?  She can never reveal her full past to this cop she finds herself drawn to. Can Linda accept that there are parts of Kathy’s life she can never know about or will her investigative skills get in the way of their happiness?

Constant reminders of, and comparisons to, the woman she first loved make it hard for Kathy to commit herself fully to their budding romance.  How can Kathy move on when the past keeps sending reminders to let her know it isn’t done with her?


It is time for Kathy to move on, but her thoughts want to keep her in the past.  Her wife has been dead over eighteen months.  She has a girlfriend who would like to become her lover.  Can she finally put the past behind her and move on?

Trust is the issue.  Clues to Kathy and Alice’s past seem to intrigue new girlfriend, Special Agent Linda Miller, a little too much.  Maybe it’s the cop in her?  Is Kathy ready to overlook this and take the next step?

Things seem to be conspiring to drive Kathy crazy.  Is she imagining the clues that point to her wife being alive?  Her friends assure her she isn’t seeing what she thinks she is. Could it all be in her mind?  Is it possible her wife is still alive, or is she only clinging to hope?  Her thoughts are holding her prisoner…


Alice is ALIVE!

Where has she been?  What is the explanation for the missing months?

As Kathy listens she is horrified to realize what has happened to the woman she once called the love of her life.

How she survived begins to unfold as she describes the terrors that she has endured the last two years…


As Alice continues with her tale of where she has been for the last couple of years, Kathy realizes the tally of deaths is adding up.  The same reasons that caused their separation are still there.  Can she forgive, much less forget, why they broke up in the first place?

Murder, planned murder especially, takes time.  Alice must feel ‘justified’ in who she targets.  She also must take into account that Sasha is not only a witness, but an accomplice to what Alice must do.  Sasha will be shocked as she realizes what Alice is capable of.  Sasha must learn to ‘appreciate’ Alice and her ‘skills.’

Follow along as Sasha and Alice begin the hunt for those who had imprisoned them….


As she listens to the horrors that Alice and Sasha endured at the hands of their captors, Kathy realizes she has to know, she MUST know everything Alice has been up to.  She wants to understand what kept them apart these past years…beyond her own anger at what her wife is capable of.

As the gruesome details of Alice and Sasha’s story unfold, Kathy asks herself ‘Does this justify what they did and are doing to those people?  Does it explain their prolonged absence from their families?’

Follow along as Alice and Sasha go in for the kill!  Learn how they carefully plot their revenge against the people who took so much from their lives…and take just as much and more from them in return. 

Their lives, their victims’ lives, will never be the same!









Or, if you wish to buy them individually, they are available as both e-books and paperbacks:

book-16-macabre-malice book-17-marinating-malice book-18-macerating-malice book-19-minacious-malice book-20-meddlesome-malice

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UK Reviews for ~VEIL OF SILENCE~

Veil of Silence Cover

Five Star


on 9 July 2016
This is a fantastic book. I loved Homeland and this explored some similar themes but was from the point of view of a female soldier under such extreme circumstances, and the impact on a lesbian relationship of a woman returning home with children who are hers but not her wife’s. The pressures the two women are under are realistic and touching, and the complex plot had me reading furiously to try and find out what had really happened! This is an excellent choice even if lesfic isn’t your usual genre.
on 6 August 2016
This is a great story very different but full of love. Missing for years in Afganistan a serving American officer suddenly appears at the US embassy in a burqa and two young children in tow. The book follows her repatriation, the secrets she holds and being reacquainted with her wife & daughter. Well worth a read several times over.
on 7 August 2016
This is the first book I’ve read by this author and i think I felt every emotion whilst reading it and tears. I was unsure and a little uncomfortable if I’m honest if I wanted to read about the subject of rape within this book. But ultimately it is about strength and resilience and unconditional love. It was a well written story which pulled at my heart strings and which I couldn’t put down as I wanted to know the conclusion. I would have liked to have read more about Marsha and Heather’s reestablishing of their relationship after such a long awful time apart. Maybe a sequel for those two?
on 17 July 2016
Loved this book, very good storyline, the characters were really believable. Would love to read a follow-up. Keep up the good work.
on 9 August 2016
Great story, kept me wanting to read more well past the ending of the book. Look forward to the next one.
on 2 August 2016
loved story line kept me riveted
Four Star

Four Star

on 24 July 2016
Excellent book about a subject that I know very little other than what we see on the news slots.
How on earth any human being can survive this and come back halfway sane is beyond me and I have nothing but respect for any soldier (by soldier I mean all service personnel) that puts themselves on the line for the rest of us.
Strangely, for me, the hero of this book was not the soldier, but her partner who was left behind and had to pick up the pieces of their fractured lives, anyone in that situation deserves a medal in the same way that service personnel do. Made me really appreciate how we undervalue our service men and women and has made me think long and hard about the rights and wrongs of war.
THANK YOU to ALL who took the time not only to BUY but READ this book but then to WRITE a Review!
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or on my website: where you can read the first chaper for FREE!


Five years ago, Lieutenant Marsha Gagliano disappeared when her helicopter crashed in Afghanistan.  Her wife held out hope for her return, but with no word from the army after all that time, she begins to realize she may have to move on without her.

At the embassy in Kabul, a burqa-clad woman arrives at the gate with two young children in tow.  The black-haired, brown-eyed woman looks like an Afghan native, but her American accent belies this.  She identifies herself as Lieutenant Marsha Gagliano, all the while keeping a close eye out behind her as though at any moment, someone might jump out and snatch her back.

Questions arise regarding her disappearance and reappearance and the army is suspicious.  The children are obviously hers.  Has she consorted with the enemy?  How will her wife react to these children?  Will she be able to accept children she had no part in conceiving?

What is this woman hiding beneath her chador?  What secrets lie behind her veil of silence?