I stopped writing

and, I don’t think anyone noticed.

This past spring I put out two novella’s in my Malice series, the first one, no problem, the second was more of a struggle.  Since then, I have been able to write only, maybe, a paragraph to a page or two at a time, nothing like my obsessive writing of the past.

In January, returning home from a trip, I had caught a cold.  Or, so I thought.  I don’t know what it was.  People in the medical field, my doctor included say it wasn’t Covid19.  I’ve since gone to another doctor, who also doubts that it was Covid19 and stated that other viruses, other illnesses, can cause the effects I described.

I was sick for six-eight weeks with fevers, chills, coughs, and on and off cold behaviors.  Over it all was this intense fatigue that worried me.  It hasn’t ended all these months later.  I have a hard time concentrating, I sleep too much, and I’m definitely depressed.  This new doctor didn’t seem too impressed or concerned, sigh.  I hate being dismissed that way.  I live in a constant brain-fog.

In the meantime, I had to get out the Lesfic Bard Awards, and that was a real challenge for me to concentrate on, but I persevered and slowly but surely got the work done.  The same thing with getting out my author’s books through Shadoe Publishing.  But, my own, nope, can’t do it, too much distraction, fatigue, and other things.

Fortunately, this lockdown has a silver lining.  There are a LOT of people who suddenly want to do audiobooks.  My massive backlog of novels, novellas, and shorts are almost all coming out in audiobooks!  The same thing is happening with Shadoe’s authors, which is great for all involved.  However, this means an awful lot of listening time (for the past three months, almost ALL the work I have been able to do).

At this time where I can only get out a paragraph or two, or a page or two, still nothing seems to be getting accomplished there.  It’s not that I don’t have the ideas, plenty of those.  I also seem to be able to enjoy and still do make covers of stories I hope to write.

Still, it depresses me that I can’t seem to concentrate enough to finish these thoughts and get the work done.  I have to wonder how much of the politics and depression over the lockdown is affecting me.  Normally I am a solitary person so the lockdown shouldn’t affect me.  I’ve never been a political person, but the last five years have really made me aware of things that are affecting my life, my future, and those around me via these people in positions of power.  It is all depressing.  I know I am not alone there, I see people posting on social media, ALL the time about their feelings of despondency over the situation.  Please, hold on until you can cast your ballot, but above all VOTE the bastards out of office.  VOTE, VOTE, VOTE is all you can do!

In the meantime, I have set up on my website a way for people to not only buy my books directly but get audiobooks, especially if they have never tried them before, for FREE!

Please feel free to reach out to me, I do like hearing from people who have read my books, who knows when this brain fog will lift, maybe something you say will trigger me and get me writing again!

Thanks for listening to my rant and buying my stories, it does mean a lot to me.


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Represented ~ Audiobook


Coming out is hard.  Coming out in the public eye is even harder.  People think they own a piece of you, your work, and your life, they feel they have the right to judge you.  You lose not only friends but fans and ultimately, possibly, your career…or your life.

Cassie Summers is a Southern Rock Star; she came out so that she could feel true to herself.  Her family including her band and those important to her support her but there are others that feel she betrayed them, they have revenge on their minds… 

Karin Myers is a Rock Star in her own right; she is one of those new super promoters: Manager, go-to gal, agent, public relations expert, and hand-holder all in one.  Her name is synonymous with getting someone recognized, promoted, and making money.  She only handles particular clients though; she’s choosy…for some very specific reasons.

Meeting Cassie at a party there is a definite attraction.  She does not however wish to represent her despite her excellent reputation.  She fights it tooth and nail until she is contractually required to do so.  In nearly costs them more than either of them anticipated…their lives.

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Bikini’s are Dangerous 5 ~ An erotic audiobook short story

Bikini's Are Dangerous 5

When you are insecure about your body, being around fit and trim, bikini-clad women can be inhibiting and distracting.  But as I work on my body, my attraction to your bikini-clad body boosts my confidence and helps me achieve the results I desire.  Finally admitting our mutual attraction will lead to a situation that proves BIKINIS ARE DANGEROUS!

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Bikini’s Are Dangerous 4 ~ Audiobook short erotic story

Bikini's Are Dangerous 4

Rio de Janeiro is well known as the world’s premiere beach destination. They are also well known for their nude or “clothing optional” beaches.  Will I wear my bikini or not?  BIKINIS ARE DANGEROUS!

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Internet Dreamers ~ Audiobook

Internet Dreamers

Leah is blonde, Anglo, and until recently was unable to fulfill the fantasies she’d been having for months about her internet friend.  A sudden windfall allows her to seek out her friend, her potential lover, and fulfill those wants, desires, and fantasies.

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