Free Books to LGBT readers

14e0a82f6b776d5bc0439f617de3f494A fellow author that I greatly admire put a SHOUT OUT for donated books for the Chely Wright Foundation called LikeMe.  As I admire both the author (who I had the good fortune to interview earlier this year in my group LESFIC READING GROUP on Facebook as well as meet in person at the Golden Crown Literary Society in New Orleans) as well as the singer, her voice is very smooth, she’s attractive, and she stands for something I believe in….I immediately sent her a box of my books…including REPRESENTED which I re-released earlier this year.  Represented is special to me because it is a similar story to Chely Wrights.  I even did an interview for it here.  I also sent her a separate box of books from Shadoe Publishing, my publishing house that I own where I help other authors achieve their dream of becoming published authors.  My authors were notified and those that could, sent their own books.  You see this worthwhile organisation has a library that was sadly lacking in the books that it could lend out to people.  So Kris Bryant (the author I mentioned) gave a shout out and her P.O. Box to those who inquired and generously offered to transport over any and all contributions.  I sent well over a dozen of my own and my authors books to contribute.  As of this posting, Kris has over 60 books to take to the foundation!  Keep it up, contact Kris (I’ve put in the link on her highlighted name).  Also, get in the game and click on the other links I have posted here…I’m sure you will find things you like and enjoy.  Join, if you can, participate if you so desire, and above all…give back to your little community.  Thank you and thank Kris Bryant for planting the seed, for Chely Wright for having the foundation and taking on the cause, and for those who actively continue on fighting the good fight for future generations.book_hbo_meme