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The Lesbian Review gave me a fantastical review of VEIL OF SILENCE!


Humiliation at Marcus Theatres

This is kind of long, so pull up a latte, a coffee, or your favorite beverage…alcoholic is allowed, but please read through it all:


Tuesday I was humiliated at the Rothschild Marcus Theatre near Wausau, WI.

I drove into town, across town, and into the nearest theater in my area, which is this chain called Marcus Theatres.  I’ve been there many times in the past, including just this last Saturday to see films.

Today I went because it’s a Tuesday and the movies are discounted, naturally it’s a busy time.  When I walked up to the ticket counter there was only one person ahead of me and I asked to see the movie.  He asked for my card as they have this perks type of card which I always forget to bring so I gave him my phone number, he plugged it in.  It never gives me any perks so I wasn’t too concerned.  Apparently, it didn’t work on their computer and he mentioned they had been having computer issues.

Then, I went to pay for the movie.  My g/f had sent me a gift card because she knows how much I like to go out to the movies, wished she could go with me, and thought after all my hard work these days it would be a nice distraction.

He scanned it, and waited.  I waited.  He scanned it again and we both waited.  I wondered if I would get charged twice for the transaction since he had scanned it twice, he said no since when it timed out it erased the payment time.  Apparently, his computer issues had extended to this part as well.  He apologized but I said, it wasn’t his fault.  I meant it too.  However, I could tell people were lining up behind me.  They were restless too, as though to lay blame on me, I am not oblivious to their comments.  So, I turned and mentioned to the folks behind me that they were having computer issues.  The guy taking the tickets said it takes about ten second for the computer to reset itself.  I grinned and said, I bet that’s a long 10 seconds and he agreed.  Well, it didn’t go through and he radioed his manager.

Now his manager said the computers were down because of the high winds we are having here in Central Wisconsin.  Okay, but if your computers are down, then how do we go see your movies?  It went back and forth for a while, the poor kid apologizing and me reassuring him that it wasn’t his fault.  Finally, I said, why don’t you have your manager come over here so I can yell at the right person?  I said it as a joke as there was nothing either of us could do.  The crowd behind me was getting ugly.  By the time this was over there were at least twenty people waiting in line behind me…but, to them it was all MY fault.

The manager explained that they couldn’t accept my gift card because their computers were down.  My understanding was, because their computers were down they couldn’t accept any payments because they couldn’t assign seats in the new super comfortable reclining seats auditoriums.  So, they should explain that to everyone right?  She suggested I go on line and make a complaint.  I said, I drove all the way over here to watch one of your movies, only to be turned away because your computer malfunctioned which is in no way MY fault.  She’s like, there is nothing I can do.  I said, you can let me in to watch the movie.  I was still calm at this point.  Instead, she again suggested I go on line.  So, I should drive all the way home again, waste my gas and time, to complain on line for something she could solve easily.  I pointed out that she was missing the point of customer service.

Instead the manager continued in a tone that sounded accusatory to me as though I started all of this.  Instead, I get the insults hurled at me, behind me in line over a movie.  In fact, I heard things like, “Get out of line, bitch,” and worse.  I finally grabbed my gift card, which apparently is useless, and turn around to face the ugly crowd.  I got called a bitch again several times, I had done nothing, and to “fucking get out of here.”  Now, anyone who knows me, knows I don’t use that particular word very often, nor do I condone it, but today I told the woman who got in my face like that and used it, “Fuck you.”

I left the theater feeling absolutely stunned, humiliated over their behavior.  Driving home I actually cried over the way the people in line had treated me.  No, it wasn’t the theaters fault they were having computer issues because of the high winds, how they handled it however WAS and IS their fault.  I took her suggestion and contacted someone on line.

Follow up:  I tried to phone, no one answers, and it just goes into telling you what movies are playing.  No alternate line is listed.  So, I went on line.  That too was a joke as the pull-down menu had no listing for this particular cinema.  I lodged a complaint on line, found a 1-800 number and called it, leaving the same complaint.  I do have to say, the complaint I lodged, I got a call back in half an hour from a sympathetic employee of Marcus Theatres.  He listened to everything I said, commiserated, and said he’d pass it on to corporate and that I’d get a call the next day from corporate.  No one called.  I found out later this first guy was from South Dakota, that’s a couple of states over, so no wonder…

I waited 24 hours for someone to call me and nothing happened.  So, I called their number again, the recording stated they answered calls until 5:30 CST which is why I called before that the previous day (Tuesday) and again on Wednesday.  I got a call from a woman who identified herself as being in their corporate office.  I have to say, repeating this story, over and over again, explaining my feelings, the F YOU, that I do not normally use, is just as upsetting.  I’m sick of it already.  She listened, assured me that is NOT the norm and comped me a few a tickets.  She also assured me that a manager of the cinema would be calling me as the woman who identified herself as the manager was not the General Manager.  I never was after compensation, free tickets, even a free popcorn.  I was just so horrified over this incident I felt that they had to know what occurred.

Today is Thursday October 26 and I just got off the phone with Scott, who identified himself as the General Manager.  We had a long talk, again, I had to repeat my story.  At this point, I’ve forgotten key issues and I can still feel the horror in my stomach as I describe how those waiting in line made me feel.  I’ve analyzed it of course, who could help themselves.  This mob mentality.  This naked allowance comes from the top down.  Once those in power allowed such open hostility, such freedom of violence, under the guise of ‘free speech’ it allowed a certain mentality in our society to come out and show their own behaviors.  Before it was hidden (I prefer that).  Before, it wouldn’t have been thought to be allowed under good manners.  My mother would have been horrified to have heard what happened to me, but equally so, my own return of their foul language.  I am actually ashamed that I stooped that low, but I felt, at the time, that was the only language they would understand.  I am pleased to realize the woman was frightened of me and took a step back when I confronted her.  However, as soon as I used her language, she was less frightened, instead she thought I was just like her.  I am in no way THAT person and I won’t do something like that again.  I may stop and give her a look of ‘what planet are you from’ or ‘who raised you’ but I won’t use that language as it demeans me…and I don’t care about her.

It was sad to realize that this naked hostility is the norm.  I had never seen it personally, experienced it, and only heard about it on the news or social media.  I’m ashamed at my own reaction, however brief.  I should have risen above it.  I certainly don’t condone it.

Yes, having the free comped tickets is a nice gesture.  The apology is nice as well, and, I felt, sincere.  But, I don’t feel satisfied.  I don’t feel safe.  That ugliness can’t be glossed over and now I will feel the need to be guarded, not only in public like that, but even in my own home.

Well, this was all over a movie that I wanted to see.  But, that isn’t even really the point.  I should be able to go out in public without having the mob-mentality turn on me and making me feel a victim.  I’m angry at myself.  I’m angry at the powers that be that condone and allow it.  I’m angry at myself that I used the words I did.  I’m angry at a manager that could have explained their computers were down and just let me in, as the General Manager said I would have in the past.  Btw, he said they would be addressing this incident tomorrow at their weekly manager meeting, first thing.  Good, I hope someone learns something and they put things into place so that no one else is ever victimized.  And yes, I will be using their tickets and going to this cinema again, as the next nearest one is over 30 miles away.  I may not get out often, but I want to enjoy the times I do and this is one pleasure (normally) that I’m not willing to forego.

I did explain to the three people I spoke to that I have over 50,000 followers on social media and you can bet that I’m telling them the WHOLE story.  I hope this explains it all adequately.  I think Marcus Theatres is a FINE establishment and this was an isolated incident.  They finally did the right thing and I got an apology.  I certainly didn’t care about the free tickets or popcorn they offered (I get sick from their coconut oil that they use to make popcorn), I don’t know if the apology will make me feel better, it doesn’t at the moment.  I don’t know what more they could do to make me feel better.  However, they did what they could and I appreciate that.  I will be going back.



Me Too, x2

I was two years old when I was sexually molested for the first time.  Shocking right?  What boy would get off on molesting a toddler of that age?

How far back can you remember?  I can remember back to the age of two years old.  How do I know I was two?  Because around my third birthday, BOTH of my grandmothers died, and I remember both of their funerals very well.  I also remember various times spent with them, as well as other incidents and I had to have been two when they occurred.


You can say, boys will be boys.  They pulled down my pants, checked out the difference between boys and girls, felt me up, and left me in a field.  I went home crying that the boys pulled down my pants.  My mother didn’t find out until I was eighteen how traumatized that had made me.  I didn’t know that I had been molested and later when I realized what had been done to me, I worried how far they had gone on that day.  I was nineteen when I found out they hadn’t taken my virginity.  However, the trauma had been with me for a long time and it took a long time to come to grips with it, if I ever did.

Jim & Mary August 20, 1974 1

You see, even though they were boys, probably curious, it doesn’t excuse the fact that they did this to a helpless little girl.  It affected certain aspects of my life for decades.  That is what victimization does.  It affects that victim mentally, sometimes more so than the physical aspects do.  Yes, they ‘probably’ only pulled down my pants, but how will I ever know?  What if it had been more?  They could have done so much more, and mentally, they did.

I didn’t date until I was sixteen years old.  Not because I wasn’t interested, but because I felt, they weren’t.  Even losing my virginity at nineteen wasn’t because I was in love, but because of low self-esteem.  I thought, erroneously, that it might make me popular.  It took a lot of self-introspection to realize a lot of things about myself.  The first of which, it wasn’t MY fault.

High School Senior Picture

Many others who have been victims go on to punish themselves in so many ways.  From self-harm, to other worse decisions that affect their entire lives.  I refuse to play the victim.  I tell you this story because it happens, even at an early age.

From an early age I was aware of the difference between men and woman.  Not just the physical differences, but the way they are treated.  It was the boys against the girls in our household.  Mom tried to prevent that, but Dad encouraged it and laughed at it.  Girls were ‘non-persons’ and only good for ‘women’s work,’ boys were the princes and allowed to do whatever the heck they wanted.  That disparity, early on, pissed me off.  Fortunately, my mother was strong enough to raise a strong woman in me and, I hope, I overcame a lot of that.  Dealing with my brothers these days, I just simply do not engage, refuse to do what they ‘think’ I should, and I certainly don’t stay in my place as they ‘think’ I should.  As a result, they have labeled me a troublemaker, a bitch, difficult, and worse.  That’s fine, they don’t pay my bills, and they certainly don’t live in my house.  I’m independent and I speak my mind.  God forbid I have an opinion.  As a result, we rarely interact anymore and I’m happier as a result.


There are a lot of things I could say about both scenarios, from the mental abuse of my father and brothers who are chauvinistic, misogynistic, narcissists to the little boys who mentally scarred me, the point I am trying to make is it doesn’t define who I am and who I have become.  I’m aware of it, I refuse to cater to it, and I raised two boys who I think are better for having an understanding mother.  Let’s hear it for the survivors, the ones who didn’t let it destroy their lives!

It’s coming to get me!

I swear, I’m not paranoid…but, that being said, there is proof in the posting! 
I raise a lot of plants, probably because my father was a botanist with a degree in biology and a couple courses shy of being a zoologist.  I can’t tell you how many trees I’ve planted over the years.  Seeing those same trees 30 years later from the time when I used to jump over them as a child to an adult where I’d have to climb them (if I wanted to break something, not only on the tree but my body).  It’s awesome to know there is a living legacy growing out there, somewhere, even if we don’t own the land anymore.  My father grew up during the depression and helped after the great fires of northern Wisconsin to replant those areas.  After seeing what happened after Mount St. Helens blew, I’m sure Mother Nature would have re-seeded the areas nicely, however, the State of Wisconsin planted acres of trees, heck, more than that and now, eighty plus years later, they are tall and strong.  Personally, I don’t like neat little rows but prefer a variance, a natural look.

Well, back to the point of this blog, and there is one, I assure you.

It’s coming to get me, and here is picture proof.20171014_124101_Burst01

I grow a lot of spider plants, have a Christmas Cactus, and a few other odds and ends.  My aunt gave me a couple of cuttings of a purple passion plant last year when I was down in Arkansas and it survived the drive back to WisconSIN.  One of the cuttings died in the pot, but, some plants do not do well here in this house.  There is something about it, and no, I don’t have a black thumb but a green one.  But, one of the cuttings started growing crazily this year and as I type in bed because of my bad back, I gaze out the window and in front of the window are all my plants, all in hanging baskets, on a stand my son and I made.  I had to do it like this because when Kitkat was alive, she enjoyed mowing plants down.  Now that she is gone I could place them around the house, but, my window gets the most sun in my northern facing house and my window faces south.  The plants that do survive in my house include three varieties of spider plants that I really enjoy.  It gets pretty lush.

Maybe it’s because of what I feed them.  They don’t get straight water since the village puts chemicals in it, supposedly for our health (I don’t drink it either, shudders).  Instead, I feed my plants water from my fish tanks, the bottom water that I siphon out to clean my tanks.  This nutrient rich water is full of plant matter and fish droppings.  Sometimes I will filter THIS through a plant set up where it goes through nutrient rich dirt and into a bucket (what can I say, I’m a mad scientist).  My plants seem to love it.  Even the water that goes INto these fish tanks stands in a five gallon bottle for weeks until the chemicals dissaperate, or rather evaporate.

I don’t understand why some plants don’t like the aura of this house.  Personally, I no longer like the aura either but that is neither here nor there.  I moved here with a couple of absolutely HUGE succulents that were the sizes of bushes, jade plants to be exact and they BOTH died in this house.  I also moved here with a couple of display of Mother-in-Law Tongues, aka Snake Plants and sometimes called Sword Plants that had been cuttings from my grandmother and the plants were over 40 years old!  All died in this house and I was heartbroken.  I didn’t (then) feed them the water from my tanks but that was how I learned the water out of the tap was BAD!  As I said, the aura is bad and I need to move on, taking my ‘few’ plants with me.  My sword plants once were in one of those half wine barrels and I got them to bloom!  Apparently they bloom once every seven years but I had so many in that barrel they bloomed EVERY year, man that is the most sickening flower smell you ever want to smell!  Someone once offered me $400 for that half-barrel, but, we had a freeze that night before he could come pick it up!

My dream home would have an arboretum, a sun room, or just fantastic windows to grow plants!  Btw, this is what a Purple Passion plant is SUPPOSED to look like, not the one vine reaching out to GET me!Purple-Passion

Meanwhile, I wait for this purple passion plant, the one vine is over seven feet long!  I can see it ‘hesitating’ in its growth of where it’s going to go.  In the evening it is leaning towards my right as it might head back towards the window it grew up, it’s vine thickening as it grows.  In the morning it leans towards my left and as if it is contemplating whether or not it will head towards me at the headboard of my bed.  It’s a smart thing too, it has now figured out it will get added support/strength by resting on top of the post that holds up all the plants (except for those hanging from the curtain rod).


So, if I don’t appear on social media someday, you know, it GOT me!

Meanwhile, if you want to read about more interesting stories than my domestic ones, please click on the picture below:


Bestselling Book

There is a big difference from being an author to being a bestselling author.  Whether you do it full-time or part-time, whether you are an indie or with a publishing house, being able to call yourself a bestselling author increases your credibility.  But, what does it take to become a bestselling author?

Well, that actually depends on many factors.  The New York Times is the most famous of these lists.  There are others of course including Publishers Weekly, The Boston Globe, USA Today, The LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, and even  Some of the most important nowadays in the e-market are Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Using myself as an example, some of my books have been on the Top 100 Amazon Bestselling Lesbian Fiction List for weeks on end.  Some, have even made it to #1 many times or remained in the top five for a while!  Many of my books have been in the top 300 for ever it seems.  However, I have to point out that Lesbian Fiction (Lesfic) is a small market and frequently Amazon throws in gay fiction which really should have a separate listing of its own (that’s a blog for another time).  A few of my books in recent years, I didn’t even put into Lesfic because they are good stories, everyone already knows I write Lesfic, and I wanted to see how they would do in the overall Amazon ranks.  They did phenomenally well.  Doctored and Veil of Silence blew my mind last year with their releases back to back.  They are both still selling well.  This year, Vetted is proving to be a best-seller.  It has never been listed a Lesfic novel, I put it into Action-Adventure and Romance…get this, in the hundreds of thousands of books that it had to compete with, it got down to the low 40’s and STAYED in that area for three SOLID weeks!  That’s incredible.

What does this mean?  It means that my books, due to the rankings that fluctuate hourly (thank goodness it’s a digital age), only 39 or so books sold more copies than mine did at any given time.  This, competing throughout Amazon and the hundreds of thousands in those specific rankings.

The New York Times bestseller list is different.  Not better or worse, just different.  They do not release exactly how these books get on the list and my own research has shown some of it is by trickery, bribery, and the big five publishers.  I don’t think my little lesfic publishing group will ever get one of my Lesbian Fiction books onto this anointed and prestigious list…ever.  That’s okay, I know I’m writing good fiction.  I know I’m writing stories that fans will want to read over and over again…and share.  They will stand the test of time.  Also, the New York Times list counts on ratings, based on orders to brick-and-mortar stores.  If your books aren’t in these, chances are you won’t get noticed.  With the downsizing of these stores, and the homophobia that still exists in major chains, the chances decline even further.  One clever entrepreneur (I use that term loosely, they were con-artists if you want the real term) managed to trick the list by placing a series of orders for their book to stores that didn’t exist, calling to see if they were available, and jacking up the system…only to cancel the order a day or so later…the numbers were already reported and their book sailed up the list.  Apparently, the New York Times list only counts the sales, not the canceled orders or returns.

In my research I came across this gem:cc

Click on the picture above for the rest of the article for more information.

Another difference that I am aware of is that the New York Times list is for paperbacks and they compile these lists weekly.  Because of its electronic system, Amazon’s list is hourly.  So, being on Amazon’s bestselling list is actually better!  It means you are SELLING more books!  Who doesn’t want to make MORE money this way?  Yes, being mentioned in the New York Times with millions of readers will get you more sales and especially more prestige over time, you are, after all, building a name…but, in the end, making money is really what it comes down to.  While being lauded as a New York Times bestselling author will garner you attention and I think it’s wonderful to be able to say that, there are other lists, there are other factors, and again, it comes down to money.

As the publishing world changes, and let’s face it, whether you love Amazon or B&N or a bajillion other outlets (mine are available on almost all of these), the e-book has changed the way we authors and publishers do business.  I am sad to see bookstores closing, I really am.  I still remember standing in the middle of a Barnes & Noble in San Luis Obispo, California and just BREATHING in the atmosphere.  I hope that libraries stay open and applaud the fact that they lend books that are e-books now too.

Another thing that I found as I researched for this blog is that literary agents, publishers, and others when looking for the next ‘rock star’ of the literary world are now sitting up and taking notice of those independent publishers and authors, and finding those ‘bestselling’ authors this way.  They want a piece of the pie, they don’t want to be left behind in the ‘old’ ways anymore.  They want to help those selling well to sell even more…so they can take their cut with their expertise.

I rely on proof, I have seen those hawking a book as a ‘must-read’ and I cringe at that.  That phrase alone is like nails down a chalkboard for me.  My first thought when I hear it is WHY MUST I?  I would rather hear from their reviews, their reviewers, or the proof that shows the book is selling well.  Here is my screen shot of Vetted taken the other day:Capture

Don’t just take my word for it…really, I am the author and publisher, I’ll admit to being biased…but, since it’s selling so well, maybe you should just go find out yourself WHY?

Vetted Final Cover

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From the PR Desk


Author K’Anne Meinel launches her new book ‘Vetted’ on Amazon

After the success of her books, ‘Doctored’, ‘Lawyered’, ‘Small Town Angel’, ‘Veil of Silence’ and many others, author K’Anne Meinel has announced the launch of her latest book ‘Vetted’ on The book has already started to receive great response from the readers. “loved the scene in the cafe where the two main characters entered into their partnership, and, how their love turned into something that would surely stand the test of time. Personally, there’s nothing sexier than a barefoot gal in shorts, and a tee, with a rifle over her shoulder, a pistol strapped to her waist and the willingness to use both to protect those and the things she loves. Great story. Highly recommended”, says one of the users on

Vetted brings much delight to fiction and drama book lovers who love a bit of adventure. The story revolves around Alyssa, a young college student living her life to please her upper-crust family who wants her to take business courses to join her father’s business and marry the right man. However, Alyssa wants to do something different and take a course that speaks to her heart but her family is unwilling to support her in doing that. The story follows the life of Alyssa, a woman born into a well-to-do family yet yearning for freedom to do what she wants to do because such wealth comes with strings that she doesn’t want.

Fiona is another lead character in the story who is an older, established woman and a veterinarian working with an aim to start her own animal practice. The story takes a swift turn when a young woman arrives at her doorstep one night carrying a dog she may have fatally injured with her car, leaving Fiona thrown for a loop.

Vetted is an unexpected story about two women who goes through a life that they did not anticipate but learn that they wanted it desperately. The story description surely leaves the readers wanting for more and picking up the book to see what the whole suspense was about. Will their families, the fates, and rustlers finally bring these women to their knees? The only way they can survive is to stand strong together, but are they both ready to fight for what they want? Only time will tell”. The author known for her intriguing and sensuous plots in her books brings another exciting book for the readers.

About Author- Author K’Anne Meinel is a bestselling author, having over 92 published works including novels, short stories, and novellas. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Oconomowoc. She reflects the love for her home state in her stories by mentioning the beautiful and realistic backgrounds set in Wisconsin. She is also known as the lesbian Danielle Steel of her time and a versatile writer who brings a variety of fiction genre books.

Contact Details

Company:  Shadoe Publishing, LLC


Country: United States

Vetted Final Cover

What to expect when you’re not expecting…


Get your attention?  Well, it’s an impossibility that at the esteemed age of fifty that I would be expecting.  Also, I happen to be a lesbian and unless my girlfriend wants to do some heavy explaining about how this could possibly happen, I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna worry about it in the least.  Also, my ‘baby’ is 27 and I’m pretty sure this baby fat I’m trying to lose, isn’t gonna go away at this point…


Explaining this to doctors and nurses whose duty it is to ask the question, “Could you possibly be pregnant?” always elicits the humor inside me as I make them squirm.  I do point out the age factor (which, as the National Enquirer and other tabloids will tell you, IS possible.  Also, my doctor has told me about fifty-year-old’s who have had happy accidents at this point in their life.)  I hope to never have to worry about that.  The lesbian factor alone assures me that my birth-control methods should be safe, lol.  Plus, the fact that I’ve chemo and radiation should assure me that I’m sterile, but they did warn that the body is a wondrous healing organism and the forced menopause I went through in my thirties, fighting cancer, wasn’t enough.  In my forties, I went and had an ablation for the return of my period and the doctor KEPT warning me I could STILL get pregnant.  It actually angered me as I had told her of my lesbian status.  Instead, she kept harping on not only the fact that I could get pregnant, but that I could become pregnant when (not if) I was sexually assaulted (nice phrasing for RAPE~!).  To shut her up, I finally asked, ‘Do I have THAT to look forward to?”  It made her uncomfortable enough that she stopped harping on it and finally agreed to the procedure.  I’m still rolling my eyes on that.


The thing is, when you expect things, and the unexpected happens…which, is life…you can either learn to roll with the punches or fight against it.  I find it an adventure to see what’s about to happen next.  My books do that for me, I never know initially where they are going to take me or what they are going to say and do as my characters take over and I write avidly to find out.  I too am a reader, I can’t wait to see what they are going to do or say.

Fortunately for me, my characters talk a lot, in fact, I’m seriously considering writing a VETTED II as there are a lot of things that can still happen to these two, including, the subject of this blog, expecting.  So, expect some more from this exciting new adventure…

If you get a chance, check out my current offering:

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