Plundered Chronicles ~ Sayyida

When you are asked to participate in a truly historical moment, you don’t hesitate.  A couple of months ago I was approached by Linda Kay Silva, aka Alex Westmore to participate in the FIRST LGBT Kindle World on Amazon.  I got the concept immediately and before she could fully explain said, “YES!  Where do I sign up?”   Linda Kay said, “I KNEW YOU would get IT!”

She lent me a copy of one of the books that she had written and I read it over the course of two days.  From her novel PLUNDERED I took a couple of her characters to create my OWN novella SAYYIDA.  Sayyida is a REAL historical figure but not much was known about this Pirate Queen.  She was also Queen of a Morroccan province called Tétouan.  It was a fascinating glimpse of history (which I enjoy) as well as weaving my own story which resulted in this awesome novella:


We will be uploading ALL of the books in the first LGBT Kindleworlds, all related to Alex Westmore’s Plundered Chronicles in the next few days!  You should be able to buy your copies on December 1, 2016 from Kindle!  I’ll post the link(s) as soon as they are available!  Meanwhile, look at me and my new author-friend’s books coming to an e-reader near you!


Fabulous at FIFTY!


Yes, it happened.  No, I’m not lamenting the fact that I am turning FIFTY!   But NOT until 12:29 P.M.  You see, I checked my BIRTH certificate and that’s the time they put down for when I entered this world.  This really is a MILESTONE for someone who was not supposed to live to see her Thirty-Fifth birthday.  I survived cancer that year despite the 4-5 month prognosis and I’m here to say, I MADE it.  So, rather than lament the fact that this is a BIG birthday, I’m gonna go CELEBRATE it.  Thank you to all who read my books, follow my blog, and are celebrating (in spirit) WITH me!