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I Love Hats

I LOVE hats, that is my confession.  I don’t know when my obsession began, perhaps when I was young, but it was never for the baseball hats that are so prevalent.  The first hat I recall wearing with some regularity was a French Beret, exactly like this one with corduroy…Beretthe only difference, mine had pockets…one zippered where I kept my milk-money, one slip in…hey, be honest, you are jealous, or, you would have been in the late 1970’s when I wore mine.  I was stylin’.

I don’t remember when or where I acquired most of my hats.  I know my cowboy one, shown here,20160911_171503 I’ve had since the early 1990’s and I bought it down in Mexico.  I added the hand-carved band, and that gold on the side, is this awesome horse pin of galloping horses.  Unfortunately, I let it sit in the window for a long time and it faded far beyond it’s brown color, and the cats used to lay in it all the time.  It took a long time before I could get all that cat hair off it since it’s a crushed felt thing.  The cool thing about the color is under it is the dark brown, and on top is the fading, it’s well-worn and comfortable.  I wore it to Canada and loved it with my hiking boots.

My profile picture frequently shows me in my red Fedora.Reading of Ships This is GCLS 2015 in New Orleans with me doing an author reading.

This really is my favorite.  I save it for author events, it’s very distinctive, but I wouldn’t advise wearing it through the airport (that’s another story for another day) much less on an airplane…people do stare.

I don’t wear my hats for attention, I wear them because I simply like hats.  I keep them up very well, store them, have a few that only come out at Christmas, one with deer antlers (and yes, that’s another story for another time).  Even one that lights up.

The thing is, some people I’ve been with don’t like to be seen in public with me when I wear certain ones.  My friend Jess had no problem with me in my top hat seen here.

God, we had a lot of fun that night, dancing our imaginations off!  It’s when I start to talk about deer antlers, or rainbow hats, and these are just some of those I found, most of which I wouldn’t be caught dead in, just so you know.

They don’t want to be around me when I find hats that light up (let’s not mention the shoes), and other things I have fun with.

I really think it was because of the movies, yeah, that’s it, I’ll blame the movies.  After all, who DOESN’T think Katherine Hepburn in a Fedora is sexy as hell?

Then of course it’s a few others with their accents, their debonair good looks, or just their style.

Who wouldn’t be influenced by these fantastic stars?  Ingrid Bergman?  Marlene Dietrich?  C’mon, their beauty and class just ooze outta those hats and they are rockin’ them!

Maybe it was my mother who also loved hats…yeah, we can blame her too.  Wish I could find the picture I have of her wearing an Australian Safari hat, isn’t that awesome that it buttons up on the side?Capture

I have to say, I’ve NEVER been a fan of Annie Hall and even though she’s wearing a Fedora, I hate the way they kept that brim!  Sorry Diane, it isn’t my cup of tea!

When I lost all my hair to chemotherapy, I had a straw hat that I went out and bought, I still have it but can’t wear it without painful memories.  It was something like this and hid my baldness.straw hat  Bald was not beautiful for me.xqHUIdY  Audrey Hepburn, I was not!

Maybe I should get a rainbow Fedora?  What do you all think?  Think the girlfriend would be seen in public with me wearing one?

I think I’ll stick to my Fedora’s, maybe my western hats, wait until my girlfriend sees my court jester hat!CaptureYes, I do have one, mine is a bit more elaborate than this one, and no, I’ve never had an occasion to wear one.  Better plan on Mardi Gras one year?

Or maybe I should get this one?  I have it on my wish list and haven’t been ‘brave’ enough to get it…yet!s-l300I did recently acquire a blue one that I’m digging and enjoy wearing around town.  Blue FedoraIt’s warm, it’s wool, and people do look at you oddly because no one wears anything but baseball caps or occasionally a cowboy hat up here.  I consider it my ‘everyday’ hat, it also hides those dreadful ‘bad hair’ days.  Yes, it’s an exact match to my red one.  Red FedoraAh well, I be stylin’.

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I am pleased to announce that Lezbelib has joined us in celebrating lesbian literature over at the Lesfic Bard Awards!  Yesterday they gave us a shout on their site!  Check them out!  You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

Support like this for our new awards is wonderful and we do appreciate everything everyone is doing to get the word out there about it.  We hope that it becomes an annual thing for everyone involved and that we become the premier award in lesbian literature.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas


Did you get a new Kindle or e-Reader from Santa?

As my Christmas and New Years gift to all my followers/readers/fans/friends, I’ve teamed up with I Heart Lesfic for three of my books to be discounted for those who go to their site and check out all the deals!  Not only mine but many other authors are all $1.99 or under, so you can fill up that new Kindle or E-Reader you got for Xmas right?

Here is a list of the terrific authors I’m pleased to be associated with that are participating:


  1. The Dance by Suzie Carr—0.99

Literary Fiction

  1. The Art of Peeling an Orange by Victoria Avilan—1.99
  2. A Small Country About to Vanish by Victoria Avilan—1.99

Women’s Fiction

  1. Olympus Nights on the Square by Vanda Writer—0.99


  1. Mergers & Acquisitions by A. E. Radley—1.99
  2. Almost Heaven by Susan X Meagher—1.99
  3. Rare & Beautiful Things by Giselle Fox—0.99
  4. Finding You by Emma Nichols—0.99
  5. Remember Us by Emma Nichols—0.99
  6. Shattered Hearts by Noelle Winters—0.99
  7. A Vote for Love by Jea Hawkins—0.99
  8. Veritas by MJ Duncan—0.99
  9. Tangle by Em Stevens—0.99
  10. Lily’s Fire by Lise Gold—1.99
  11. Beyond the Skyline by Lise Gold—1.99
  12. The Loudest Silence by Olivia Janae—1.99
  13. Switchback by S.W. Andersen—1.99
  14. Love by Design by S.W. Andersen—0.99
  15. Open Spaces by Barbara Winkes—0.99
  16. Whole Latte Love by Pike Martel—0.99
  17. The Crossing of Bridges by Summer Munger—0.99
  18. Keeper of my Heart by Amy DeMeritt—1.99
  19. The Perfect Right Hook by Amy DeMeritt—1.99
  20. Perfect Match by Violette Grey—0.99
  21. All the Love Songs by Nicole Pyland—1.99
  22. Fresh Start by Nicole Pyland—1.99
  23. Roll with Me by Elizabeth Andre—0.99
  24. Out by Claire Highton-Stevenson—Free
  25. Next by Claire Highton-Stevenson—1.99
  26. One Way Ticket by Emma Collins—0.99
  27. Second Chances by Emma Collins—Free
  28. Magnetic Reverie by Nico J. Genes—0.99
  29. Island Skye by Fox Brison—0.99
  30. Heavenly Heirs by Fox Brison—0.99
  31. A Game of Love by Fox Brison—0.99
  32. Chasing Love by Carol Wyatt—0.99
  33. Reckless Love by Carol Wyatt—0.99
  34. Falling Slowly by Laura Conway—0.99
  35. Winter Nights by Laura Conway—0.99
  36. Sweet Surrender by Anna Cove—Free

Holiday Romance

  1. Mistletoe Mishap by Siri Caldwell—0.99
  2. That Old Emerald Mountain Magic by Cara Malone—Free
  3. A Christmas for Carol by Emily Sharp—0.99
  4. A Mistletoe Moment by Natasha West—0.99

Romantic Comedy

  1. Waltzing on the Danube by Miranda MacLeod—0.99
  2. Piece of My Heart by Bennett and Gardner—0.99
  3. Waiting for the Punchline by Natasha West—0.99
  4. Plethora by Kelli Jae Baeli—0.99

Erotic Romance

  1. Once in a Lifetime by Harper Bliss—0.99
  2. Willow by Raven J Spencer—0.99
  3. Cuffs and Protests by Layla Holiday—Free
  4. My Inner Dom by Layla Holiday—Free

Erotica Anthology

  1. Forbidden Fruit edited by Cheyenne Blue—0.99

Erotic Romantic Suspense

  1. Random Acts of Blindness Kelli Jae Baeli—0.99

Romantic Suspense

  1. Little Lies by Lila Bruce—0.99

Romantic Thriller

  1. Release Me by Mish Daniels—0.99

Romantic Drama

  1. Valerie by Kit Eyre—0.99
  2. Shattered Paradise by C. L. Cattano—0.99

Historical Romance

  1. Escape to Pirate Island by Niamh Murphy—0.99

Western Romance

  1. Somewhere between Love & Justice by S.W. Andersen—0.99

Paranormal Romance

  1. A Charmed Life by Jea Hawkins—FREE

Fantasy Romance

  1. Making a Tinderbox by Emma Sterner-Radley—1.99

Interracial Romance

  1. Skating on Air by Elizabeth Andre—0.99
  2. The Beauty Queen Called Twice by Elizabeth Andre—0.99

Medical Romance

  1. Tricky Chances by Camryn Eyde—1.99
  2. The Origins of Heartbreak by Cara Malone—Free

Young Adult Romance

  1. Love Triumphs Pain by Amy Demeritt—1.99

New Adult Romance

  1. The Rules of Love by Cara Malone—Free
  2. To Have Loved & Lost by Eliza Andres—0.99
  3. Marionette by T. B. Markinson—Free

New Adult Sweet Romance

  1. Christmas Cakes and Kisses by Anne Hagan—0.99

Short Romantic Reads

  1. The Energy Between Us by Josslyn Scott—0.99

Western Steampunk

  1. Djara by Kat Evans—0.99


  1. Demons Shemons by K. B. Draper—0.99


  1. Rapture by Pike Martell—Free
  2. Out of Her Depth by Pike Martell—Free
  3. Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod—1.99
  4. Immortal Tigress by Prudence MacLeod—1.99
  5. Rise of the Queen by Prudence MacLeod—1.99

Science Fiction

  1. Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey—1.99
  2. Banquet by Adan Ramie—0.99

Action & Adventure

  1. Too Strong to Die by Erin Wade—1.99
  2. Death Was Too Easy by Erin Wade—1.99
  3. Vetted by K’Anne Meinel—1.99
  4. Veil of Silence by K’Anne Meinel—1.99
  5. Doctored by K’Anne Meinel—1.99

Speculative Adventure

  1. Pitfall by Kelli Jae Baeli—0.99


  1. A Crane Christmas by Anne Hagan—0.99


  1. Devoted by Alison R. Solomon—0.99


  1. Secrets by Barbara Winkes—1.99
  2. Fallout by Michelle Marra—Free
  3. Justice Scorned by Michelle Marra—Free
  4. Fatal Love by Michelle Marra—Free
  5. But by Degrees by Kit Eyre—0.99
  6. Chase Me—Natasha West—0.99

So, run, don’t walk (and don’t trip) to click on the links to get your discounted books!  Also, if you have a moment, subscribe to the I HEART LESFIC blog to find out reviews and recommendations from their hard-working minions! (lol).




Thank you to Canadian Lesfic

It’s great when the international lesbian literary community pulls together to help each other.  That is how it SHOULD be and I would like to personally thank Canadian Lesfic for giving a shout out to our new lesbian literature awards: Lesfic Bard Awards.

Do me a favor my friends and followers, give them a follow, a shoutout, and check out the best in Canadian Lesfic that they sponsor, exhibit, and endorse.


Malice 2nd editions

As promised in previous blogs, I’m going through my backlog of books and getting them edited, sometimes re-edited.  So, I am pleased to present to you, Malice Masterpieces 2, second edition, as well the books contained therein.

Malice Masterpieces 2 Books Six through Ten

The cool thing is, all these novellas that are in the Masterpieces book (btw, you DO know that is tongue-in-cheek…masterpieces?) are now available as pocket paperbacks AND as regular sized paperbacks, all under $10!  The Masterpieces book is a wee bit more, because, ya know, it has five books in it!

Check it all out on my website by clicking on the picture below!

ShadoePublishing 4

Thank you all for your patience as we slowly clear out the backlog of books and get them reissued as they are edited! ~K’Anne