Lesbian Fund Raisers and The Ellen Sturtz Fallout


AND A Letter from a Get Equal Lead, C.D. Kirven  to the First Lady Explaining the Actions of Ellen Sturtz.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 10.03.47 AMThe lesbian community was drawn into a controversy this week as Ellen Sturtz, a leader from the group Get Equal, attended a D.C. fundraiser and interrupted the First Lady’s speech calling attention to the fact that the President has yet to sign an Executive Order that would provide protections for LGBT workers. Many, including those from the LGBT community, criticized Sturtz for her outburst and others pondered the First Lady’s “in her face” response.

Before the election, I really enjoyed seeing my lesbian friends sitting around the White House dinner table with the First Lady, schmoozing, boasting about the grand dollars raised for the President’s election. We were all valued and useful in that moment.  Those sitting that close to the First Lady flashed their photo opportunity all over Facebook…

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