Malice Masterpieces 6 in Paperback

Methodical Malice (Book 26)
Moving on after a long-term marriage ends is killer and finding and decorating a new home is not something Alice enjoys.  She’s becoming annoyed with the inconveniences caused by those who are surveilling her and her new life.  She is methodically putting her life back together, but when she finally begins to get her things in order, life throws her a curve ball no one could have seen coming.
Malevolent Malice (Book 27)
Alice’s accident puts an immense strain on the family dynamic that no one could have anticipated.  Its far-reaching impact will alter their family in more ways than one.
Militarial Malice (Book 28)
Alice’s unfinished business has caused her and her family a lot of unforeseen aggravation, and Alice seeks to make amends.  But it seems life isn’t finished with her yet.  Just when Alice thinks they’re about to be happy again, life throws her one more curve, and this one is a doozy!    
Machiavellian Malice (Book 29)
When your life is a mess, and you are surrounded by enemies, how do you combat the overwhelming odds against you?  Alice and Kathy must face down more than health concerns; life concerns and a litany of grievances are stacked against them.
Malefic Malice (Book 30)
Lessons on how to piss off a lesbian serial killer:
1) Hit her in the head with the butt of a gun.
2) Treat her with disdain and underestimate her abilities.
3) Involve her family!
Alice awakens to discover she has been taken prisoner.  Flashbacks are instantaneous, and when she realizes that Kathy and Emily are there too, she is compelled to return them to safety.  Alice doesn’t want her family involved in this part of her life.  She isn’t comfortable with them knowing, much less participating, after all her years of hard work to keep them in the dark.
Paybacks can be deadly for those who don’t realize how truly gifted Alice is.  Follow along as Alice continues to triumph at what she does so very well…

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