Malefic Malice in Paperback

Lessons on how to piss off a lesbian serial killer:
1) Hit her in the head with the butt of a gun.
2) Treat her with disdain and underestimate her abilities.
3) Involve her family!
Alice awakens to discover she has been taken prisoner.  Flashbacks are instantaneous, and when she realizes that Kathy and Emily are there too, she is compelled to return them to safety.  Alice doesn’t want her family involved in this part of her life.  She isn’t comfortable with them knowing, much less participating, after all her years of hard work to keep them in the dark.
Paybacks can be deadly for those who don’t realize how truly gifted Alice is.  Follow along as Alice continues to triumph at what she does so very well…

Amazon Paperback

Signed version from my website

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