WHY would you HOST such an EVENT?

One Drop of Water..
Well for one, I believe in paying it forward. Whether you have heard of me or not the 10’s of thousands of readers I have (or more, I hope) like my books and have contributed to my fame and fortune and will continue to do so. I believe in helping other authors and this provided an excellent opportunity for everyone, readers and authors alike to get out there and see and be seen. Someone helped me once and while I cannot repay them, I can help others. Why not?

What Goes Around Come Around
Secondly, What goes around, comes around right? If you do good, live a good life, hopefully the karma you put out into the world will be returned. I’ve seen it happen and I hope by doing a kindness someday it will come back around, indirectly or directly but I’m a good person, I write good books, and I enjoy finding new and exciting adventures in other’s books and novels!

So whether you read my books or not, take a look at the authors contributing their work and time to this venture, you may find your next favorite author in the mix!

Reading Takes you on a Journey


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