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My name is K’Anne Meinel. 

I am an author of Lesbian Fiction. I’ve been invited to answer these questions by Dawn Carter, author.  Her current title coming out is called: Out of the Mist.  Her past titles are The Crossroads, Heart of Fire, and Heart of Vengeance.  Her books are listed on her website at: http://Dawncarterbooks.com and can be purchased from Amazon in both paperback and e-book form.

ABOUT MEI am a prolific author with 65 published works currently available through my website at www.kannemeinel.com and on Amazon which includes Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories.  I am a typical Type A personality where I feel the need to overachieve and in this case ‘create.’  I used to run companies for years for myself and others the same way, overachieving and doing my best to be successful at them.

What am I working on nowI have over 150 books in various stages of completion including Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories.  I can randomly finish any of these if I can just get past writer’s block or working on books for other through my publishing firm: www.shadoepublishing.com.   The life of an ‘artist’ isn’t exciting either and A.D.D. seems to be getting worse as I get older.  Although I’ve never been officially diagnosed I do get a bit of it when I’m writing a lot.  Oh look…something shiny.

I am working on a pirate book set in the 1700’s, a lot of research went into that one, called PIRATED LOVE.  An aristocrat from England is sailing from her home to the Caribbean to marry her father’s duly appointed choice of a husband when they are captured by a pirate who happens to be a woman.  They fall in love and actually marry.  Their many adventures are addressed in this book as well as their many years together.

Pirated Love Full Cover 1

I am also working on a modern day book set in Montana about a woman with no choice but to make a go of a sheep ranch her in-laws left her deceased husband.  It is called SHEEPISH and goes through the trials and tribulations of a hard-working woman raising her four children by herself as well as eventually falling in love with another woman.


I am also working on novel called SMALL TOWN ANGEL about a woman that gets on a bus and off it at a small town in Door County, Wisconsin.  She refuses to talk about her past, she only lives in the present, and she intrigues many people.

Capture (2)

I’m also working on several novella’s about murder and mayhem (my Malice Series) as well as odd little things like one I call, MUSKRAT LOVE) so there should be a lot of diverse stories coming out for my many fans.

Mad Malice

As I mentioned there are many and I’m never sure which will get finished first.

How does my work differ from others in its genreI think I take the time to insert a bit more detail than others.  Sometimes this slows down the story but the fans who really love my work tend to love the feeling of actually being a part of the story and ‘seeing’ it as well as I describe.

In my romances you fall in love with the characters instead of merely observing what is happening to them.  You end up with a vested interest in the women whose lives you are ‘participating’ in.  You might feel yourself a part of that character or the book itself.

Why do I write what I doThey say to ‘write what you know.’  I’m a lesbian so I started with Lesbian Romance.  Then I ventured into a murder mystery (also lesbian) that became a series, for the challenge of it, not because I knew about murder or mystery.  I’m also working on fantasy (about a Mermaid which is tentatively titled: Under the Sea) and science fiction (Amazonia Galaxia and Final Frontier) so we will see how the fans receive these works when I finally get them finished.

Also, when I got started at this there weren’t too many lesbian fiction novels available.  Nowadays there are so many I’m always surprised at finding new authors bringing their work to the masses.  The variety is astounding.

How does my writing process work Usually I randomly come up with storylines which I then quickly write (type) up with a title (even calling it work in progress if I can’t think of one).  Then I can ‘randomly’ come back to it as the feeling for it comes to me.  I can typically sit down and write 30-40,000 words in a book over the course of a few hours but as I’m getting older it gets harder to do that.  It’s why I work on the various works in progress randomly, as the feeling strikes me.  Sometimes I seem to get out a lot of stories in a short period of time and other times months can go by and I have been working on something but not publishing anything.

At night when the mind doesn’t seem to shut down I used to keep pen and paper next to the bed but that was time consuming and I didn’t want to turn on the light.  So these days I keep a mini-cassette recorder and transcribe my ‘notes’ and ‘ideas’ the next day so I don’t lose these precious gems.  We all say, “Oh I’ll REMEMBER that…”  and we don’t so the tape recorder has come in handy.

Who’s next on the blog hop?  I would like to introduce Jennis Slaughter; she is a relatively new and respected Lesbian Fiction author with three fiction books out presently and a cook book due out shortly.  You can find all her novels on www.jennislaughter.com or visit her publishing website www.shadoepublishing.com.

I would also like to introduce Lauren Shiro.  She also writes Lesbian Fiction with fourteen books out.  Her fifteenth, Candles on the Spinet is due out shortly and they all can be found at www.laurenshiro.com.

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WHY would you HOST such an EVENT?

One Drop of Water..
Well for one, I believe in paying it forward. Whether you have heard of me or not the 10’s of thousands of readers I have (or more, I hope) like my books and have contributed to my fame and fortune and will continue to do so. I believe in helping other authors and this provided an excellent opportunity for everyone, readers and authors alike to get out there and see and be seen. Someone helped me once and while I cannot repay them, I can help others. Why not?

What Goes Around Come Around
Secondly, What goes around, comes around right? If you do good, live a good life, hopefully the karma you put out into the world will be returned. I’ve seen it happen and I hope by doing a kindness someday it will come back around, indirectly or directly but I’m a good person, I write good books, and I enjoy finding new and exciting adventures in other’s books and novels!

So whether you read my books or not, take a look at the authors contributing their work and time to this venture, you may find your next favorite author in the mix!

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