Hootenanny 2014 – Day 5


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KIDDING! What, are you nuts? DO NOT EVER STOP us in the Hootenanny world o’ freaky fiesta! (Speaking of…HAPPY HANUKKAH!) Here we are, Day 5, and my stars n’ garters, but the elves have already decorated the reindeer and the neighbor’s dog. Which is fine, because the dog likes the elves and the tinsel they make her wear every year. The neighbors put up with it because the elves bake really good brownies and they’re quite generous with those.

And, of course, the egg nog. Which the elves generally like to make themselves, but sometimes they go out on supply runs for a certain kind of ‘nog, especially if it’s getting late. They prefer to make their batches in the morning, but they keep a stash on hand of ready-made.

(hint: “Frosty the Snowman” [in case it wasn’t really obvious])

Frosty the bookman was a well-read happy…

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I don’t mind SHARING



When the cover of the magazine has such a GREAT woman as Edie Windsor on it, I don’t mind at all~!

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Have a great holiday season!



In case I get arrested


Today I received an email that I have to share because it’s just so ludicrous NOT to share.  Please read it and I will comment on it later:



&nbs p;
FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


Attention……..Attention…. ………Attention………… Attention

This the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) We are writing in response to our track light monitoring device which we received today in our office about the illegal transactions that you have been involve in for a long time now.

We understand from our general investigations that some con men from Nigeria has been ripping you off your hard earned money with the pretense of dealing with ATM CARD Company that will deliver a Card toyou and the proposed amount which was to be transferred to you is the sum of $5,000,000 Usd as stated in our record here.

We also got a complain from our German counterpart stating that your identity/information’s was used to dupe a German business man to the tune of $4 Billion Usd by some Nigerian Fraudsters which you have been in contact with for some time now.

The German Government has ordered for your urgent arrest regarding the crimes that was committed with your name,after all the series of investigations conducted here in our office we tracked your record and we found out that you have never been jailed or had any fraudulent case that may jeopardize your image and personality.

All this information’s are on record and we are going to use it against you in the world court when this case will be brought before it and we called the Nigerian High Commission for an urgent compensation for the bad deed that has been committed with your name.

The Nigerian Government has made available the sum of $950,000.00  Usd for your compensation and then we would like to inform you to stop any further communications with the con men so that you will not be brought before the law..

We also discovered that you have made some payments to them earlier for this same funds that was to be sent to you.

Don’t forget that all your properties will be confiscated as soon as you are jailed because it will be believed that you got them from fraudulent and dubious business transactions like the one that you are in right now.

We have forwarded a copy of this information’s to all the states crime agencies including,

National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

CrimTrac Agency, Canberra,

Crime and Corruption Commission

Crime and Misconduct Commission

Home Land Security Service.

Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Nigerian Local Metropolitan Police (NLMP)

So all you need to do right now in other to clear your name from the scam list which has already been forwarded to our office is to secure the CLEAN BILL CERTIFICATE immediately.

This Certificate will then clear your name from the scam list and also after the Certificate has been issued to you, you will then forward it to the payment officer for the urgent transfer of your compensation funds of $950,000.00 Usd.

You are required to forward to us your private contact number for oral communications and don’t forget that you will be given only 72hours to secure the CLEAN BILL CERTIFICATE or you will face the law and its consequences.

Your e-mail address is now under our e-mail track monitor, so you should make sure that you don’t respond to any e-mail that is being sent to you from anybody or organization that claims to be working for the Nigeria Government.

Never you forward any part of our contact with you to the con men and seize all further communication with any ATM CARD Company acting for the release of the funds to you.

Forward the details of the payment you made to them earlier, and also all the information’s/documents that was forwarded to you by those criminals that you have been in contact with for a long time now.

Also below is my attached Identity Card for your perusal.

Get back to us as soon as you receive this e-mail so that we can guild you on how to secure the Certificate within 72hours.


Thanks as I wait for your response

Mr Chris Paul

Get Out of Jail Free 1Sided

Now, in case you haven’t realized yet, this is some bogus scam that goes out by the millions every day over the internet in the hopes that some unsuspecting person will fall for it.  Besides the obvious typos and other errors, I have to wonder, WHO FALLS FOR THIS?  But, just in case it WERE real and I really do need to clear my name with a CLEAN BILL CERTIFICATE I want you all to know, I didn’t DO IT!  lol  Hope you too have had a good laugh over this one…

Have a great day/evening wherever you may be and if you need a vacation from reality please check out my books at


Business Card #1

Strong Women by K’Anne Meinel

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by K’Anne Meinel

I’m a big proponent of writing about strong women in my books. I have sixty-five published works now. All but two are what I’d consider Lesbian Fiction. One of them does have a lesbian character but no sex, just a strong story line. People may wonder why I always have strong women in my stories. I believe that just because a woman is strong doesn’t mean she doesn’t have problems, vulnerabilities, or a life, a story to tell and I tell about them, about the journey. People’s perceptions of what makes a woman strong sometimes bothers me, they perceive strong women as usually ‘butch’ or ‘bitchy’ or a host of other descriptions that aren’t accurate. What they fail to realize is what it takes to be that STRONG of a woman. The drama, the life experiences, the whole she-bang (pun intended). It isn’t about the…

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NaBloPoMo (11/2014) – Day 16: Free eBook Download!

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Now that I have your attention….

If you have found your way to this blog post by doing a Google search that looks something like this – “[Author] [Book title] Free download” – well, let me tell you, friend, you have come to the wrong blog.

What you are doing is partaking in piracy. And it’s illegal. Check the front of just about every book you read and you’ll see the following (or something similar): “All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any means, electronic or mechanical, without permission in writing from the publisher.” In other words, don’t give this to a friend. Don’t post this on the internet. Don’t print this out and mass distribute copies.

Just don’t.

Let me repeat: it’s illegal. Not just for those who do the sharing, posting, distributing. If you’re downloading this material and reading…

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