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Entire worlds exist of just two people in love.

Entire worlds exist of just two people in love.

In 1959, I knew a girl who (like me) aspired to be a writer.

Her name was Ann.

She was an oddity of sorts among the girls I occasionally accompanied to Brown’s Pharmacy where we sat at the counter on hot summer afternoons and ate Cheese Doodles while sipping Cokes through waxed paper straws in glasses topped off with half inch ice cubes.

At barely five feet and under 90 pounds, I was a wisp. She was taller by five inches and heavier, with a pronounced pear shaped body. Although her family was prominent, living in a big house in a better neighborhood, Ann dressed in drab colors, had wing shaped eyeglasses that she was constantly shoving back up to the top of her flat nostril nose, wore braces to correct an overbite and fixed her mousey brown hair in…

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Looking to Pirate my Books?


I feel EXACTLY the same way! Please read this!

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I’ve been a little quiet lately because I’ve been a little depressed about something. I’ve been working every day, so my sadness hasn’t affected my output thankfully (and, hopefully, A Knight to Remember will be out tomorrow, depending on how the final edits go today!). But I’m an honest person, and I’m also pretty open about stuff, so I thought I would share with you what’s made me sad.

A lot of people pirate my books. A lot. At Rose and Star Press, we purposefully make certain that every file we put on sites like Amazon, Smashwords or Barnes and Noble is not DRM encrypted. What does that mean? That basically means that if you pay for our books on one device, we want you to be able to put that book on any other device you want, so the book itself is shareable. Now, of course, this is…

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To my fans, friends, readers in general I am truly humbled by the thanks I have been sent in the forms of emails, in boxes, and reviews for the book I published 3 weeks ago called LAWYERED. But…it is I who really need to thank YOU for taking the time to purchase and read it. It has been #3 most of the time on Amazon and even made it up to #2 here in the states. In England it was #1, #2, & #3. How can an author thank you anymore than this heartfelt thanks and although I have thanked those who have sent me the emails and inboxes, I thank those who have purchased who are too shy to say anything but have obviously been spreading the word. So THANK YOU! It makes the writing and the angst over these stories worth the while!

LAWYERED is finally OUT!


Discovering that you don’t have everything you thought you wanted is a surprise.  Getting a promotion, finding new friends, learning you are attracted to women….

Nia Toyomoto has worked hard all her life to prove she was the best; she graduated early from high school, college, and got the dream job in Manhattan.  Becoming a partner at the tender age of thirty she thought she had it all until the law firm made demands about her personal appearance and a few other things that made her change her life for the promotion.  Then she realizes having everything isn’t all that it is cracked up to be without someone to share it with…

A successful lawyer in the big city, choices have to made, sacrifices and surprises await this beautiful and talented woman….does she make the right ones though?

It’s ‘out’ in Paperback AND E-Book!


Lawyered by K’Anne Meinel

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The view from her window wasn’t that impressive as she looked at the dismal aged and gray buildings outside on an equally dismal and gray day in New York, but at least she had a window and a view.  Not all associates had a window, most were in inner offices but she was a senior associate, a lawyer of council if you will, and it was part of her perks.  She looked out it a long time, lost in thought even though she knew she should be getting to the pile of briefs on her desk.  Instead she daydreamed about the incredible offer she had just received.  She had known it was coming, she knew she deserved it, but at the moment wasn’t sure if she should be insulted.

Nia Toyomoto worked for one of the most prestigious law firms in Manhattan.  It wasn’t a small…

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NEW BOOK: Anthology

Anthology Cover

Fifteen short stories (and some NOT so SHORT)

Story  1 Cuff Her

How humiliating to be ‘arrested’ among your closest friends as Ashley Bingham-Bentley is escorted out of a fancy dinner party only to disappear.

Story  2 Family Night 2

Melinda & Em show that Family Night isn’t the same every week and especially NOT for two women in love.

Story  3 .Bikini’s are Dangerous 4

Rio de Janeiro is well known as the world’s premiere beach destination. Will I wear my bikini or not as they are also known for their nude or clothing optional beaches…BIKINI’S ARE DANGEROUS!

Story  4 Bikini’s are Dangerous 5

When you are unsure about your body, being around those who are not only fit and trim but bikini clad can be inhibiting as well as distracting. As I work on my body, my confidence and my attraction to this bikini clad body that helps me achieve these results develops. Finally admitting our mutual attraction leads to a situation that proves BIKINI’S ARE DANGEROUS!

Story  5 Internet Dreamers

Leah is blonde, Anglo, and up until recently, unable to fulfill her fantasies that she has been having with her internet friend for months. A sudden windfall allows her to seek out her friend, her potential lover, and fulfill those wants, desires, and fantasies.

Carmen has never felt like this for an Anglo, she herself is a Latina and her friends cannot understand her being faithful to a woman she has never met.

Meeting each other for the first time is explosive.

Story  6 Snoggered

Relaxed inhibitions happen when my girl drinks double her quota…

Story  7 The Rockhound

Sam is a unique woman. She goes after what she wants in life, wherever it may take her. This time it takes her to Southeast Asia to pan for diamonds in the islands. It’s dirty, hot, and dangerous. Her trip is worth it though as she finds what she came for, finding a woman who is intrigued by her, the adventure, and more is just a bonus. Felicia goes along on another trip; could it be fatal for both of them to go deep in the jungle to search for these elusive stones?

Story  8 Stolen

Loving a woman is hard enough, living with her is as well, add children to the mix it makes it impossible, especially when they are STOLEN!

Sheila went through a painful divorce, her ex-husband is bitter and vindictive.  Leaving him for another person, a woman is more than he can bear, revenge is on his mind!

Story 9 Agitated

Alone in the Laundromat can she get away with what she needs to do, does she dare? What about when she is discovered?

Story 10 Charming Thief ~Snake Island~

What do you do when you are offered more money for one single act than most people can make in a year?  What do you do with skills so refined that only a thief can appreciate them?  Do you enjoy travel?  Seeing the world?  Meeting new and exciting people?  How can you put all these things into one package and call it a ‘career?’

Simone, Marie, Jane, Adelina, Mary or whatever name she chooses to use at the moment has a unique set of skills and a different outlook on life.  Anonymous, pretty, she uses anything at her fingertips to get the job done.  Join her as she uses them to go to one of the most dangerous islands in the world to bring back a specific item for a client who has commissioned her.  Will she be able to obtain it when she finds out she has been misled, will it kill her, get her killed, or will she wind up in a Brazilian prison for the rest of her days?

Story 11 Love of my LIFE

I meet the love of my life, a whirlwind romance, love, passion, and happily ever after…right? Marriage, until death do us part…..

Story 12 Quickie in an Elevator, GOING DOWN?

A short story~Living out a fantasy in your mind is one thing, having that fantasy come to life is another…the title is self-explanatory

Story 13 Into the Garden

My dream lover takes me on an adventure…into the Garden

Story 14 Menage a WHAT?

A butch dream…making her femme’s fantasy come true…

Story 15 An Affair to Forget

The worst two weeks of my life…

Available in PAPERBACK and E-BOOK:


Full Cover Anthology


Interview for LAWYERED

Lawyered Front Cover

Interview for LAWYERED:

Tell us about the main character:  Nia Toyomoto, I just love how that name rolls off my tongue.  Saying it completely just does something for me.  I made it up, or so I think I did, but her character developed on its own.  She is complex, a classic over achiever and successful at an early age on so many levels.  She graduates high school early, college early, and gets her ‘dream’ career early only to realize she missed a few things along the way, such as relationships.

She is exposed to some classic ‘bad’ boys and girls.  From a serial murderess, to a professional thief, to the spoiled rich boys of sports and things of that nature.

Finding out she is attracted to women and dealing with that with her own insecurities show a side of her that is vulnerable.  I like vulnerable, it shows the human side of her and I think everyone who reads this book is going to enjoy Nia.

Tell us about some of the secondary characters: Nia’s best friend is Annie, she’s a bi-sexual and very down to earth.  She keeps Nia grounded and doesn’t let her become too stale in her attitudes on life.  I introduced some characters from other books.  Alice from my Malice series, Simone from my Charming Thief series, Sasha from my Kept novella, I enjoyed letting them play together.  Nia also has a group of about a dozen women she meets (or tries to meet) every Thursday and I introduce several characters this way, some of whom appeared in the other books I’ve mentioned, a way of tying all my books into each other.

So the book isn’t ‘just’ about Lawyers?  Oh no, it is much more than that.  It delves into first times, her personal life, coming to grips with her sexuality, dealing with abuse, falling in love.  It’s a very complex story and one a lot of us can relate to because life is so very complex.

Nia’s ‘assistant’ Colleen because a major character, would you describe her:  Colleen I felt was a wimpy character at first.  I am attracted to and I portray strong female characters.  Colleen though surprised me as she dealt with so much in her own life and her admiration for boss that developed into so much more.  She is actually one of those quietly strong women who take care of things without making a big deal of it.  I actually came to admire her as she came out in my story.

What do you want your readers to come away with from this story?: That anyone can surprise you, what you think you know about someone isn’t necessarily who or what they are.  That they can change, they can grow, and they aren’t a stereotype.  I think a lot of women will relate to this story and admire the characters as they develop throughout the book.

 Lawyered is due out soon from Shadoe Publishing!  Watch for the news on my blog and website as well as on social media!