Winners Day ~4~ from our giveaway

This is the list for day 4 of our 100 book’s giveaway!  Some entered multiple times so the chances increased that they not only won one book, but more than one!

  1. Ma-Lord
  2. Maria Mehau
  3. Vicki Easom Johnson
  4. Stephanie Culpepper
  5. Pat Stark
  6. Rhonda Richardson
  7. Mary Monroe
  8. Kitty Author
  9. Katrina
  10. Barbara Badstober

Congratulations to all the winners!  They will be getting an email!

Winners ~Day 3~ from our giveaway

Here is the list of winners for day three of our 100 book giveaway!  Did you enter?

  1. Charlie Yasue
  2. Laurie Loomis
  3. Gina El
  4. Eva
  5. Miira
  6. Torrais
  7. Victoria Van Ness
  8. Pamela I Tumath
  9. Louise
  10. Lorelei Beaudette

Thank you all so much for entering!  Winners will be notified by the email they used to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.

Please don’t forget that my latest book VETTED AGAIN is out and available.  Part of the five book series!  Three of them have become Best-Sellers on Amazon!


Three things, because, according to an awesome friend of mine, things are always better in threes…personally, I think things are better in fives, but then, that’s me, always contrary.  Here is the three:

  1. My birthday is on the 10th.
  2. My 100th published work, Vetted Again, is coming out on the 10th.
  3. My giveaway for 100 books to those who signed up starts on the 10th.

I am the youngest in my family, the fifth child.  All my life, things divisible by five have been ‘lucky’ for me.  So, on the 10th (two times five), when my 100th (twenty times five) published work comes out, help support it!

Enter the contest here, you can do it daily: a Rafflecopter giveaway.  Earn points to win book(s), you can win more than one.
Go here to prepurchase the awesome new book about the Herriot family here: Vetted Again

Watch this blog (sign up) for the list of winners, daily, ten (two times five) a day for ten days (two times five).

Good luck!


100 books giveaway for my 100th published work

a Rafflecopter giveaway

November 10, 2018 is my birthday…it’s also my 100th published work release with Vetted Again coming to bookshelves near you!   In celebration, I’m giving gifts to YOU my dedicated followers/readers/fans!  I’m giving away 100 of my published works (reader’s choice) and all you have to do is enter, daily, between now and then.  You get points by entering the Rafflecopter which should keep track of it for both of us…those with the most points,  are most likely to win the 10 books I’m giving away, per day, starting November 10.  You can enter EVERY SINGLE day and you even get points for SHARING it, so please, tell everyone and enter!