The Northwood Lodge

I am pleased to present to you my FIRST non-fiction novella.  A biographical novella about my father and grandparents with plenty of pictures.

The Northwood Lodge Cover 1000

In 1934, John Dillinger engaged in a shoot-out with the Division of Investigation, later called the F.B.I., at Little Bohemia in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin.  Next door to Little Bohemia was the Northwood Lodge owned by Ernst and Agatha Meinel, my paternal grandparents.

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I haven’t been blogging much, probably because deep down I’m a wee bit depressed.  I try NOT to get political on here, but who can help in their daily lives?  I’m going to ignore that depression, the politics that cause it, because, as a writer you can’t make up these things, the facts alone are enough for a thriller.  Meanwhile, I work on, through the depression, through the fears, through the crap…and work on books that I hope my friends, fans, and followers will enjoy.

In the coming months I have several books coming out, one is at the editor, another I’m finishing up on, and another two I’m still writing…hope you watch out for them and enjoy them as much as I do putting them out there:


Joy Parker had the perfect childhood.  Doted on by her parents, she couldn’t imagine her childhood any different.  As a child and later a young adult, she’s ignored by her much older siblings, made to feel the outsider…until a tragedy occurs, altering her life in ways she couldn’t possibly have imagined.

The next few years of her life are vastly different from her parents’ hopes and dreams for her.  Then suddenly, another life-altering event changes the course of her life and she must make decisions she never dreamt possible.  Winning the largest lottery in Wisconsin history opens the flood gates of possibility and means Joy must again decide which direction to take with the rest of her life.

After Joy is stalked relentlessly by fortune hunters, reporters, and even her own siblings, she decides to fly away into a future that she never could have imagined, let alone planned….

What would you do if you won $341,726,178.10 after taxes?  Come along for the ride as we discover what Joy Parker decides to do with it….

My FIRST non-fiction novella, The Northwood Lodge:

Her heart makes mine go pitty-pat, pitty-pat, pitty-pat…and I don’t want it to ever stop.

heartbeatBrooklyn Adams, a highly successful American mystery writer, is advised by her publicist and publisher to get out of her comfort zone, to stop hibernating in the backwoods of upper Michigan.  She needs to get out and see the world.  Her books, while successful, are becoming a bit stale.  Brook reluctantly takes their advice and orders her passport in order to start crossing items off her bucket list.  Australia is first on that list….

Lauren Aird, a very intense, effectual prosecuting attorney is simply going through the motions, living her life, just going along, doing her job.  Her former partner—civil partnerships are the only thing recognized in Australia at this time—died two years before in a horrible car crash, leaving her alone to raise their twins.  It’s time for Lauren to move on.  Her first girlfriend after the crash, while kind and loving, was her transition woman.  She needs to find someone she can make a life with.

Lauren Aird…meet Brooklyn Adams.  Will meeting each other cause their hearts to beat a little faster….

maniacal-malice-book-22No synopsis available yet, but I’m working at it!

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