The Northwood Lodge

I am pleased to present to you my FIRST non-fiction novella.  A biographical novella about my father and grandparents with plenty of pictures.

The Northwood Lodge Cover 1000

In 1934, John Dillinger engaged in a shoot-out with the Division of Investigation, later called the F.B.I., at Little Bohemia in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin.  Next door to Little Bohemia was the Northwood Lodge owned by Ernst and Agatha Meinel, my paternal grandparents.

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Malice Masterpieces IV


This book


contains novellas

Sixteen through Twenty








Framed for a crime she didn’t commit by a group of corrupt cops that are out to ‘get her’, Kathy battles to retain her freedom.  She receives an unexpected bit of help from an Internal Affairs cop set on putting away all dirty cops.  Certain that Kathy has been targeted by this unscrupulous group, Special Agent Linda Miller helps Kathy and Portia prove Kathy’s innocence and in the process, finds herself attracted to Kathy.

Can feelings of gratitude and admiration turn to love for the widowed Kathy?  She can never reveal her full past to this cop she finds herself drawn to. Can Linda accept that there are parts of Kathy’s life she can never know about or will her investigative skills get in the way of their happiness?

Constant reminders of, and comparisons to, the woman she first loved make it hard for Kathy to commit herself fully to their budding romance.  How can Kathy move on when the past keeps sending reminders to let her know it isn’t done with her?


It is time for Kathy to move on, but her thoughts want to keep her in the past.  Her wife has been dead over eighteen months.  She has a girlfriend who would like to become her lover.  Can she finally put the past behind her and move on?

Trust is the issue.  Clues to Kathy and Alice’s past seem to intrigue new girlfriend, Special Agent Linda Miller, a little too much.  Maybe it’s the cop in her?  Is Kathy ready to overlook this and take the next step?

Things seem to be conspiring to drive Kathy crazy.  Is she imagining the clues that point to her wife being alive?  Her friends assure her she isn’t seeing what she thinks she is. Could it all be in her mind?  Is it possible her wife is still alive, or is she only clinging to hope?  Her thoughts are holding her prisoner…


Alice is ALIVE!

Where has she been?  What is the explanation for the missing months?

As Kathy listens she is horrified to realize what has happened to the woman she once called the love of her life.

How she survived begins to unfold as she describes the terrors that she has endured the last two years…


As Alice continues with her tale of where she has been for the last couple of years, Kathy realizes the tally of deaths is adding up.  The same reasons that caused their separation are still there.  Can she forgive, much less forget, why they broke up in the first place?

Murder, planned murder especially, takes time.  Alice must feel ‘justified’ in who she targets.  She also must take into account that Sasha is not only a witness, but an accomplice to what Alice must do.  Sasha will be shocked as she realizes what Alice is capable of.  Sasha must learn to ‘appreciate’ Alice and her ‘skills.’

Follow along as Sasha and Alice begin the hunt for those who had imprisoned them….


As she listens to the horrors that Alice and Sasha endured at the hands of their captors, Kathy realizes she has to know, she MUST know everything Alice has been up to.  She wants to understand what kept them apart these past years…beyond her own anger at what her wife is capable of.

As the gruesome details of Alice and Sasha’s story unfold, Kathy asks herself ‘Does this justify what they did and are doing to those people?  Does it explain their prolonged absence from their families?’

Follow along as Alice and Sasha go in for the kill!  Learn how they carefully plot their revenge against the people who took so much from their lives…and take just as much and more from them in return. 

Their lives, their victims’ lives, will never be the same!









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Meandering Malice (Book #21)


She’s cold, she’s tired, and she just wants to go home to her family.  Those preventing Alice from reaching her goals are about to learn there is a steep price to pay when you get in her way.  With two civilians to protect from their enemies, will the horror she is about to unleash repel them or will they help her overcome the obstacles keeping her from her goals?

Alice is about to unleash the beast within.  Come along and watch as she makes decisions that may affect the rest of her life…they will most definitely affect others’ lives!






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Veil of Silence Cover

Five years ago, Lieutenant Marsha Gagliano disappeared when her helicopter crashed in Afghanistan.  Her wife held out hope for her return, but with no word from the army after all that time, she begins to realize she may have to move on without her.

At the embassy in Kabul, a burqa-clad woman arrives at the gate with two young children in tow.  The black-haired, brown-eyed woman looks like an Afghan native, but her American accent belies this.  She identifies herself as Lieutenant Marsha Gagliano, all the while keeping a close eye out behind her as though at any moment, someone might jump out and snatch her back.

Questions arise regarding her disappearance and reappearance and the army is suspicious.  The children are obviously hers.  Has she consorted with the enemy?  How will her wife react to these children?  Will she be able to accept children she had no part in conceiving?

What is this woman hiding beneath her chador?  What secrets lie behind her veil of silence?

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Same great story with an alternate cover: BLOWN AWAY

Blown Away The Alternate Cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover!  Nothing, and no one, is EVER what they seem.

Ellen Christenson escapes from an abusive life, but does one ever escape the scars that are left on their soul?  One must move on, one must try.  But life has a tendency to circle back to what one once knew and she finds her life choices bring her back to the scenes of her abuse, to deal with it finally and fully, in ways she had never thought she would deal with.  It is then that the healing can begin, as she repairs her soul and the people she has devastated along the way.

Ellen hadn’t ‘intended’ to end up in Silicon Valley and its high tech world, but due to life and it’s circumstances she finds herself the head of a startup tech company.  Cool, calculating, efficient, she shows the world a side of her that she really isn’t, few if any know the real Ellen.  Nearby San Francisco provides her with plenty of girlfriends.  That elusive one, that soul mate, she has a hard time recognizing due to the scars within.

Living with the choice of letting someone die for their sins, for years, Ellen is ‘blown away’ by the feelings and emotions she has bottled up for so long….


Paperback and E-Book

Now you may ASK, WHY?

Blown Away 1000After all, I have this HOT HOT HOT cover that should have people drooling over buying and reading the story.  This cover was deliberately chosen to get people’s attention because the story itself is difficult.  Yes, it has some great love scenes in it but it isn’t about that at all.  The story itself, is about overcoming abuse and the journey one woman makes to get there.  Discovering along the way not only herself but who is important in her life.

Yes the same great story is available in BOTH covers.  Some people don’t want this provocative cover to read the book by and the above cover is a little more user friendly.

Whichever you choose to buy, just read the story.  I’m certain you won’t regret the journey it will take you on.

Paperback and E-Book of this version.

Interview for LAWYERED

Lawyered Front Cover

Interview for LAWYERED:

Tell us about the main character:  Nia Toyomoto, I just love how that name rolls off my tongue.  Saying it completely just does something for me.  I made it up, or so I think I did, but her character developed on its own.  She is complex, a classic over achiever and successful at an early age on so many levels.  She graduates high school early, college early, and gets her ‘dream’ career early only to realize she missed a few things along the way, such as relationships.

She is exposed to some classic ‘bad’ boys and girls.  From a serial murderess, to a professional thief, to the spoiled rich boys of sports and things of that nature.

Finding out she is attracted to women and dealing with that with her own insecurities show a side of her that is vulnerable.  I like vulnerable, it shows the human side of her and I think everyone who reads this book is going to enjoy Nia.

Tell us about some of the secondary characters: Nia’s best friend is Annie, she’s a bi-sexual and very down to earth.  She keeps Nia grounded and doesn’t let her become too stale in her attitudes on life.  I introduced some characters from other books.  Alice from my Malice series, Simone from my Charming Thief series, Sasha from my Kept novella, I enjoyed letting them play together.  Nia also has a group of about a dozen women she meets (or tries to meet) every Thursday and I introduce several characters this way, some of whom appeared in the other books I’ve mentioned, a way of tying all my books into each other.

So the book isn’t ‘just’ about Lawyers?  Oh no, it is much more than that.  It delves into first times, her personal life, coming to grips with her sexuality, dealing with abuse, falling in love.  It’s a very complex story and one a lot of us can relate to because life is so very complex.

Nia’s ‘assistant’ Colleen because a major character, would you describe her:  Colleen I felt was a wimpy character at first.  I am attracted to and I portray strong female characters.  Colleen though surprised me as she dealt with so much in her own life and her admiration for boss that developed into so much more.  She is actually one of those quietly strong women who take care of things without making a big deal of it.  I actually came to admire her as she came out in my story.

What do you want your readers to come away with from this story?: That anyone can surprise you, what you think you know about someone isn’t necessarily who or what they are.  That they can change, they can grow, and they aren’t a stereotype.  I think a lot of women will relate to this story and admire the characters as they develop throughout the book.

 Lawyered is due out soon from Shadoe Publishing!  Watch for the news on my blog and website as well as on social media!

NEW BOOK! The Journey Home … just in time for Christmas!

The Journey Home Front Cover

In the midst of the Great Depression, Cassandra (Cass) Scheimer is trying to keep the family farm afloat in the Big Woods of Wisconsin…alone.  As a local midwife and struggling backwoods doctor, she certainly doesn’t need more mouths to feed.

Stephanie Evans is a widow enceinte with her third child.  She accepts a kind stranger’s offer of marriage in exchange for keeping house for him…but he never shows up to claim her.  While dealing with unrequited guilt and the desperation of impoverished motherhood, falling in love with Cass is the least of her worries.

For Cass, having been in love with a woman once before, she feels it couldn’t possibly happen twice.  When it does, Cass is convinced the love cannot be returned.  Can she and Stephanie keep it hidden from the prying eyes of children and the meddling neighbors in this small rural community?

Can Cass deal with the guilt she feels over her brother’s injury, an injury that prevents him from doing his duty for their country?  Joining the Nursing Corps may put too much stress on her newfound relationship with Stephanie.  The woman who returns from the war and the woman left behind on the farm are not the same people who once fell in love.  Can they return to being lovers after years spent apart?  Destiny put them in each other’s path, but World War II has tearing them apart.

This is The Journey Home.

2     74733_550051868342682_1615060679_n

E-Book & Paperback

Who doesn’t LOVE the feel of a good book in their hands and did you know that many times authors include ‘extras’ in the paperback that do not show up in the e-book?  Food for thought….