So, this happened

I love to hear from my readers, but this one was totally unexpected.  The other night I checked my email before going to bed and found this question in it regarding my non-fiction novella The Northwood Lodge that I released last year:Capture

Dear Ms Meinel,
I am emailing with what may or may not be an unusual question. I saw your book on line ,The Northwood Lodge, and read an excerpt that your Grand Parents owned The Lodge. I own what remains of a resort in XXXXXXXX, WI  on South XXXXXXX. This is located just a few miles from The Northwood Lodge. The original owners were Walter and Clara Meinel and the name was Meinel’s Resort. I am wondering if you are also related to them.
Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.
Stephanie xxxxxx



Well, Stephanie got an immediate reply.  Because, yes, that was my Great-Great Aunt and Uncle who owned the place that she was talking about.  My grandfathers (who is featured in The Northwood Lodge) Aunt and Uncle.  Uncle Walter sponsored my grandfather to come over from Germany.  He was the first Meinel of our family to come over (as far as we know).  How cool is that, I put out a little novella with my family pictures, even one of Uncle Walter in it, and lo, and behold, the current owner finds it and me to contact!  We’ve had several emails back and forth.  I’m loving sharing family pictures with her of a place from eighty or so years ago.  How wonderful is that?

She has asked permission to put up a picture for their history days in the town up there of my uncle, who was fairly well-known back in the day.  His fishing stories will forever be told…

Well, Uncle Walter, you live on infamy…