Winners ~Day 9~

For the winners of the giveaway!

The next TEN winners of a published story of your choice from my website:

  1. Jazzy Mitchell
  2. Annette
  3. Dana
  4. Doreen Lyne
  5. Karen McIntosh
  6. Leah
  7. Marcey
  8. Marianna Ballard
  9. Renee
  10. Rhiannon Roberts

Winners will be notified by email!  Congratulations!


Got your attention?  Who doesn’t like reading a FREE BOOK?  If you enjoy mystery, intrigue, a little murder now and then…then this offer is for you!  Get the first copy of the very popular MALICE series for FREE!  With 22 novellas in this series, there is plenty of story for you to feed your reading needs!  Follow along as you learn to like this serial killer series…maybe even love Alice!

Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover

Meeting a mysterious woman in a bar, Deirdre’s life begins to change.  Alice discovers the abuse that Deirdre has been experiencing at the hands of her handsome and powerful husband.  But what can a petite woman such as Alice do to help her out of this bad situation?  And what will she want in exchange for that help?

Wanna know how you get your FREE copy?  

  1. You have to subscribe to this blog, see the little + sign in the lower right side of this screen?
  2. Let me know by emailing me (although, all new subscribers I get notification of).  Current subscribers, send me a screen shot.  @
  3. I send you the link to download your PDF, Mobi, or e-Pub copy.  

That’s it, it’s that simple.

I am hoping you become as hooked as many others have on this series that I have been working on for so many years.  Please let me know by leaving reviews if you do!

Thank you and good reading!

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Where does friendship stop and love begin?

Nikki Kay is a successful lesbian romance author, from a loving Russian family. Her best friend Quinn from an uptight Anglo-Saxon family has been her best friend since childhood. Unfortunately for Nikki, Quinn is more than a best friend—she is the only woman Nikki ever truly loved.

When Quinn’s husband kills himself unexpectedly, Nikki rushes to Quinn’s side. And just as they need each other more than ever, Quinn discovers she’s carrying his child. While Quinn sees no problem leaning on Nikki to get her through, Nikki is faced with battling her growing attraction


A brilliant child protégée, she dreams of becoming a doctor and a surgeon…and accomplishes her goals.  Unfortunately, her youth and round, child-like face work against her.  No matter how skilled she becomes, how knowledgeable, the old school, male-dominated medical hierarchy wants to keep her in ‘her place.’

Deana has worked hard to become an expert in her chosen field, but few believe this ‘child’ capable.   Specializing in infectious diseases, she travels the world—from the States to Europe to South America—honing her skills before winding up in Africa where her skills are desperately needed.

Meeting a nurse by the name of Madison MacGregor, she finds they share an insatiable curiosity and a love of helping others, but falling in love was not what she intended.  Later, when she loses Maddie to a misunderstanding, she is haunted by the one that got away…

Ten years have passed and both the doctor and nurse have moved on with their lives, but fate intervenes when they find themselves working at the same hospital.  Their friendship is revived…can their love be rekindled?  Will the past haunt them or bring them closer?  Will the secrets that both harbor keep them from realizing a future together?


Is love truly universal?

Major Kate Winston is a decorated officer with a promising career until she wakes up naked in the arms a strange woman with no memory of how she got there.

Alexia is from another planet sent by the elders to kill Major Winston to put off the foreseen destruction of their planet by Earth’s mistakes.

From the backwoods of Pennsylvania to New York City to Alexia’s home world, the novel weaves a tale of emotional intrigue as two women from different words struggle with their desires, and life and death decisions.


Five years ago, Lieutenant Marsha Gagliano disappeared when her helicopter crashed in Afghanistan.  Her wife held out hope for her return, but with no word from the army after all that time, she begins to realize she may have to move on without her.

At the embassy in Kabul, a burqa-clad woman arrives at the gate with two young children in tow.  The black-haired, brown-eyed woman looks like an Afghan native, but her American accent belies this.  She identifies herself as Lieutenant Marsha Gagliano, all the while keeping a close eye out behind her as though at any moment, someone might jump out and snatch her back.

Questions arise regarding her disappearance and reappearance and the army is suspicious.  The children are obviously hers.  Has she consorted with the enemy?  How will her wife react to these children?  Will she be able to accept children she had no part in conceiving?

What is this woman hiding beneath her chador?  What secrets lie behind her veil of silence?

Free Books to LGBT readers

14e0a82f6b776d5bc0439f617de3f494A fellow author that I greatly admire put a SHOUT OUT for donated books for the Chely Wright Foundation called LikeMe.  As I admire both the author (who I had the good fortune to interview earlier this year in my group LESFIC READING GROUP on Facebook as well as meet in person at the Golden Crown Literary Society in New Orleans) as well as the singer, her voice is very smooth, she’s attractive, and she stands for something I believe in….I immediately sent her a box of my books…including REPRESENTED which I re-released earlier this year.  Represented is special to me because it is a similar story to Chely Wrights.  I even did an interview for it here.  I also sent her a separate box of books from Shadoe Publishing, my publishing house that I own where I help other authors achieve their dream of becoming published authors.  My authors were notified and those that could, sent their own books.  You see this worthwhile organisation has a library that was sadly lacking in the books that it could lend out to people.  So Kris Bryant (the author I mentioned) gave a shout out and her P.O. Box to those who inquired and generously offered to transport over any and all contributions.  I sent well over a dozen of my own and my authors books to contribute.  As of this posting, Kris has over 60 books to take to the foundation!  Keep it up, contact Kris (I’ve put in the link on her highlighted name).  Also, get in the game and click on the other links I have posted here…I’m sure you will find things you like and enjoy.  Join, if you can, participate if you so desire, and above all…give back to your little community.  Thank you and thank Kris Bryant for planting the seed, for Chely Wright for having the foundation and taking on the cause, and for those who actively continue on fighting the good fight for future generations.book_hbo_meme

FREE BOOK from Kim Flowers Today 2/15 & Tomorrow 2/16


During the Second Civil War, a new U.S. political party called the Family Protection Movement established The Divide, which separates Normal people from those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

Seventeen-year old Serenity Blackwater lives in the normal Midwestern town of Mapleville, but she is not normal. She hacks into an illegal gay chat room and meets Dawn, a lesbian who lives in a gay community less than a mile away. Serenity discovers normal people can bribe their way inside the walls and decides to go, both to meet Dawn and check out what may be her future home.

Dawn is even more beautiful than Serenity hoped, and the two soon become a couple. But Serenity only has a few months before she must take the Normal Verification Test, and then she’ll be separated from her family forever. So she joins the Human Equality Organization, an underground group working to end The Divide. Dawn thinks the rebellion is too dangerous, and since Dawn’s ex-girlfriend Malaki is also a member, Serenity doesn’t tell Dawn about her involvement.

Serenity reveals to the HEO that her parents are leading a campaign to organize attacks on all Gay Communities. With her help, the HEO creates Project Jericho, in which all Gay Communities walls will implode at once. But after too many delays, and when Dawn discovers Serenity has been spending more time with Malaki than her, Serenity knows she has to start the revolution herself. She heads to D.C. to contact a group of senators secretly against The Divide … or straight into a trap set by the Family Protection Movement.

FREE VIDEO from K’Anne Meinel

Sapphic Cowboi Front Cover

In a few days Sapphic Cowboi will be coming out.  It is not a follow up to Sapphic Cowgirl but a completely new novella.  In the meantime I thought you would enjoy my new video to enhance the reading of the book: Sapphic Cowboi Video

FREE BOOK from Jennifer L. Oliver for Feb 12-14


A demon who wants souls; a child born to stop him.

The demon Azazel will stop at nothing to corrupt souls, even if he has to make his own. But in doing so, his process mistakenly creates an abomination more powerful than he imagined: the Unnamed.

A blind albino, Haedyn has never fit in with other children. When she comes face to face with pure evil, she discovers that she’s not even human. She must decide what to do in a world where she doens’t belong.

The Unnamed is a prelude to the upcoming novel, HAEDYN, due out in 2013.