Thirty odd years ago (yeah, I can’t believe I can say that either) my mother bought me a luggage set as a birthday/graduation/xmas present.  It was pretty expensive then (especially for my mom) and I have to say I have gotten a lot of use out of it.  For roughly $100-$150 I got a complete Samsonite set.

20170702_203051_Burst01.jpgAnd, after 30 some years of traveling (I lived out of them for a couple of years) they really have stood the test of time.

What happened to the days where you bought something and knew it would last?  Remember the days where Samsonite had those commercials where chimpanzee’s, monkey’s, and apes threw the cases around?  They really did/do last.  Okay, it was American Tourister (do they still exist?) but, you get my drift…

I’m sad to say that other cases I’ve added have never lasted as long.  This set, pictured above is still going fairly strong.  I have one or two pieces I never use anymore (makeup case) and I’ve learned to downsize, but the same basic three pieces are still alive.  I’ve lost the pull strap for the big one which still has working wheels, you can see wear and tear on the edges, and today I found a hole through one of them as I pack for the GCLS con in Chicago.  Still, quality LASTS.  So does a GOOD story.  It stick’s with you for a LONG time, even after the book has become frayed and worn away.

We are living in a time where people dispose of their possessions far too easily.  A book, a story that sticks with you, makes you want to read over and over again, is priceless.  So take a moment and think over those you have enjoyed.  Check out mine if you haven’t, and if you have, please leave a review….you never know who you might influence and they can have the same enjoyment of the story that you had.

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If you are at GCLS this next week, please say hello to me.  If I look a bit confused it’s because I have the memory of a goldfish and while your name might ring a bell, the bell’s clapper may have been muffled…Facebook friends and others have a tendency to make me look as though I don’t remember anyone, but I do, and I have a long memory for the oddest things…so take a chance and give me a hug (I really don’t bite (despite the fangs)…hard), talk to me, and ask me for a lesbian membership card!  Lol!   Who knows when/where we will meet again!  See you all there!




About 20 years ago I purchased a little alarm clock for about $10.  I specifically chose this one because it appealed to my sense of humor.  s-l300It not only digitally showed the time, it also announced the time in a digitally enhanced voice on the hour, and it also had a choice of two alarms, one that buzzed with an annoying buzz, buzz, buzz and the other, that crowed like a rooster.  onlineclock-why-roosters-crowAt first this cock-a-doodle-doo  was cute and new, a novelty really…but later it became annoying and I deliberately left it across my warehouse because sometimes I fell asleep in my office and it got me up to go turn off the annoying thing.  Not on snooze, no, never on snooze, but turn that sucker OFF!  I can imagine when I wasn’t there it annoyed the cats I kept in the warehouse…lol.   Fast forward a few years, I emptied out one of my warehouses where I had kept this cheap little clock and brought it and some furniture home to an unused bedroom.   Unfortunately, I forgot about it, it got put on a shelf or in a cabinet and the furniture that was going into storage, blocked me from ever finding it.  I must have also forgotten that I had replaced the battery with a new Duracel (damn you good battery!). duracell-aa You recall that it announced the hour, on the hour, verbally?   I am certain you can turn off this function, but, of course, you have to be able to FIND the darn alarm clock.  So ever hour, twenty-four hours a day, it goes off.  I’m mostly able to tune it out, but, at night, when everything in the house is very quiet, when I’m losing sleep over a story and my active mind won’t allow me to sleep, I hear it, EVERY.SINGLE.HOUR on the HOUR!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of moving that HEAVY oak furniture to just FIND it, but when the actual time comes to go find the clock, I’ve forgotten it for another hour…or two, or twenty-four.  I don’t actually ALWAYS hear it as it is so common in my household; we’re used to it…right?  That battery must have been an extra super charged one, the top on the line, as it didn’t seem to die for the first four years or so.  Then I noticed the time was a little off, and not just for daylight savings time.  Every month or two or twelve it would be a little further behind.  First it was the hour for daylight savings time, but that was okay, after all it was right half the year right?  Then it was off five minutes here, and five minutes there.  It is now off half an hour off as I’m sure the battery is finally dying, but not enough to stop the hourly chime of the clock going off.  Now that it’s winter, it’s officially off an hour and a half, I have to stop, think, and calculate what the actual time is when I hear it.  God I hope that battery dies soon.  I’m just so very thankful I didn’t leave the rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo on for a daily wakeup call…but then, it might have worn down the battery faster.  Here is an actual picture of the clock itself that I found by googling it, you too can own one of these for only about $10…if you want to have the enjoyment I have experienced at its hands (pun intended to clock people).41BosBldwjL

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