Nearly in an accident

Now, I want to give you the background, the set up to that headline. 

I was going out to my SUV to take care of some errands.  A spider had woven a web between my electronic side view mirror and the door.  I unlocked the door, opened it, and got in.  I didn’t see the web until I sat in the driver’s seat, turned on the vehicle, and waited for the air to blast.  It’s hot here.  As I put on my seat belt, I saw the web and thought, man that’s intricate.  I wonder if it will blow off when I drive down the highway?  As I’m thinking of the strength of a spider’s web, how pretty the strands are in the sunlight, I’m already driving down the street.  I felt something on my neck. 

Now, I’d just gotten out of the bath, having washed my long hair, and had clean clothes on to go out.  At first, I thought the sensation on my neck was my hair, which frequently feels like a spider’s web as it touches my skin in places that you wouldn’t expect eighteen-inch-long hair to be.  I went to brush it off, and realized on the way, my hair was up, and back, and wet, in a ponytail.  There wouldn’t be dry hairs like that brushing my neck … besides, it moved.  It was big too, whatever it was.  My brain went, it’s the spider to that massive web that you just saw.  It put two and two together and I felt the size as I went to brush the ’hair’ off only to realize instantly, it was a spider, a huge one.  I rubbed it slightly as I picked it up, then between my fingers, looked at it for a moment, and flung it across the car.  It was black, the size of my pinkie finger nail, and shudders!  I nearly drove off the road, causing a one-woman accident!

Now, you’re probably going at this point, it’s a spider, get over it.  However, there is more … read on.

I am a spider magnet; they always bite me too.  I’m also one of those people who reacts to spider bites.  There was an incident a few years ago where I got 19 spider bites in one night.  I suspect it was the same spider, caught, under the covers.  See the evidence:

Now, you could say it wasn’t a spider EXCEPT I know spider bites after all this time, this is the time of year they do me in, and I know I’m going to scar each and every time I get one.  I got one two days ago on my ear, it made my ear blow up like a cauliflower, and it wasn’t painless.

THIS spider though, I KNOW was probably still alive after I rolled and flung it!  I studied that web, it had a big something dead in the middle, and covered, probably for lunch later.  Since I’d probably just killed the artist, I decided to get the web off my vehicle.  At the next light, the window came down and I delicately unlatched a few key strands, watching the dead bug hit my mirror.  Once on the highway and then the freeway, it disappeared.  There, problem solved except I found a couple of strands of that terrific web on my fingers, that stuff is sticky!  Again, shudders.  Then, when I got out of my vehicle at the errand, I saw a small brown spider, playing around near the web.  Well, maybe this was the actual architect of that web, but it was less than half the size of the other one.

I tried to forget about it, but the sensation of whatever was crawling on my neck wouldn’t leave me. I shuddered many times thinking about it.  Hours later I returned to my vehicle, the web is long gone, but there was a dot on my rear-view side mirror.  Another spider, one at least as big as the one I’d found crawling on my neck was sitting there … watching and waiting for me I know!  I thought getting back on the freeway and then the highway would make it disappear, but the damn thing was smart.  It crawled in that crack between the mirror (which is electronic) and the cover for the mirror and rode out the ride, probably with the wind through its hairs. 

Tomorrow, when I go out again, it will probably be waiting for me … to take revenge for its family.  If you don’t hear from me, please send your condolences.  You know the spider did it …

4 thoughts on “Nearly in an accident

  1. minidak says:

    Of course N O W. I am mentally feeling those danged spider legs crawling over my arm and I shiver with goosebumps. Not looking forward to sleeping tonight with spiders weaving in and out of my dreams. I’m glad you’re safe, but I’m not happy with those wispy images you left for me !!!!!

  2. joannebogusz says:

    Damn…if it was a brown recluse spider keep an eye on your bites. If they state turning dark then go to the hospital. Those little buggers can cause some critical health issues.

    Yous Truely…Dr. Bogusz 😁

    • kannemeinel says:

      I’ve had one of THOSE bites and didn’t realize it was one! I kept picking out the scabs that eventually formed (no wonder I scar) and the poison came with it. Yes, I ended up with an indent in my flesh where it died that eventually healed over the years.

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