Third Party Sellers

I am all for third-party sellers.  These are companies or people who buy your books to resell them themselves.  YAY!  Right?

The only problem I have run into with third-party sellers is that sometimes the books are inflated in price, as though they are a collector’s item.

My books are usually priced around $7.99 for an e-book (and believe me, I do believe you get value for your money worth with a 100-150K book) and around $14.95 for a paperback.  It’s usually the paperbacks that they hyper-inflate.  I found one of my books priced out at over $300.  While I appreciate the idea that it’s worth that, it would have to be in gold for them to get that price.   It does not hurt the retailer whose site it is put up on as they still get their cut (ie: Amazon):Amazon-Vendor-Central-vs-Seller-Central

All of my books, novellas, and shorts are still available, have been updated, and are priced reasonably according to their lengths.  ENJOY!

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