I love doing things randomly, impulsively, and on the fly.  It’s probably why I have so many works in progress because I come up with those random or impulsive stories based on just as random ideas.  I can watch a movie and come up with three book ideas sometimes…writing them can take years.  It’s the random or impulsive things that are usually the most successful for me.  That flash of brilliance that pans out.

Take this meme for instance…it had something about Steve on it and I erased whatever it was, promptly forgot it, and then came up with this little gem.  I got so many shares and likes on it that I still lol about it.  Fortunately, my g/f is named Sarah and she found it amusing it too.  I like putting things like this out into the universe, on the various social media sites, and letting it randomly come back up on my feed…sometimes years down the line.  It wasn’t my artwork so I certainly didn’t sign it.  I do have a Lesbian page where I put out lots of meme’s, if you aren’t aware of the page, hit me up (that is, hit me up as in ask me, cause, you know, girlfriend?) on Facebook and I’ll tell you where or what it is.

If you like a little random humor or story now and then, my books always have something that is a bit amusing, real, or impulsive and I hope that is portrayed accurately in them to where you might laugh out loud.

Check out my website at www.kannemeinel.com

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