Need to CHANGE something…HELP would be appreciated


I understand that the big companies such as Amazon generally class lesbian literature under LGBT and leave it at that.  I don’t know about gay literature, because, I don’t buy it.  However, I noticed that when you go just to look for it, especially for newbies who are looking for stories about themselves, you get INUNDATED with gay fiction if you are looking for lesbian fiction.  It’s rather annoying as an author, a publisher, and a promoter to have my books competing with something that shouldn’t be a competition.  Their books have merit, but there are more gay fiction books out there than there is of lesbian fiction.

I want to change that, I want more lesbian fiction.  I also want to make it EASIER for people to find the stories that are part of their lives.  Having lesbian fiction and gay fiction separated may do just that.

I’ve started a petition under to TRY to get Amazon to help our marginalized books the attention they deserve.  Let’s separate the two genre’s and have all the categories available under them.  So if you are looking at the top 10, 20, or 100 in Lesbian Fiction, then ONLY lesbian labeled books come up and they aren’t ‘competing’ with other books that they shouldn’t be.

Labeling your books, that is under the correct categories and tags isn’t the issue…you know if your book is Action-Adventure, Romance, Mystery, etc…it’s the fact that it is Lesbian Literature and not Gay Literature that is the issue.

Please help me by signing the petition and sharing it everywhere on social media or wherever readers of lesbian literature may congregate.  Perhaps, if we get enough ‘attention’ from this sign up, we can get Jeff Bezos of Amazon and his powers-that-be to change this one little thing for us.

Thank you in advance!

Click here to sign up and share.  If you have a webrowser not allowing you to sign in to my links, here is the direct link:

8 thoughts on “Need to CHANGE something…HELP would be appreciated

  1. Alice McCracken says:

    Safari couldn’t connect me with your petition so I could sign it.

  2. Mandy Hamilton Winger says:

    Please can you get Amazon to separate lesbian fiction books from the gay men books?
    Thank you.

  3. […] via Need to CHANGE something…HELP would be appreciated […]

  4. Gail Nascimento says:

    Over the past few years it has been quite annoying to have to sort through lesbian/gay books when visiting certain websites e.g. Amazon. I very happy to sign the petition and look forward to a positive outcome.

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