Where Alice lives

Have you ever wondered where Alice Weaver lives?  About a year ago I put together the pictures I use to imagine her home in Palos Verdes, California.  Amazing how much can change in a year or so, including the covers, the direction of the story, and our heroine(s).  Here it is again so you can enjoy!

And if you get a minute, don’t forget to pop over to my website and check out all the latest releases and Malice books!

Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover Book 2 Meticulous Malice Cover Book 3 Mistaken Malice Book 4 Malicious Malice Book 5 Masterful Malice Malice Masterpieces I the First Five Books Book 6 Matrimonial Malice Book 7 Mourning Malice Book 8 Murderous Malice Book 9 Mental Malice Book 10 Menacing Malice Malice Masterpieces 2 Book 11 Minor Malice Book 12 Morally Malice Book 13 Morose Malice Book 14 Melancholy Malice Mad Malice Malice Masterpieces 3 - Copy Book 16 Macabre Malice Book 17 Marinating Malice Macerating Malice Book 18 Minacious Malice Book 19 1000 Meddlesome Malice Book 20 1000 bookcoverpreview-2 Meandering Malice Book 21 maniacal-malice-book-22


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