Fabulous at FIFTY!


Yes, it happened.  No, I’m not lamenting the fact that I am turning FIFTY!   But NOT until 12:29 P.M.  You see, I checked my BIRTH certificate and that’s the time they put down for when I entered this world.  This really is a MILESTONE for someone who was not supposed to live to see her Thirty-Fifth birthday.  I survived cancer that year despite the 4-5 month prognosis and I’m here to say, I MADE it.  So, rather than lament the fact that this is a BIG birthday, I’m gonna go CELEBRATE it.  Thank you to all who read my books, follow my blog, and are celebrating (in spirit) WITH me!




2 thoughts on “Fabulous at FIFTY!

  1. Bobbie Dover says:

    I hope your 50th is your best year ever!! Happy Birthday, K’Anne!!

  2. lisegold says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! May you be happy and healthy for many many more years 🙂

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