Oops, misspelled your name

You know that GREAT feeling when you get a review on your book? (Reviews)Leaving a Review...

How about your PR Agent sending out 500 (yes that many) press releases world-wide to tell about the great reviews for my book Veil of Silence?  Even GREATER feeling right?

Until…you see the proof copy and find out they misspelled your name…that’s right, 500 press releases about K’Anne Meinal (see the a vs an e). 59674177


I’m a glass is half full (because you can always add vodka and other spirits) kinda person…so, I had a moment of horror over it and then I started to laugh…because the book is selling like HOTCAKES!  People are relating to it on so many levels~!  I’m getting great reviews, world WIDE (Reviews)! and….it is quite funny.

So…lessen learned…proof, proof, and even then proof some more AND laugh a bit, don’t take things so seriously, after all…it still works.  If you get a chance google K’Anne Meinal and see what comes up now, it’s hilarious….pages and pages of this typo, sigh, lol!

From K’Anne Meinal or as I like to sign things K’Anne Meinel…thank you to all who have read VEIL OF SILENCE, to those who will now read it, and those who can laugh along  with me!

Veil of Silence Cover You can find all your purchasing options, ebook, paperback, epub, mobi, pdf HERE.  You can even read the FIRST chapter for FREE if you wish!

Take a moment and see what all the fuss is about!  If you get a chance, leave a review!


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